PLP Chairman Roberts Response to Darren Cash

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts

By Bradley B. Roberts

Chairman, Progressive Liberal Party
I read with amusement this latest feeble attempt by Mr. Cash to manufacture the facts, chase shadows and whip up hysteria within his party’s base.

Firstly, lest Mr. Cash forgets, the FNM has not been the government for almost two years and does not call any shots or make any decisions in the governance of this country.

Secondly, lest Mr. Cash forgets, Prime Minister Christie is responsible and legally empowered to make decisions in the best interest of the Bahamian people.

The former administration, Cash’s party, made many decisions as the government that turned out to be disastrous for The Bahamas. Left in their wake was an economy in shambles where not one job created; our fiscal situation was left in dire straits where an additional $2.0 billion was added to the national debt; crime spiraled out of control as experienced and competent senior police officers were sent home and the FNM’s public works program was poorly managed and executed with hundreds of millions in cost overruns and airport terminals that cannot be occupied.

This along with much human pain and suffering represented the mess Mr. Cash’s FNM left behind for Mr. Christie and the PLP to clean up and he has the unmitigated gall to second-guess the Prime Minister? Mr. Cash and the FNM should hang their heads in shame, but they have no shame.

The last person to be talking about approaches to governance and its effects on the Bahamian people should be Darren Cash or anybody connected with the leadership of the FNM for that matter.