People going to work in the PLP shirt



Bahamas Press could not help but notice the number of people going to work in the PLP shirts these days, particularly yesterday. Are things just that bad? Yesterday the streets were flooded with yellow shirts, everywhere! It was government pay day, the road was jammed, the stores and gas stations. Not to mentioned the banks. Could this be an orchestrated message by the PLP? We know for sure if all those people are waking up and heading to work in the PLP shirt, can you imagine how much are going to bed and falling a sleep in them?



  1. I had some shirts that were still brand new and just hanging in the closet so I decided to start wearing them. That doesn’t make me a PLP. The shirts are beautiful and election fever has died down so I feel its alright to wear them. My red shirts are worn.

  2. It has not been the season for yellow or gold colours at all. I’ve seen a few Lakers fans still wearing their colours with pride as well.

  3. Maybe so Jan, bu t remember how it was before May 2nd? Plenty red shirts but we were saying the smae thing and what happened? FNM won. Personally i don’t see much of a change except maybe as you said, more PLP supporters feel free to wear their shirts openly. i doubt the PLP would have the kind of power to orchestrate something like that because you would have seen more shirts than the couple i still seeing.

  4. This was no orchestrated PLP message … If there was one, surely we would have heard about it by now, even if was only via the grapevine.

    Frankly I don’t see any real change in the number of Bahamians wearing the shirts of their party of choice.

    There is usually a swell of party colours during the election season, and then for 1 or 2 months after the elections, then the excitement dies down, or the shirts become well worn (whichever comes first).

    I believe that the thousands of “yellow shirts” that turned up on the Labour Day march was totally unexpected by many Bahamians (regardless of political affiliation), and that huge turnout made quite an impression on them.

    The mental picture of what was seen on Labour day, is clearly still imbedded in the minds of many. This now causes one to take more notice when they come across a person who is wearing a “yellow shirt”, when heretofore they probably would not have noticed it as much.

    Or it simply could just be the case where INDIVIDUAL personal statements are being made by many, who by their own account, are unhappy with the Government’s performance to date.

    There are many supporters of both parties, and as time goes on, surely it is natural that persons will continue to take sides.

    If there comes a time when there is an OBVIOUS swell of supporters moving to one side (as evidenced by party colours, and/or by what they are saying), then that should indicate the real political mood of the nation, and I’m sure that the leaders of both the major parties will take note.

    But for now, let it be …… Freedom of expression is still a right we each can enjoy.

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