Pintard Holds On to Leadership Position But Immediately Renews Doubts with Unhinged Performance

Michael Pintard and Hubert Minnis

Statement from the Progressive Liberal Party –

Michael Pintard held on to his leadership position in the FNM, after two years of presiding over in-fighting, backstabbing, internal lawsuits, and chaos.

He celebrated with a strange, unhinged series of untruths and attacks. One can only imagine Hubert Minnis’s frustration, watching Pintard’s speech: How did I lose to THIS guy?

Indeed, there are already whispers that any temporary façade of peace within the FNM will be fragile and short-lived, as Pintard failed to offer Bahamians any reason to believe a man who has struggled to lead his fractious party could be a force for progress in The Bahamas.

Pintard’s speech highlighted his deficiencies as a leader and thinker. He attacked a very popular and successful school breakfast programme that is helping Bahamian schoolchildren start their day off right. He ignored the government’s innovative National Youth Guard, real gains in fighting crime, long overdue action on shantytowns, major investments in health care and infrastructure, and the record numbers of visitors. The current government rescued the country from fiscal crisis, and knocked a billion dollars off the country’s deficit – reversing years of damage caused by incompetent and indifferent FNM governance. His call for reducing the size of government, which could only be referring to dismissing essential civil servants, shows a disturbing disregard for the livelihoods of those who serve our country.

Most troubling were his references to repealing PLP policies that do not exist.

Pintard has no accomplishments and no positive proposals for change. He’s still not ready for the big time.

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