Pierre V. L. Dupuch clears up story published by some “FAKE” facebook account!


Pierre Dupuch

By Pierre V L Dupuch

It has been recently reported by Leah Pinder of Abaco and the Bahamas News Ma Bey on “face book” that I have now joined the DNA. There is no truth in this statement. I have never joined the PLP, am not rejoining the FNM and have never been a member of the DNA nor do I plan on ever joining the DNA.

I am an Independent and a Bahamian. I will, however, express my opinions freely, sometimes supporting and sometimes opposing a party’s position on any matter. In the next election, God spare my life, I will support and vote for the individual, not the Party.

I hope this settles the matter once and for all.

By the way, the Leah Pinder of Abaco who I know, used to work for me and was a fine lady, but she is dead. I hope that somebody is not using her Face Book account.

Pierre V.L. Dupuch, B.A.,B.Sc.,JP

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