Pleasent Bridgewater Formally Charged and Gets $40,000 Bail



<<< Senator Pleasent Bridgewater now formally charged and released on a $40,000 bail.

Bahamas Press has learned that Senator Pleasent Bridgewater was released late yesterday. Bridgewater was charged with abatement to extort and conspiracy to extort and released on $40,000 bail.

Bahamas Press asked our ‘deep-throat’ on the Royal Bahamas Police Force when will a case will be heard in this matter. “The matter can be heard where formal charges will be brought as early as Monday morning.”

Asked if this incident would see more arrests our contact noted, “this as the assistant commissioner Dames noted is a very fluid situation. Another individual will be arrested and formally charged in this matter on Monday if not earlier.”

Lightbourne the EMS driver who is alleged to have been at the centre of the investigation was still in custody as of last night.


  1. BP has been very good covering this matter. I hope you remain to stay on top of things. I do Agree with Ms Bridgewater for doing the honourable thing and God Be with her and give her strength during these challenging times. I also Pray that dirty heads will be exposed who ever it may be. The Trovolta’s did not deserve this at their time of berievement. As for Ms. Bridgewaters Innocence, She is innocent until proven guilty by the law. I should expect our Bahamian people to withdraw from Character Assassination forthwith.

  2. As no one is exempted from being victims of crime here in the Bahamas, the same way no one seems exempted from being perpetrators of crime here in the Bahamas.

    We are one big international joke. I am traveling to a seminar in the States next week and I know I will have to brave a slew of jeers and mockery from the other international participants because of these jackalope wannabes who were trying to hook themselves up.

    The same way we as a people refuse to learn from the successes of other countries, the same way we refuse to learn from our own mistakes. If the nation had come down on Shane Gibson the way we should have because of the international embarrassment he caused with Anna Nicole, no other politician would have dared to get him/herself tangled up with celebrities ever again.


  3. I heard that Pleasent Bridgewater has resigned from the Senate! In light of what has transpired I think she has done the right thing!

  4. From the outside loking in, I believe that now is a good time to distance yourself from Obie!

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