PHA Prepares for Possible Storm Impact in Grand Bahama


STATEMENT| The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) is mobilizing to ensure the readiness of health facilities and services for a possible impact by tropical storm Nicole on Grand Bahama. Preparations are underway for the activation of the Emergency Command Centre at the Rand Memorial Hospital, satellite phone numbers are being activated, and health facilities buildings are being secured. 

Grand Bahama Health Services advises the public that Community Clinics and Out-patient Services will be suspended at 4pm on Tuesday 8th November 2022. The vaccination centre at the Seventeen Shopping Centre will be closed Wednesday 9th November 2022 and Thursday 10th November 2022.

At the Rand Memorial Hospital, clinicians are assessing patients with respect to early safe discharges to decompress the hospital. The Foster B. Pestina Hall (Christ the King) will serve as a Special Needs Shelter with medical and nursing staff available to provide care.

The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and Management of Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS) wishes to advise the public that all surgeries are cancelled effective Wednesday 9th November 2022, and Thursday 10th, November 2022. All patients are asked to contact their relevant Specialty Clinic at 350-6700 or 350-6760.

The Eight Mile Rock Clinic and the Rand Memorial Hospital Emergency Department will serve as emergency response centres. National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS) teams will respond to emergency calls made to 919; however, NEMS will suspend services depending on hazardous conditions or should wind speeds exceed 50mph.

The public is urged to ensure that persons requiring prescription medications secure an adequate supply of at least seven (7) days prior to the onset of storm conditions.

Persons eligible to donate blood in New Providence and Grand Bahama are encouraged to donate to increase blood supply in advance of the storm.

The public is asked to make note of the following emergency contacts for Grand Bahama Health Services:

• COMMAND CENTRE 351-8059 • 351-8055

• EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTRE (EOC): 351-8056 • 351-8057 • 350-6761
• EMS RESPONSE: 350-6763
• STAFF RESPONSE: 350-6762
• EMERGENCY (Ambulance/Police/Fire): 919 • 911

All institutions and agencies of the PHA including the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Supplies Management Agency and National Emergency Medical Services are on standby and prepared. In Abaco, NEMS is working along with the Community Hospital & NEMA to ensure its readiness to provide medical support.

The public is encouraged to follow all updates, advisories, and announcements from the Ministry of Health & Wellness, The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Public Hospitals Authority for further information regarding health services.