Pilot shot and killed a Jet Aviation worker after accusing the victim of having a relationship with his wife!


Love triangle goes deadly outside Jet Aviation Nassau this Father’s Day morning…

Donald Ferguson being escorted in custody at LPIA following the murder of Giovanni this morning.

NASSAU| A father was shot dead around 6am this morning outside the Jet Aviation Nassau facility.

Police discovered some .223 casings at the scene of a shooting which happened around 6 am at Parking lot on Coral Harbour Road this morning Sunday 16th, 2024 – FATHER’s Day. The casings were a special boat-shaped design to kill its victims back in VIETNAM! One shot with those bullets and its death!

Bahamas Press has identified the 35-year-old victim by his first name as Giovanni (photo above). He was shot 9 times about the body. The victim was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Police quickly arrested murder suspect Donald Ferguson, 25-years-old, who is the person of interest in that Love Triangle shooting. Ferguson is a pilot who accused his wife of being in a secret love affair with Giovanni (the deceased) Where the wife is now is still unknown.

According to sources Ferguson is alleged to have shot his victim (Giovanni), then fled the scene and boarded the Westernair flight into Freeport Grand Bahama. 

But swift action by police tracked Ferguson onboard the Westernair aircraft and arrested him before the plane could take off. BP has live photos of Ferguson being taken into custody at LPIA domestic section. 

Well … the husband will be headed to prison, while the sweetheart returns to the dust (GRAVE). The real lesson is this: THE WOMAN WILL BE FREE AND IS HEADED TO SOME NEW MAN! Yinner be careful out there!

There are too many guns in this town (weapons of war) and everyone has one!

We report yinner decide!