Pinder turns blind to civil servant cuts, but makes a deal to run in Fox Hill


pinder_john_atmic.jpg<<< John Pinder, president of the BPSU.

Nassau Bahamas — We’ve learned that many members of the civil service will be sent home this July as a mass exodus campaign to dismiss workers in the government will commence, following budget cuts across the public service.

Bahamas Press can now confirm that John Pinder, President of the Bahamas Public Service Union [BPSU], has agreed with the packages, which were done following his negotiations with Hubert Ingraham for his bid to run in the Fox Hill constituency.

Pinder, who won the BPSU presidency for a third term late last year, will run as a standard bearer for the Free National Movement against incumbent Fred Mitchell. Both Pinder and Mr. Ingraham share a nephew together. That nephew is the son of Larry Pinder, who is also the ‘goon’ for Brent Symonette, the ‘mayor’ of St. Anne’s and the current Minister of Foreign Affairs.elizabeth-tompson

In 2004 when FNM ‘trouble maker’ Elizabeth Thompson was being fired from the Registrar department office, Pinder quickly rushed to her aid rallying 30 protest workers, which were angered by the government’s decision. At the time Pinder had this to say, “If someone threatens your livelihood it puts you in a funny position and it frustrates you. The human resources person is also totally frustrated and she is not allowed to function the way she ought to.

“There is too much political interference, there are too many persons in here with political appointments and who are not established civil servants.”

He concluded saying the sit-out is just a warning of what would come if Ms. Thompson was terminated. Well, that was 2004, but today [2009] now that more than 5,000 civil servants will go home this July, Pinder’s voice has slipped into silence! Now you know why.

Prime Minister Ingraham will deliver his budget cuts during the reading of his 2009/10 Budget communication tomorrow in the House of Assembly. It is likely nothing will be said about terminations, however, Bahamas Press can confirm that a number of workers have already received their letters.


  1. Rev Thompson too little too late.I totally concur with McKenzie,as when you had tremendous power within the Baptist convention and was able to call out the troops you sat muzzled.Your brother the PS is 55 just like the many officers who HAI forced to retire.I hear he has been selected to reire bcos of the matter involving Sidney Collie who was trying to imitate HAI in behaviour.Many members in the Baptist community which you represent were forced out and nary a word from you.Since you now have no power you want to shout,well blow me down as you are impotent now.HAI will fire everyone who he has been informed does not support him.Church leaders should hang their heads in shame as they are clones of the European leaders who were too jelly bellied to confront Hitler.The only issue that most church leaders get riled about is the numbers racket. shame. shame, shame .

  2. @kevin mckenzie
    I concur! I think now it’s getting closer to more people, and so the effects will be felt on some of the people we expected to speak out from a long time ago. And now only when it’s close to them, they have found their voices.

  3. In todays Nassau Guardian-27.5.09 under the headline “Baptist leader against forced retirements”,it is reported that rev.William Thompson cautions the government against such a move because he said it is “INHUMANE”.Well slap me silly and call me a pussy cat but where was he when police,customs and immigration officers were being sent home?Where was the church voice when 1200 minimum wage workers were fired?I,personally told several of them that this will lead to an increase in sex workers since the majority of those terminated were single mothers.Now that these religious leaders finally realize that these proposed termination will affect the church tithes and offering they have found their voices.WELL IT IS TOO LATE!!!Mr.Ingraham has no other choice,the IMF has aiready instructed him to cut expenses,and if he doesnot comply they will cut our credit rating.No one wants to tell you this but i am sure from the reduction in GDP and increased government borrowing and the additional borrowing that is in this budget.Mr.Ingraham stalled the ALBANY project that mr.Christie had approved for almost one year claiming that the public need to know that the road was going to be diverted.Only after Albany stated to him that no road diversion no investment and they must get ALL OF THEIR APPROVALS(THEY DINOT TRUST HIM ANYMORE)did mr.Ingraham relented.The church stood silent and refused to informed mr.Ingraham that governments must honor agreements and contracts entered into by previous governments.Foreign and domestic investors are now insisting that every t is crossed and every i dotted when they deal with mr.Ingraham.I am sorry to state that because leaders in this country whether they are FNM/PLP refused to stood up to mr.Ingraham and let him know that you cannot run a country successfully based on SPITE AND DISTRUST that is why our economy is in this condition.From what i have seen and heard of mr.Ingraham’s performance in and out of parliament i thought i was living in Zimbwawe.Rev.Thompson i will now be your prophet and let you know that economically THE WORSE IS YET TO COME!!!

  4. To be honest I was kinda expecting this…if you recall it is somewhat similar to what Shane Gibson did (although he didn’t do it as cold as Pinder is doing it). The problem is that in most cases, whenever a person in our society starts doing good at something or challenging the Government, they get inspired to get involved with politics or the Government pulls them over to shut them up. What we need in our country are people willing to be activists simply for the cause and not for personal gain. The difference in Pinder’s case is that I don’t think he will make it very far.

  5. Mr. Pinder is the poster child for that brand of union leaders who are not Labour leaders. They talk about workers rights but fail to understand that workers rights go beyond unions and as long as workers rights are allowed to be trampled upon, unions will always be a mere sideshow.

    Hubert Ingraham was allowed to remove numerous fundamental rights from the 2001 Employment Act which were detailed and entrenched in the Labour Relations Act. As a result, workers are being denied basic rights such as overtime and fair compensation at termination all over this country.

    In all the years and two administrations since, the collective union movement has done absolutely nothing to correct this situation and refuse to even publicly address the issue.

    John Pinder is a useless pomp but he simply heralds the load of crap which is behind him.

  6. Drama King :@Kim Sands
    See Kim, they gone and run BP hot now. BP spinning out the news several times a day. BP doing the job what the WUTLESS media should be doing. If BP could get these stories how come the WUTLESS MEDIA cant get them?

    Those Muppets at ZNS enjoys depending on BP for their stories, while they are up and down attending functions and beauty pageants. All they are into are free food and entertainment. You notice how fluffy those people from ZNS getting? Those two who hosted the Miss Bahamas Pageant cheeks were so fat; they reminded me of Arnold from different strokes.

  7. @Kim Sands

    See Kim, they gone and run BP hot now. BP spinning out the news several times a day. BP doing the job what the WUTLESS media should be doing. If BP could get these stories how come the WUTLESS MEDIA cant get them?

  8. Crown Land and “trusted” union leaders turning their back on you when you need them. My gosh!!!

    BP you sending my head spinning. You hitting me with one hot story after the next. I cant digest one before you hit me with a next one. What is this Bahamas coming to??!!

  9. @Johnny Tucker
    you know what’s funny……you have to go to foreigners to own a piece of Bahamian land….I hear more foreigners were hired in the Crown Land office….My goodness, what’s next!

  10. The nature of this allegation is gravely disturbing, the fact that the leading bargaining symbol of the civil service has sold out and left civil servants to swim for themselves is the greatest cressendo of abandonment that have echoed through the isles of this country in years. I’m not surprised though, Bahamians gravitate towards traitors we love electing those who makes promises from podiums and when elected you try to meet with them and they tell you, “get to the point”

    The question now becomes, who do we really trust?…Do we mount a revolution to go back under the British because our own have sold us out? Do we settle ourselves like an abused wife and say it’ll get better by and by? Should we even vote? After all, we can’t even get a piece of crown land. Talkin about TEX what about that Jamaican mudda –cker in the Prime Minister office, Mr Greeves. I applied for piece of land too, it was so embaracing, he said he couldn’t entertain me until he meet my investors (laugh out loud) I don’t have investors. I am a Bahamian and I believe in me; I want a chance too….

  11. You know what….the Bahamian people are so tired of persons who are suppose to be leaders and voices for the people. All these leaders, whether union, religious, political or corporate, these persons are turning out to be are greedy, ambitious, self centered people who are easily influenced and bought for a couple pieces of silver. Not all of them, but most of them have been exposed in the public forum for who they really are, with their own selfish agendas and to hell with the people. The time is now to make the changes that we need and send the message that persons of this ilk will not do for moving our country forward. The day of reckoning has come for these people. Stop making everything so political, too many of our Bahamian people are hurting for us to continue in the vain, we need a new course of direction, this one is not working.

  12. HAI never ceases to amaze me, and he isn’t even creative with his bs. You know, people need to stop selling out. My goodness, Mr Pinder you mounted a whole protest about people’s livelihoods. And now, in a time when more than ever people should not be without jobs, it’s okay to just sign off on them. Mr Pinder, YOU WILL NEVER BEAT FRED MITCHELL IN FOX HILL!!! And this just shows the kind of person you really are. Bahamians are tired of the politicians who are clearly in it for the benefits and not for the people.

  13. In ancient times the colour red was the symbol of death,sorry and famine.Tomorrow the Bahamian people will know why the ancient believed red was a bad omen(sign).Mr.John Pinder praised the prime minister when he terminated some 1200 workers shortly after the 2007 election.Mr.Pinder refused to remind the prime minister that he had said and i quote,”civil servants have nothing to fear about their jobs and civil servants know me,i am their best friend.”Well with friends like that who needs enemies?Mr.Pinder refused to encourage government to keep these minimum waged workers employed,remember these workers were making less than $850.00 per month.Indeed the majority of them were making a little over $700.00 per month.The religious leaders and mr.Pinder said nothing!!After tomorrow those so called religious and union leaders will be screaming the loudest when they witness the steep decline in their revenue.Get ready Bahamas for many days of tears,stress and sleepless nights.Oh,one more thing those of you that are plagued with high blood pressure please take your medicine before listening to the budget speech!!

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