Plans by FNM to allow foreigners the right to vote in Parliamentary Elections in The Bahamas?

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham Casting A Ballot at the FNM Convention in 2009.

Foreigners could be voting in a 2017 Election if the FNM is Re-elected!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — There is earth-shattering news emanating out of the Free National Movement today, and if operatives of the Party have their way a second time as Lords over the Bahamas, the country will change forever into foreign hands.

Sources deep in the Apparatchik of the FNM tell us, movers within the Party are mulling over the idea to allow foreign residents and thousands of labours with status in the Bahamas to attain the right to vote.

BP has learnt the FNM leadership feels the time has come to reform the electoral process, and is planning to expand the rights for foreigners across the country.

Convincingly, feeling the heat from the Bahamian voter, sources tell us members in the organization are convinced it will most likely be rejected during the upcoming elections and therefore, there must be a way out in the future by involving all residents and locals with the right to vote.

According to the FNM source, “In Great Britain right now, if you are a resident not born in the UK, but is working there, you can vote in National Elections. In fact, the privilege has been extended to member states of the EU.  When it comes to UK Parliamentary elections, not only members of territories can vote, as like residents of The Turks and Caicos, but citizens from all Commonwealth Countries and British Territories can indeed vote in any Parliamentary General Election in the UK,”

BP’s resident CEO, Alexander James, who resides in Cardiff, also participated in the recent UK elections, as he is a resident there. James is from the Bahamas and is a born Bahamian; so the idea is not far-fetched.

According to the UK Electoral Services Department, Commonwealth Member States, including local citizens of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Rwanda, Zambia, Guyana, Trinidad, South Africa and others all can register and participate in British Parliamentary elections.

“We in the Bahamas must now move with the times. Presently residing in the Bahamas are thousands of persons here on work permits and others with resident status, which we believe should also have a right to vote in any elections or referendum, put before the country. We believe as they share the burden in taxes, so should they equally be granted the right to elect who serve in key positions of the country.

“If we can find support on the issue through our measures of reform, then we would definitely pursue the idea during our next term in office,” the source in the FNM said.

The decision could, however, face stiff opposition within the country by locals, who appear to have become increasing disillusioned with the election process. Some in the FNM, we are told, believe by allowing a person with a work permit be a part of the election process. It will increase the participation of voters at the polls and further deliver a truer reflection of the electorate when sending persons to Parliament.

A voter upon hearing the news questioned by what authority can the FNM do such? “Would they not have to go to a referendum and have a parliamentary approval to change such drastic measures in the law?

“They sold BTC to foreigners. They appointed a FOREIGN DPP. They appointed a foreigner to head the ministry of works. Only Foreigners could build roads, and get major contracts. At this rate, we will soon be in exile here in the Bahamas. And look how the foreigners are sending BTC staff home. Soon we ‘ga’ have a foreign COP and PM if you let the FNM have its way.”

Meanwhile, The Parliamentary Registration Department estimates that between 160,000 to 170,000 Bahamians will register for the next General Elections, Minister of National Security the Hon. O.A.T. “Tommy” Turnquest told Parliament Wednesday.

He said there were 74,179 persons entered on the New Register as of June 7, 2011. Of that number, 53, 663 were registered for New Providence; 11,623 on Grand Bahama and 8,893 for the Family Islands.

Mr. Turnquest said the Register used in the 2007 General Elections will come to an end July 14, 2011, at which time the New Register will come into effect.


  1. I will right away grab your rss as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please permit me recognize so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  2. This is a false story aimed “Sources deep in the Apparatchik of the FNM tell us”. Why would sources insided the FNM tell you anything. This is a PLP supported website.

    But as usual your gulible supporters chump it right up and spew it out as fact. You have done your jobs well.

    • I sick they would tell BP just how they told BP Michael Adderley SHALL RESIGN from the PLP upon PAPA’s request. Like inside the PLP so exist inside the FNM. ALL ARE NOT LOYAL OR IN AGREEMENT WITH THE LEADERSHIP!


  3. Papa will do anything for a vote.This is one of the reasons why he does not go to church.Can anyone tell me when was the last time PAPA went to church except when he is invited by some one? ZZZZZZZION is calling!

  4. We taken over!!!!! You Bahamians only care about a nice car and going to Miami twice a year.Do you see what we do when we pationate about something we riot for it…we bleed for it because we believe in it.They will pass this law and you will still vote for the same leaders.When we are not satisfied with our leaders we run them.We love you Papa!!!!!

  5. @Sigh
    You are absolutely right! When it come to The Bahamas, it appears that history is simply cyclical. What we once did,we will simply do again.

  6. Boundary Suggestion:
    Mr. Brent Symonette has enough vote, so what HI & PC should agree on is, cut Paradise Island Voters into two separate Constituencies, or join them with Centerville & Farm Road Voters. Lol!!, Lol!….are you Serious?……Dead Serious!!!

    Then give Kerzner a Seat to represent his Atlantis Tourist Visitors…..YES lets call that seat in the House of Assembly… “ATLANTIS!!”
    This will be a FIRST in Caribbean Politics.Lol!!, Lol!….are you Serious?……Dead Serious!!!

  7. Political Observation:
    Centerville & Farm Road was two sure PLP seats, PC & HI agreed to join those areas into one seat. Therefore, the PLP lost a SURE seat. This is just one example how the FNM became the Government of the day. This is called “CUTTING THE CAKE.”

  8. For anyone to hold up the UK as a shining example for anything other than that which is broken about a country is to stretch the truth far beyond the facts.
    This FNM cabinet’s weekly assembly lines of secretly swearing in questionable citizenships applicants do not reflect the mandate given to this government in 2007.
    Economists will argue that immigration should only be considered when all signs point to a healthy economy, and even then it should never be considered for no other reason than to offset a fast-falling population. The Bahamas does not meet either of the two qualification criteria?
    Bahamians have to shake their heads and question how this government can continue to blindly grant Bahamian citizenships, when it either is incapable, or blatantly refuses, to tell the people anything about what it is doing to round up and immediately depart every single person in this country not here legally?
    If Bahamians allow this FNM cabinet to continue on with their blind ambition to grant Bahamian Citizenships, in 20 to 30 years their will be Bahamian born Valley Boys or Saxons, left to maintain our Boxing and New Year’s morning Cultural Festivities.
    To this FNM cabinet, Bahamians are nothing more than a bunch of Junkanoo’s, who keep getting in the way of their master plan for a Bahamaland, hell bent on replacing the people who through their sweat and tears, built the Bahamas into a nation that could attract many from all nations to visit for a little taste of our Bahamas.
    Little did our ancestors know that their kinfolk would one day betray their own heritage, by with their silence, while a Bahamian government would discourage not only our visitors from ever leaving our shores, but thousands who were never invited here in the first place?
    An FNM government, who would in another 20 to 30 years, allows foreigners to slowly replace The Valley Boys and The Saxons at our Boxing and New Year’s Early Morning Junkanoo Parades, a kaleidoscope of our two most treasured Bahamian National Festivals.
    Has this FNM cabinet lost its moral authority to run the state of affairs on behalf of a people they treat as no more than a bunch of year round Junkanoo’s?
    Is it not time to grab our cowbells, goatskin drums, whistles and our array of brass instruments to parade down Bay Street to the ‘People’s House,’ to let this FNM cabinet hear the unmistakable dissatisfaction beat of the people, that it’s one thing for his to be Junkanoo’s two mornings out of the year, but stop pushing your luck on the other 363 days.
    Isn’t the time come for all Bahamians to honor the spirit our ancestors brought to our Bahamaland? Isn’t it time we dance to the beat of Mama Lay Lay Lay, Isn’t it time to remind this FNM cabinet to return to the ‘People’s’2007 Mandate, cause the FNM is dangerously close to breaking the People’s Trust?
    Yes, we always will welcome visitors and our legal guests to our shores, but it’s a sold ‘No’ to this, or any government’s thoughts of operating an open door immigration policy.
    This is not a PLP against FNM supporter’s issue; it’s a ‘united’ Bahamian stand.
    Are you going to listen now, because you sure thought you didn’t think had to listen to the voters’ stance on Citizenship, which was a major factor that in 2002 that come darn close to delivering a extinction blow to the FNM as a force on the Bahamian political scene.
    Didn’t he FNM leadership not just pay witness to the humiliating spirit of a Cassisus Stewart, Papa’s bizarre idea of presenting a fresh leadership face, as he with his political beaten down BDM hat in hand, offered up his crumbling BDM party?
    Is this FNM cabinet living in such deep fear that rather than standing up to retake the FNM party back from whatever forces of evil has taken control over it, that they would really want to ever again risk coming as close with the face the Political Widowmaker, as many of their cabinet colleagues and MP’s sure as hell did on election day 2002?
    US Embassy cables reported to Washington that Papa had told them that the reason he had stayed out of the 2002 General Elections was because he was told in no uncertain terms by the FNM party’s hierarchy to stay the hell away from the candidates, or voluntary any election commentary. The FNM’s money backers where well aware that they had little chance to retain the reigns of government but needed to at least win enough seats to remain the official opposition in the House. How right-on they turned out to be.
    Least you forget, maybe it’s that time to dust off the party’s 2002 election pictures, as the only reality motivation needed to dispatch those same folks, to once again read the riot act to Papa, and while they’re at it, make sure they read it to Papa’s staunchest Cabinet colleagues and MP’s. Just tell them it’s nothing personal, just politics as usual.

  9. This FNM Administration has lost their frickin’ minds and have sold Bahamian birthrights for 40 pieces of silver! We cannot and will not allow this mess to continue. We will fight them all the way to the death if necessary – that is the extent of our frustration, bitterness and anger!

    Bahamas, we need to pay attention to EVERY THING that is going on in this country. Pay attention to the foreigners you work with, play with, worship with. Pay close attention to the Uncle Toms among us for they are blinded by their own lust for power and wealth. They are greedy, wicked and evil in their quest to pollarize, divide and dominate!


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