Peru produces the purest form of Cocaine and one politician on the trip is just out of rehab…

The purest form of cocaine in the world Peruvian Flakes.

Nassau – A politician could not resist the temptation to join the ‘Gussiemae’ delegation into Peru knowing full well that this might be the perfect spot to test his urge.

The politician had not travelled closely with the PM as aides have warned that the possibility of being searched and caught with substances could become a reality.

Peru has the best illegal stimulant you can find in the world. The expression “Peruvian Flake” is a reference used in the production of high quality cocaine. It is 100% pure cocaine. And, as a matter of fact, Peru is one of the biggest cocaine producers in the world.

The politician could not resist the temptation but hop on the trip to Peru. We just hope he stays sober along the way. And for the PM, we offer our most credible advice: make sure to stay far away from that fella who is just out of rehab.

We report yinner decide!