PLP Chairman Roberts says – the people of San Salvador is now experiencing the Gold Rush!


PLP strikes gold again in San Salvador – THE 90 million dollar GOLD RUSH IS ON….

A the Heads of Agreement signing at Club Med in San Salvador, Oct. 28, 2013, sitting from left: Xavier Mufraggi, Prime Minister Perry Christie, Wendall Major, Cabinet Secretary, Jean Marc Daigle, and Rouschard Martin. Standing: Labour and National Insurance Minister Shane Gibson, Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe, Clement Maynard, Sophie Standbrook, Luc Poiier, and Deborah Frazier.

By Bradley B Roberts
National Chairman
Progressive Liberal Party

The Progressive Liberal Party salutes the Government of Perry G. Christie on the announcement of the $90 Million Hotel expansion of the Club Med on San Salvador.

The record will show that when the Christie Administration came to Office in 2002, it found the Club Med Hotel closed and unemployment on San Salvador was at an all time high.

Back then waste of public funds was also the order of the day. The plans and $9 million budget left in place by the PLP to construct a new international airport were scrapped by the FNM because they claimed it was too expensive. They went to construct the same airport for some $35 million. Additionally, the FNM scrapped plans to construct a new school and provide much needed potable water to the people of San Salvador.

Notwithstanding this willful neglect, the PLP under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie skillfully negotiated the restoration and reopening of the Hotel Property and the creation of full employment on San Salvador.

The economy and people of San Salvador thrived in the years following the reopening of Club Med. The return of the Christie Administration to Office in May 2012 is building on this success and will in due course produce additional and badly needed good paying jobs in our number one Industry.

This is good news for San Salvador as the investors have demonstrated great trust and confidence in the economic policies of the Christie administration and the people of San Salvador with this $90 million project expansion.

The Progressive Liberal Party is indeed delivering on its election promise of jobs creation and a systematic restoration of the Bahamian economy one island at a time.

We warmly congratulate the Government of The Bahamas for it’s tenacity and resoluteness in working deliberately and successfully on behalf of the Bahamian People under extraordinarily difficult circumstances, much of which remain beyond the government’s direct control.

We believe the country has the best team and the right leader at the helm of the ship of state in these difficult times marked by a protracted global recession and slow economic recovery. Our best days are indeed ahead of us.