Pierre Dupuch Speaks again on Bell Island dredging in the Exuma Land and Sea Park!


Pierre Dupuch

By Pierre V.L. Dupuch
November 30, 2010

Bell Island dredging in the Exuma Land and Sea Park!

Last week I appeared on the radio show, Hard Copy, hosted by Steve McKinney on Gems 105.9 FM radio at 5:00 p.m. The show was all about the recent permission given by the Government to conduct dredging at Bell Island and, in particular, the Exuma Land and Sea Park which was established by law as a preserve in 1958.

The discussion was lively and interesting. One caller suggested that the purchaser of Bell Island, who was recently given permission by government to dredge a large area of the reserve and who is descended from the Middle East, should be requested to ask the Egyptian Government the following simple question: “What would their answer be if a Bahamian investor promised to make a multi-billion dollar investment in a five star hotel, with all the amenities, theme park, etc. that would create mega employment and foreign investment in the heart of Egypt?”

I am sure they would love the idea. But there would be just one catch, the location of the resort. In order to make the investment, the Egyptian Government would have to allow the investor to demolish one of the Egyptian pyramids to make space for building. The Egyptian Government would ask if the Bahamian investor had taken leave of his senses, and the Aga Khan would be asked politely … or not so politely … to leave.

But that’s Egypt where they have pride in their history, their environment and themselves. I believe the Bahamian people do also; however, I don’t think our leaders do.

Earl Deveaux, Minister for the Environment.

Later in the show there was another caller, Mr. Brensil Rolle, advisor to the Prime Minister, Parliamentary Secretary, and Member of Parliament. He seemed to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to defend his government’s position on the granting of permission to dredge in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. I thought he had called to prove us wrong. What he did, however, in my opinion was to demonstrate that he was arrogant, stupid and rude.

He reminded me of years gone by when well trained “hecklers” refused to let anyone speak. Every time I tried to get a word in edge-wise his mouth would start running like a Gatling gun, twice as fast as his brain. I recognized the tactic so I said nothing.

Most of what Mr. Rolle said was that he was born in Exuma and that the area had been dredged many times before and that there were examples of this everywhere and he couldn’t see why we were objecting now.

Mr. Rolle said that pictures that Mr. McKinney had taken recently were “old.” If they were “old,” as Mr. Rolle claims, what happened to the rock and fill that had been mined “long ago.” The Prime Minister said the rock and fill would be “adequately disposed of.” Maybe Mr. Rolle, or the Prime Minister, would care to tell us what “adequately disposed of” really means? Does it happen to mean, “sold on the international market?” If so, by whom? Has this been a part of the “strip mining” operation reported to be going on in The Bahamas? Just asking.

The Aga Khan owner of Bell island in the Exumas

Recognizing his tactic, I backed off and let Mr. McKinney handle, what appeared to be, a raving idiot. Mr. McKinney rightly told him that we were discussing the recent approval for land to be dredged in a reserved area, and that what had happened in the past had nothing to do with the discussion.

And Mr. McKinney was correct. Just because people have fished in the park, does it mean that they should not be arrested if found fishing there illegally? According to Mr. Rolle’s logic, anyone should be able to fish in the park and not worry because, after all, people have fished there illegally before.

Should the bank robber not be arrested for robbing a bank? After all, banks have been robbed before.

Mr. Rolle’s logic was incredible. And he’s one of the Prime Minister’s advisors?

Now back to the discussion. It is said that a man has to be given reasonable access to his property. This is correct. In fact, I don’t think you’re able to sell a property unless you can guarantee reasonable access to it. But reasonable access means just what it says, reasonable. It does not mean that, having bought an island which is surrounded on at least two sides by shallow water and is in a Land and Sea Park, the purchaser is able to buy the Queen Mary and expect to use “reasonable access” as a reason to dredge in one of our most important marine reserves.

Bell Island, as I understand it, is on the edge of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park with deep water on one side. But this is on the ocean side, they say. Well isn’t this an ocean going yacht he proposes to bring here?

But, of course there’s the famous helicopter. Or is it too busy flying our leaders around?

The Prime Minister says that the Aga Khan is a nice man. I am sure he is. The Prime Minister says that his grandchildren play with the Aga Khan’s children.

Hubert Ingraham

Great. So what’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? Am I hearing some kind of complex coming with such a statement?

The Prime Minister says that he has taken the advice of “advisors” and agrees with their advice regarding Bell Island. Maybe the public would like to know the names of these “advisors.” After all, a man is often judged by the company he keeps … and so are his decisions.

The Prime Minister says that the objection to dredging in the Exuma Land and Sea Park is just “noise.” Maybe.

Maybe the riot in Bain town was just “noise” too?

Maybe the town that has recently gone crazy with killings everywhere, is just “noise” too?

Maybe the cries of twelve year olds being raped by pedophiles are just “noise” too?

Maybe the recent “Tea Party” in the U.S. was just “noise” too.

We’ll see. I have faith in the Bahamian people.


  1. My question to Mr Dupuch is has there ever been dredging in the park before?and if so why didnt he speak out then.I think Mr dupuch is hurting because of his fallout with the FNM party.Get over it and move on join the PLP or the NGP thats all.

  2. It is obvious that this dilemma has become political and the governing party supporters are NOT reading the clear facts as it relates to this matter. The Exuma National Park is a proected mass of sea by Law! To allow a non-bahamian to dredge within this protected area is in breach of the Statute Laws of the Bahamas….but, the government don,t think so and that is why we as Bahamians are facing crime at an ALL time high and no repesct for the laws of society, because our leaders has no respect for the laws that governs us. Mr. Brensil “Suck UP” Rolle and Mr. Eric “Scapegoat” Carey did more injustice to this dilemma, by trying to justify the government support for the ILLEGAL dredging. Mr. Dpuch might still be bitter with the PM, but he and alot of other Bahamians share the same view as it relates to the dredging. DON,T BE POLITICAL ON THIS ISSUE! Read the laws governing the Exuma National Park, within the Statute Laws of the Bahamas and be educated on this issue. Where Next? Are we going to SELL OUR SOULS for finicial contributions, ride in a helicopter? Rise up Bahamians and take your stand, don,t allow our leaders to sell this OUR Bahama Land!

  3. I agree with Ken, Dupuch cannot get over been FIRED !!! But honestly my heart goes out to him, he would rather die to now see Hubert will be PM for another term.

    Prepare the casket for Mr. Dupuch.

  4. Media,

    I have high regard for you,and will continue to do so. How can you defend foolishness with false equivalency? If it were in the heat of a moment, any reasonable person would not object. But, Mr. Dupuch wrote those words after reflection.

    Who is this media person that the PM called a scatterbrain? Or was Mr. Ingraham referring to a point of view, rather than an individual?

  5. Yes you ****clowns…. Pretend to “take the high road ” and “elevate the debate”, all the while attacking the messenger.
    How do the comments on Mr. Dupuch (which were measured, accurate and timely,IMHO)in any way detract from the perception that Brensil Rolle is an ***, or that “Little Piggy” appears to have acted with gross impropriety?

    You political hecklers and apologists are such friggin idjits!

    • There is one thing you will learn pretty quickly on here Thorngrim is to not swear. Keep it up and watch what happens to your commentary.


  6. Pierre Dupuch is one of those folks that attempt to live their lives backwards. Like so many former, and present, politicians, your time has come and gone. You talk about the US Tea Party; have you checked the older ages. and predominately lily whiteness of this fringe group? But then again your UBP party also had its had token blacks.

    • Yes Ken and for a second time Mr. Dupuch is speaking out against CORRUPTION in the FNM!


    • Well Thomas, where were you when Hubert Ingraham on live national TV at a press conference calling journalists “SCATTER BRAIN”? Where you been? Take yinner licks like a MAN!

      We support the position of Mr. Dupuch!! He will die a NATIONAL HERO with an impeccable character! Pierre Dupuch and BP are AGAINST CORRUPTION AND ‘VICKEDNESS’ OF EVERY KIND!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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