Pintard’s failure to UNIFY the FNM will tell at the next General Elections – 


Why would FNM Generals connected to Pintard not welcome scores of supporters connected to Hubert Minnis and Branville McCartney?

Former PM Dr. Hubert Minnis and Opposition Leader Michael Pintard.

NASSAU| The Free National Movement could face years in opposition under the leadership of Michael Pintard and Duane Sands

We are learning voices within the FNM are rejecting the request for entry into the FNM by former Bamboo Town MP and Cabinet Minister Branville McCartney who vowed to return to help the FNM rebuild.

But that invitation is being blocked by supporters of Pintard who are insecure about their futures within the Party. 

Scores of FNMs remain outside in the wilderness because of the lack of unity in the organization, and the disregard for loyal diehards who want change within the leadership. 

Pintard launched his bid for leader in a small room at the Hilton Hotel Thursday evening. Many faces remained unseen including senior members of the Parliamentary Caucus who are also backing a change in leadership.

FNMs know they cannot win an election disjointed and without unity. They know they cannot do battle in the political field with inexperienced leadership.  They know they cannot win an election without leaders with real political spending power to organize for a general election against the GOLD RUSH BRAVE DAVIS PLP TSUNAMI!

Why Michael Pintard’s crew is blocking new fresh support in the FNM is a serious question. In fact, it’s DANGEROUS and will spell political suicide for the FNM when a General Election is called!

We report and da FNMs will decide JUNE 1ST!