Photos Circulated to the WUTLESS MEDIA tonight by Sharon Turner! Hmm.




If there is any possiblity of the Ingraham government being a part of a conspiracy against opposition PLP members jailed today, perhaps these photos can tell us something. Possibly Bahamas Press is on to something again.

Late this evening the Deputy Director of Bahamas Information Service Sharon Turner, an official photographer for the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and the official webmaster of the Free National Movement Party’s website emailed (via her private email) to members of the WUTLESS MEDIA these photographs of Obie Wilchombe, who was arrested earlier today by members of the Gestapo Royal Bahamas Police Force in The Bahamas.

Bahamas Press has learned that Wilchcombe was released late this afternoon as police continues their investigations in to an alleged extortion investigation toward the Travolta family. We’ve received a copy of the transcript that was sent to the press by Turner which also requested, “NO BY LINE” for the photos used.

What is equally amazing was the quick and short response by the PLP Party Leader Perry Christie. Again Bahamas Press asks, can Ingraham and Christie be doing all this to shame the Bahamas and in the process destabilize the PLP? Perhaps the photographs sent to members of the WUTLESS MEDIA can be the opening of a can of worms.

The photos above and below show the opposition for West End and Bimini Obie Wilchcombe (black shirt) standing outside the Gerald Bartlett Complex (Police Headquarters) on Grand Bahama Island with supporters, after being released by police late this evening.

(Photos supplied by Sharon Turner/ BIS Deputy Director and FNM Webmaster)




  1. Call it like it is: are you testifying on Wednesday? Sound like you know something we dont know. Joe Blow, you yourself referred to the pics as Turner Pics. you even like the photos. I guess she can take pics and exploit them without Obies permission and you would be ok with her breaking the law. The only thing I advise you to do is close you mouth before egg slash on ya face on Thursday with Sharon Turner and the FNM. HAI written all over this thing man. No respect for The Bahamas

  2. Wow! It stinks to the highest heavens !! There is something rotten, not in Denmark but in Freeport and Nassau. Hubert’s hands are all over this and I am almost 100% positive that he was consulted before Travolta issued the press statement about corrupt politicians. That was no surprise to him. The scarey thing, Wow, is that this man would RUIN THE REPUTATION of this country just to be one up in his sick political revenge games.

    The people of this country need to STOP under estimating Hubert Alexander Ingraham. He uses people to play his dirty, under handed games. He is a mentally twisted man who needs to retire from public office and run off into the political sunset hand in hand with his side kick Perry Christie. They had their time !!

  3. The last couple of days have really scared me. When BP make comparisons between Ingraham and the suppression of a dictatorship style Mugabe government, I use to laugh. Now after the last couple of days involving this “investigation” and were it is truly being directed from. I see it is no laughing matter.

    Has any of you really given thought to why Pleasant is being charged in Nassau? Why is this case being heard before Carolita Bethel who normally hears drug cases? Why are the Police releasing so much info but at the same time nothing about what this important “document” entails? My friends, something is indeed fishy here and you should all be careful.

  4. I agree with Island Boy fully about what the course of action should have been for the accused, if in fact they are guilty. I cannot wait to see what comes out of this trial. I think its much more than we think it is.

  5. Media – just a point of clarification, Obie is not a lawyer and not Pleasants law partner.

  6. There isn’t anything pleasant about this situation. For me it is not about the politics, if these people did what they say they did, I really want to see justice. I am tired of people of position in this country committing serious crimes and getting away with it. They should know better than to fool with such well known people. They should have known the amount of damage these people could do to our little country on an international level with such bad publicity. The way things are in the country right now, we really don’t need any bad press. At the same time if they did this to the Travoltas, I don’t blame the Travoltas for coming after them. Could you imagine you are trying to grieve the death of your dead child and someone was trying to blackmail you with their dieing pictures? I look at these pictures with Obie and I really don’t want to believe he is capable of stooping so low. He even refers to himself as a friend of the Travoltas. Now here he is being question about his involvement in this 20 million dollars extortion scheme. If he is found guilty some friend he would turn out to be.

    • Now this might be telling it as RAW AS RAW CAN BE! OBIE SAY, Pleasent told him someone wanted to extort money from the Travoltas. PLEASANT says, all she was doing is her job as an attorney. The Police say this is a fluid investigation. And we are advised form credible sources that one of the parties was warned of what they were doing. Obie again say, ONLY ONE PERSON WANTED TO EXTORT THE MONEY from the Travoltas.

      Now we wonder if OBIE told police that, because as it now stands still only ONE PERSON IS CHARGED, PLEASENT! “OBIE IS A SNITCH ECH? TRADE IN HIS LAWPARTNER AND PARLIAMENTARY COLLEAGUE! NOW THAT’S WHAT YA CALL A SNITCH! COULD OBIE INCRIMINATED/DISGRACED HIS OWN COLLEAGUE for his own freedom? Come on people, follow the story. Let’s don’t forget now, HE KNEW THE TRAVOLTAS!

      Now when you add all this up coming from the whole situation, ALL WE SAY IS THIS, SOMEONE IS LYING! Either it’s Pleasent, or Obie, or the ambulance driver who still is not charged, Or the POLICE! OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. ONE thing we know is this, our informant in this case knows for a FACT that an extortion request was made!

      BOY, people could play now, and LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


  7. JR: You are absolutely correct. We should be expending all our energies on solving the country’s problems such as the economic crisis. But it stands to reason that people will want to comment on this alleged criminal act. It is highly unusual for such a high profile person(s) to be put under arrest and not just brought in for questioning. This is a major criminal act!(if true) But please stop seeing a conspiracy around every corner and blaming all on the government which you so vehemetly oppose. Let it play out. In the meantime, OW should be quiet and not make matters worse by wanting to clear his name in the international media. He already did enough damage when he contacted them in the first place.

  8. And Joe Blow, where were you when Zhivargo was ordering new customs duties for his family? Oh yeah, I forgot, its okay because Hubert said so. My bad. Hypocrites!

  9. Its funny how you idiots know everything about the PLP and nothing about anything else. If we look like corrupt third world wannabes, then its people like that gal Turner who is fueling the fire. She was sent there to take those pictures man, why you can’t see that and if she is doing this then which of her jobs comes first? Propagandist for the FNM or civil servant? But I guess its okay because this is “another PLP scandal involving a celebrity”, right? My loyalty ain’t gat nothing to do with it Call It. But I guess you wouldn’t agree, being that you appear to be one of those pseudo intellectual self hating tight wads who feel better about themselves because the support the party of the rich, white and damn near white man. To me, thats more sadder than a rabid supporter who will go down with the ship supporting his party, even in wrong doing.

    I just see a set up here and for all your big talks, you still haven’t addressed that but that’s okay. Putting Obie and Pleasant through the perp walk won’t fix the economy stupid…and it is the economy stupid. Media, you killing me with the silence man. I know Obie ain’t your boy but still, you know this is a set up and that gal spilled the beans by going to TMZ. Why so quiet man.

    • We will put it this way JR, had the PLP known what we know about this PLOT, they would not be in problems today, hey? Did not we warned your party about that ‘DONKEY GONE SNITCH’? Our evidence must have not been enough, so when you cannot hear, you will feel, right? WE WATCHING THAT SHOW JR.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. call it as I see it :JR I will say once again, if you know what really went down, you will go mute like Perry.
    The P.L.P party is doing a good job of dividing and conquering one another. Right now Hubert is the least of the P.L.P worries.

    You are so right. I hear when Alli called HI to tell him about the incident he hang up the phone and say boy, I dont’t have to worry about the PLP they killing themselves. PC is the master of divide and conquer, he should have resigned with Pleasant.

  11. You think Sharon Turner got paid by TMZ for the photos? If so, wouldn’t that violate her commitment to the Government of the Bahmas as Deputy Director of BIS? If BIS itself got paid, what does that say of our Government for accepting fees for service from a albeit “juicy” but nontheless sleazy so-called news agency? The Bahamas isn’t coming out looking so good here!

  12. Just like the American people were not distracted by all the “terrorist links, contro pastor links” the Bahamian people WILL not be distracted by this present government’s incompetence…watch and see !!! We will be focused…just waitin on time…

  13. If I ever went into politics I would want my supporters to be loyal like the supporters of the P.L.P.

  14. JR I will say once again, if you know what really went down, you will go mute like Perry.

    The P.L.P party is doing a good job of dividing and conquering one another. Right now Hubert is the least of the P.L.P worries.

  15. I could believe HAI is behind the scenes blowing these incidents out of proportion, but even so it is not fair to place the blame on him for what has happened. We need to call a spade a spade. It is those greedy members from the PLP that keep getting their hips in trouble with those celebrities and ruining our country image. People around the word view us as a bunch of opportunists, who are always taking advantage of these celebrities. The next thing they will see us a bunch of coldhearted people who would do anything to get a dollar out of them. Who knows some of them may even be thinking we are killing these celebrity children for our own publicity.

  16. It is just like PLP diehards to try to deflect the wrongdong of their politicians by accusations against HAI. As the PLP implodes they have no one to blame but themselves. PC et al wanted Bridgewater to protest the election in Marco City but then claimed, after the fact, they couldn’t help her with the cost.Now where was she to get the money, considering her other monitary problems. Leslie Millar, not the brightest bulb in the bunch, was smart enough to know that he would lose and be left holding the bag where costs were concerned. And what was with OW making the call to the US media and asking for the interview. He put himself in the middle of all of this and now he has to try to wiggle his way out. Even if he does manage that he has scuttled his chance at a leadership bid. All in all,the PLP has done it again. Made all of us look like a silly, stupid bunch of third world wannabees!

  17. Mah Boy, you came on BP just a minute ago trying to push your propaganda when so far, nothing done in this case has any affect on the PLP. Hubert needs to lift his fingers off that d*** rum and start working on how he ger turn this country around, otherwise, he will be the second one term PM.

    The FNM and their mouthpieces know that they could do just as much damage to the PLP even if they are innocent by accusing them. Bahamians stupid like that and already, everybody talking about Pleasant and Obie like they did something when nobody knows doo doo about what happened. Guilty until proven innocent. That was the point mah boy and that is a FNM strategy. Distraction won’t put food on the table of all those people your king god Hubert fired.

  18. I feel Hubert is behind ANYTHING tricky like this and TRUST ME if Turner is taking the photos she gets her instructions from HIM. Now I am not saying Ingraham is behind whatever Bridgewater is accused of doing, however, he is DEFINITELY behind the PRESS BLOW UP and whatever happens after.
    Guys…dont underestimate the tricky, Mugabe style Hubert Ingraham. He was a ruthless, cut throat from the time he was chairman of the PLP back in the day and nothing has changed.

  19. In response to call it as I see it every one with common sense knows that Ingraham has no type of value and would do anything to dismantle the plp. Well I have news for you and him his plot will not work we are stronger than ever. Anyone with common sense can see that they have absolutely no or very little evidence on Pleasant especially after the officer in charge was unable to even answer a questioned posed by a reporter. The truth will come out and a whole lot of people will be suprised of the outcome. the fnm dictatorship will soon fall.

  20. If anyone asks you to contact a target for extortion, the first thing you should do is refuse to be a part of it and then immediately tell them to desist while you subsequently call the authorities and only then should you contact the target who in this instance is the Travoltas. That is; if you are not actually a party to it.

  21. I love the Turner photos. In the first he seems to be saying, “I’m in the know here and I like the attention.” In the second,”maybe I’ve said too much.” And in the third, “By opening my mouth too much, I have dug myself pretty deep in this Doo-Doo. I could be in real trouble here!

  22. (sent here to infiltrate the BP community)Jokes Lone Jokes!!!!!!!

    It is amazing that the F.N.M brought Jett and his family all the way to the Bahamas, just to set up Obie and Pleasent and cause a distraction.

    And while in opposition they brought in Anna Nicole just to set up Shane, ma boi get your head out the sand and wake up!

    Thanks to Obie, Pleasent and Shane, once again the international media is shredding our reputation. Ma Boi take a page out of Perry book and go mute. While in shock, speaking can be hazardous to you health.

    Mission “Obie fer Leader” is in full effect, he gat the P.L.P on lock! Wait for the fallout, it will come!

  23. Could Obie “SNITCH” WILCHCOMBE be the middle man in all this alleged extortion investigation? Here is what the SNITCH told the Nassau Guardian this morning;

    “Last week and individual to tell me that someone was seeking to, as best they can, exchange some of the experiences at the scene of the incident in West End for money from the [International] media. (WHO WAS THAT INDIVIDUAL?)

    “What I did was called the attorneys for Tavolta and the attorneys then spoke to another attorney who was representing the alleged extortionist. (WHO WAS THAT ATTORNEY? AND WHO CONNECTED THE TRAVOLT’s attorney to that attorney is still the BIG QUESTION?).

    “And subsequently the Travoltas’ local attorney and the other attorney….They all met, (

    “And I don’t know where the issue went from there,” Obie told the Guardian today.

    But you know here again is a PRIME example as to what for months Bahamas Press has warned the PLP about. We have often said that Obie is a SNITCH, and that he should be expelled from their party. And here again he is talking things which is the middle of a criminal investigation! How could have he known about all this meeting for money if he is/was not apart of it? Truely this is a SERIOUS FLUID SITUATION! It is obvious from this simple interview, Obie know the EXTORTIONIST, AND ALL THE LAWYERS INVOLVED. Our Question still is however, since he made the initial contact for the EXTORTIONIST to the Travoltas, WAS HE AT THE CENTRE OF THIS SHAMEFUL AND DISTASTEFUL ACT?

    Boy them police smart nah!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  24. Leaders dont respond to rumors, they respond to facts. No one knows the story until the Investigation is completed. We in this country need to stop assuming and use Common sense. Bahamas Press is doing a good Job and I know that this will be the only media house that will be fair.

  25. And so there you have it people what a smare campaign of the Bahamas. If you want to die and your a star? Come to the BAHAMAS. IF YOU EANT TO GET ROB? COME TO THE BAHAMAS AND HIGH OFFICIALS ARE INVOLVED.



  26. call it as I see it :No BP, it is not Hubert.Everything that has happened so far, happened as a result of decisions made by the individuals involved.
    To see who is causing the destruction of the opposition party, they only need to look among themselves. Hubert need not lift a finger!
    Once again we are on full blast for bad publicity in the international media regarding a celebrity, almost every channel. Wait until next week it will only get worse.
    Obie needs to leave the spotlight for his cousin, the Premier.

    So true, we have to get away from blaming others for the choices that we make! One thing I will say though a Leader should be like a father, PC heard about the allegations long before the arrest, shouldn’t he have taken the individuals aside and tell them to behave? No he has been doing this all along, never taking control just letting them run wild! I still say, today he should resign!

  27. BP, I hope you paying your deep throat in BIS good because you gat this gal’s number. You are the only one who has made this connection and if Call It wasn’t an FNM mole sent here to infiltrate teh BP community, he would too. This is classic FNM distraction and shame. They invented this on Shane Gibson and are trying to use it again but this time, they may have slipped up by letting their BIS webmaster take the pictures. BP, you gat them on this one.

  28. No BP, it is not Hubert.
    Everything that has happened so far, happened as a result of decisions made by the individuals involved.

    To see who is causing the destruction of the opposition party, they only need to look among themselves. Hubert need not lift a finger!

    Once again we are on full blast for bad publicity in the international media regarding a celebrity, almost every channel. Wait until next week it will only get worse.

    Obie needs to leave the spotlight for his cousin, the Premier.

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