People picking up and leaving the Tribune by the day – Another leaves the collapsing newspaper…


Foreign Affairs has stopped issuing work permits for reporters and editors in the country…Tribune Managing Editor asked to resign as his work permit will not be renewed….

WUTLESS DUTTY TERLET PAPER catching so much hell editors and writers are resigning.

Nassau, Bahamas –– Bahamas Press has more to that fallout now breaking deep within the Tribune morning daily where three editors and soon a senior writer all have left the struggling paper.

Yesterday another editor delivered his resignation letter to Eileen Carron.

We can confirm the work permit was to expire in March. Sources tell us the government has formally advised the Tribune that permits would not be renewed.

Additionally, BP update confirmed from a source deep within management at the Tribune that the editor was asked to resign because many blame him for driving away all the editors. A young source deep in the Terlet Paper told BP, “…his ‘colonial attitude’ and disrespectful attitude towards the Bahamas was a major reason editors left. That is the kind of foreign editor they keep putting over us. The reporters hate him with a passion and, now that editors have left, the situation became unworkable.”

BP can confirm the old lady is back in the newsroom today, overseeing the last leg of the soon defunct paper.