Relative of former senior politician spiritual advisor Dorsinville has been granted bail!

Judith Altime, AKA “The Obeah Woman” caught practicing her craft has been granted bail in the amount of $500 to finish her assigned work on Bahamians. She pleaded not Guilty and was advised by a well-known lawyer who practices a destabilizing programme for the country. BOY I TELL YA!

Woman caught practicing witchcraft and sorcery in the Bahamas has been granted bail of $500 today! That will hold yinner!

Nassau – BP is reporting breaking news coming out of the magistrate courts this afternoon are reporting a release by the a judge of Judith Altime, AKA “The Obeah Woman”.

We can report the woman caught and recorded in the act of necromancy has pleaded NOT guilty in Court #10 to trespassing and acts of witchcraft/sorcery.

She has been granted bail in the amount of $500 to further tie up her accusers and the system. Boy we laugh at how some persons does practice justice in the Bahamas.

Altime was granted a permit to walk up and down in the Bahamas to practice her craft. What does that say about some people we put in charge of this Christian Nation?!

BP has learned Altime is a relative of the former senior politician’s spiritual advisor Dorsinville who had died in the Haiti Earthquake.

We report yinner decide!