PLP Deputy Leader Philip 'Brave' Davis files Election Court Petition for Leo Ryan Pinder


Davis-in-House-lgPress Statement
Hon. Philip “Brave” Davis, M.P.
23rd February, 2010

BP THE FIRST WITH THE GODDIES…Ryan Pinder’s Petition click to download

Re:  Filing of Election Court Petition –
Section 69 of the Parliamentary Elections Act

Pursuant to Section 69 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, Mr. Leo Ryan Pinder the Progressive Liberal Party Candidate for the Elizabeth Bye-Election held 16th February, 2010 today filed a Petition in the Election Court of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas in the form attached.  Mr. Leo Ryan Pinder shall be represented by a team of lawyers led by Mr. Philip Davis, Mr. Wayne Munroe and Mr. Damian Gomez.

The Petitioner, Mr. Leo Ryan Pinder requests of the Election Court the following:

  • (i)    A determination of the validity of the protest votes cast for all candidates in the  Elizabeth Bye-Election;
  • (ii)    A determination of whether any or all of  the voters who voted on the protest ballots were entitled to be properly registered and were entitled to vote in the Elizabeth Bye-Election; Ryan Pinder
  • (iii)     A determination of whether if so entitled, the votes of any or all of  those voters should be allowed;
  • (iv)    A determination of whether it is necessary to order that the register be rectified;
  • (v)    If the answer to paragraph (iv) is in the affirmative directions  from the Honourable Court that the Register be rectified accordingly;
  • (vi)    A certification in writing to the Returning Officer the number of protest votes which it has allowed in respect of each candidate in the Elizabeth Bye-Election;
  • (vii)    That  copies of the certificate be forwarded to His Excellency the Governor-General and to the Clerk of the House of Assembly;

The Progressive Liberal Party looks forward to the certification of the outcome of the final results of the elections in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


  1. The quality of the Government party supporters and the mischievous evil they spew leaves no question as to their corruption. That seemingly intelligent people swallow and regurgitate the libellous talking points of both political parties is troubling for our democracy.
    The win at all cost mentality of the FNM and their GOP tactics is bound to leave the Bahamas more vulnerable to the rapacious Chinese imperialistic design. The weakness of the PLP leader and his compromising relationship to the PM make the PLP a sad option to the Government.
    The patriots not aligned with either major parties had better become just as vocal as the partisans or our country won’t stand a chance in the New World alignment.

  2. What happened yesterday to your website BP?  You putting far too much pressure on this Mugabe ran FNM government!!!  WOW!  Hubert Ingraham is as weird as a Japanese Shinto Priest…

  3. The very fact that HAI is still making Rayan’s citizenship an issue of contention shows to me he is already cinceeding defeat!!!! If Rayan was not eligible to Run the presiding office would not have accepted his nomination…Ingraham is just stalling…………

  4. SADE, you have got to be CRA-ZAY, like I said before but you do not want to hear me doh!, Ryan has nothing to say to you, there is a govt. in place to handle this, to ask him the hard questions, he isn’t going to come on BP blog site and answer you, and why should he?, have any of those Haitians who were let go the other day answered you?, do we know where they are?, do you care?, what’s your hang up on Ryan,?, immigration will take care of the Ryan problem, if there is a problem, but Sade, you have got to get over this, there are so many other problems going on in our country, what about the deficit?, what about the poor?, what about joblessness, homeless?, what about the handicap?, etc., etc., but you think Ryan is the “Manchurian Candidate”, who is a sleeper cell, ready to over throw the country, let me let you know this, we have a few of those already sitting in Parliament and no one had a problem with it, why is it a problem now, spy numbers and all, let’s focus on the real Sade, Truth, NCL Smith, etc. and point the finger at who it should truly be pointed at, HAI’s administration, and the Bahamian people, who refuse to hold these guys(clowns) accountable, because we want a few pieces of gold or the crumbs that fall of their table. “WAKE UP EVERYBODY, NO MORE SLEEPIN’ IN BED, NO MORE BACKWARD THINKIN”, TIME FOR THINKIN” AHEAD!!!”.

  5. Whats all the talks about Ryan – if you think so then a foreigner came in this country and beat the government of the Bahamas in their own bye election.  What a disgrace – I guess any foreigner coming into this country can beat the governing party then the country is in SERIOUS TROUBLE.  People wake up quickly and realize the government is gone

  6. To those calling me a teabagger – sad.  I follow a lot of things.  Tea baggers are vastly different.  But, it is clear – ya’ll all want to make this a “red herring” which means I am making a deliberate attempt to divert attention.  Nothing could be further from the truth – my attention is on Ryan Pinder who refuses to answer any questions about himself in a direct way.   Absolute refusal.   Actions speak louder than words my fellow Bahamians – and right now, Ryan Pinder’s words are all anyone got.   No actions.  No history – no nothing.  And, if the qualifications for the HOA are that one grew up in the Bahamas as a child and that is ALL.   IT.    Then, sickening for us as a country.    The tea baggers don’t even like Ron Paul who is a doctor and one of the most intelligent men on the planet.   That is the plain truth.   Tea baggers….ya’ll done made me laugh so much this morning.    Signs of defeat are so easy to see.  I am glad that I will be able to forgive you all for ignorance is so plain to see.

  7. Providing Ryan wins, I wonder what will be their next topic of discussion.  Ryan will not be another politician in the House Of Assembly, he will be a legislator.  He will make things happen.. That’s the difference between him and Dr. Duane Sands.  I have all the respect for Mr Sands, but he is not the right man, for him this is definitely not the right time and he is surely  not in the right place.  Elizabeth is PLP county!!!

  8. PLPs are like the rightwingers in the USA, real kool aid drinkers. Of course Ryan is a Bahamain. That is, and never was an issue. Jezus H. Kryst man! He is also an American. That is the point. You cannot have voted, taken advantage of the rights and privileges etc of being an American, and sit in the Bahamian Parliament! Even someone who got a ‘D’ grade should be able to follow that..

  9. The PROBLEM I’m having with Ryan is that I feel him not even VOTING in The Bahamas is quiet hypocritical yet seeking Office here. And I have Valid PROOF that he is a active VOTER in BROWARD COUNTY America. Now come on PLP’s have to open there eyes with this one because this is very SERIOUS.  I would’ve feel better if he voted here and in The US since he has DUAL CITIZENSHIP but only voting in The US?…. So Why dont he go run in The US then simple as that. Duel citizenship is not the problem, his problem was he voted and took student loans in the US according to our laws once you do this you must renounce your citizenship, Ryan must produce a canceled US passport at court.

    • Yes bahamasyputh Pinder won and is a Bahamian who will sit in the HOA.How come you critics are not concerned about the five protest votes being counted?Talk about a red herring thats exactly what is being attempted by PAPA and you all,digression and hope that we forget the real issues.No way my friends the ARMADA has been defeated by Elizabethans despite tremendous odds.I predicted and now you see why. 

  10. Sade and NCL are teabaggers. Most in the FN Men are corrupted b-words and garden tools with a H for Hubighypocrite. They have no decency in they and their sole purpose is to distort and dirty the political discourse. They deal in character  assassination   and innuendo and should have to literally reap what they sow.

  11. @Omar and others. Ryan is Bahamian no doubt. The questions is was he still an american as well at the time of his nomination. And the only reason this is relvelant is because he took advantage of the benefits of being a us citizen. For example, he voted in the US. If his renounciation was complete beore nomination then it will not matter.I think that it is healthy to have this discussion however and Bahamians including Ryan should want this so that it would clear it up for him. Also, as Bahamians we would not want any other nationality other than Bahamian in Parliament anyway.

  12. Omar, you dropped the real, and that is the point, also Altec I agree with you, they remind me of the “Tea baggers” in the states, trying to prove that Obama must show his birth certificate, desperate measures, instead of dealing with the election court case, and if the judges are corrupt or not, I hope they are not.

  13. Seeing that you all are so caught up with Ryan Pinder’s citizenship issues, take this into consideration:  He grew up in Blair of Village Rd., Went to St. Andrews, during such time it think his family owned Home Fabrics, his housekeeper’s name was Ms. Enid Stubbs, her two sons Ken and Wilton Stubbs were Ryan’s childhood friends, he invited her to his wedding but she passed away just  before he got married, her children to this day share close ties with Ryan’s family.  This man is a Bahamian!! How many of your family members went to the US received an education and never returned home to assist in building this nation? At least he came back home…  After the court has ruled, I am hopeful that Ryan Pinder will be the next Member of Parliament for Elizabeth..  

    • OK, I am just wondering what is the point of your tall-tale.. A few months ago Ryan was campaigning in Clifton… What is his connection there… Ryan is also a man of Spanish Wells linage… BUT I am told they do not evenwant to see him in SPanish Wells and I wonder why.. NOW, many Bahamians go off to school, I am one of them.. that is where I am now.. I come home to get regrister to vote, I come home to vote, I am also an American because I was born in the U S A.. but I value my Bahamian citizen Ship.. I pay full schhol fees.. as a Bahamian.. and it is hard.. I also assist and work with Bahamian students from the campus.. I wsa told by a Bahamian who went to UM when Ryan was there that Ryan was not connected to the Bahamians in NO way.. IN fact, Ryan was apart of the U S establishment… you guys who are defending RYAN need to ask youself this question and maybe ask RYan .. why in the Hell he NEVER ever sough the Bahamas a place to be until he joined a law firm that seek foreign investment.. BECAREFUL.. I think that Ryan is up to something and I am advised that a South Florida Report is about to break the story of Ryan and the reason according to one of his law partners want to be in the Bahaman House of Assembly and from what I am told it has nothing to do with the People of the Bahamas.. Omar.. whatch whom you support espically when you do not know them..  

      • Well I hope you read in the ragtag this morning that the representative for Elizabeth, Pinder, renounced his citizenship b4 the bye elction so whats your gripe now?The FNM lose in Elizabeth so stop the digression and give up the unnecessary fight its PINDER time in Lizzy.So Joe Blow accept defeat as the bahamian people dont want the FNM no more.

  14. @Media,this is exactly the point i made.

    I honestly dont see why Sade and NCL has his/her panties all in a bind over Ryan Pinder’s dual citizenship. He is entitled to all privileges under US law. If he voted in the US, so what? He is a US citizen via his mother he can do that. As a US citizen, working in the US, he has to pay taxes. Why is Sade and NCL struggling to understand that, i do not know.

    If Ryan Pinder’s status as a Bahamian is in doubt then his father, who is a former MP, must be in doubt as well. Its not just Ryan Pinder who fit in this category, but all Haitian Bahamians, Greek Bahamian, Canadian Bahamians, etc fit into the same situation. They are citizens of dual countries and can partake in all privileges of both countries unless/until  they renounce one of them.

    The only issue the FNM can raise is whether or not he renounced his US citizenship BEFORE he was nominated. Mr Pinder said he has. Now if the FNM believes otherwise, then they need to prove how strong they feel about it and place him before the courts.

    So the real question is what is taking the FNM so long to act on this matter if they honestly believe a wrong has been perpetrated?

    • I am happy you asked this question Sweet. We have a SWEET answer for you. The MP for Marco City and Jr. minister for finance was born in a Florida hospital on September 7, 1967. Laing has dual citizenship. We can go further if you seek more.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  15. In law there is a saying, He who seeks to accuse must also prove. To all those who seeks Ryan’s status they should know Ryan Pinder is a Bahamian. A Bahamian with a pedigree of 400 plus years living in the Bahamas. Longer than most of you posting on this website. They came with the Plymouth. More than most of you half pedigree, INCLUDING INGRAHAM!

    Ryan Pinder has nothing to prove to the court or the Mugabe administration. Hubert Ingraham and his merry men cannot get any information to prove otherwise and therefore everyone and they ‘bulla’ is trying to get Pinder to say something. If you have your evidence take it to Claire, Sir Michael or Rhonda, ingraham knows how to reach them all.

    This is a red-hearing and spin. Take all your facts down town to the court house.

    Again as they say in law if you accuse you must prove. Ingraham you lay the charge, PROVE IT!.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. Sade, this one is easy. The court records are public – don’t take what I say – check the court records!!!

  17. Men who rob McDonald’s are thugs and go to jail.  Men who steal $9 million from govts are good businessmen.    I really do not know Craig Butler’s personal issues at all and stopped believing everything I hear a long time ago.   If it is true, I hope Mr. Butler is fixing all issues.  If it is not true, I hope we all start looking at ourselves and fixing our own issues.   That in reality – is all we can do.  No one of us is perfect at all.   Not one.  Good night all.

  18. Sade, no need to harp on the point that Craig Butler wouldhave been a better candidate – I cannot disagree more!! It is incumbent upon all those seeking public office to deport themselves in a way that does  not bring shame and disgrace to themselves. In other words, they ought to be suitable candidates. A  man with a history of drug use (having been charged for same before the court) and a man with a public record of being a wife-batterer is NOT a suitable candidate. The PLP (if it wants to be taken seriously) must put forward persons who are upstanding and can stand up to close public scrutiny….think on these things

  19. Oh and to answer your question about the PLP and election court – I disagree with it all right now.  Yes, everyone’s vote should count but look at the mess the US is in with those computers.   I would have preferred to let the whole election stand as it did after the first hand recount and let’s all move on.  Time is just not good and then we can all focus on getting the register truly cleaned up etc.   As they say, pick your battles and this day is not a good day for the Bahamas to be in a battle at all.   Irrelevant of fair etc.   Got lose a little battle sometimes to win the War.   I learned that from the chinese guy who wrote that war/battle book.  Ain’t nothing good coming out of this Election Court battle except political powerhouses duking it out.   FNM is going to deal with this also and at the end of the day – lizzie loses.   I would rather have lizzie with Dr. Sands than lizzie no representation because of court and 5 votes – more than 5 people live in lizzie.  My two cents.  Now, I need to get off this blasphemous page – sorry BP – you know you stretch and spin on this thingy!    Nice format – bad information.  Everyone to Erin Ferguson’s page – he needs a blog or something.  He is on it!

  20. Look, I will just say it.  From a political perspective – Ryan Pinder was a bad choice for lizzie.   Craig Butler should have been the one put up.  Ryan Pinder just ain’t got what it takes to win elections – don’t know any tax lawyers who go out and run for same in a lot of countries.  Mr. Rollins did ok but to get a true third party – we can’t have three of them.  I would have also liked to see some more unity close to elections – like maybe one/two of the independents endorsing another etc.   Frankly, we need some serious non-party affiliated political action committees/organiations that can raise money and a stink about real issues.    But, I, personally cannot support Ryan Pinder at all.   That is an easy one – in my humble opinion.  An easy no.  And, after all of this stink – we need to all look for other people to do the job – not the same people.    I am proud that the other three candidates put themselves out there against both machines.  It takes guts to even do it and that impressed me about all of them.

  21. Kevin, kevin, kevin – bey!  Paying taxes in another country is not a BENEFIT of that country’s citizenship – it frankly is a pain and no one wants to do it.   You work and own property in the US – you payin’ dem too!   But, did Dr. Sands Vote for the President in another country – a BENEFIT?  No he did not.  Typical political spin and we all have too much common sense to be able to see right through it.   Paying taxes has nothing to do with the argument or issue at all.   Ryan Pinder still got to pay US taxes bey!

  22. Sade yes it was hes good Its going to be a show down come Thursday. I honestly feel that Dr. Rollins was the more versatile candidate in the Elizabeth elections but was disappointed when he came 4th. I’m no follower of FNM or PLP but I wish the best for the two candidates. I feel The PLP should exercise their RIGHTS however is it in the best interest for the people of Elizabeth to have a vacant seat?

  23. I agree with Sade….just show you renounced and thats the end of it. Just “show and tell”

  24. Altec – you went farther than me.  I want a simple question answered so we don’t have to tie up the courts.   As for locking up Mr. Pinder – that is your issue.  I don’t think that he is an illegal.   But, he is not exactly acting in the Bahamas best interests.  The Bahamas – not the FNM or PLP or anyone.  I watched Citizens Review – it is very good.

  25. Since the prime minister claimed that by voting and paying taxes in the USA mr.Ryan Pinder had pledged loyalty to the Americans,i will like the prime minister to answer the following questions about the good doctor-DID DR.DUANE SANDS EVER PAID SOCIAL SECURITY TAX IN THE USA?DID THE DOCTOR EVER WORKED IN THE USA?DID THE HEART SURGEON PAY ANY STATE OR FEDERAL TAX IN THE USA?DOES THE GOOD DOCTOR HAVE ANY CHILDREN THAT HAVE ANY AMERICAN PASSPORT?IF THE ANSWER TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS IS YES,DOES THAT NOT NOW DISQUALIFY THE CARDIOLOGIST ACCORDING TO THE FNMS’LOGIC?By the way the answer to all of the above question is YES!!!

  26. I hope you guys are watching CITIZENS REVIEW on JCN.  Very interesting TOPICS and I think Erin Ferguson is a wonderful and fair person who does not align himself with FNM or PLP or tries to disfranchise the others unlike some of you guys on this website especially Russell Johnson. Erin said boldly Dr. Sands is a GHOST and he questions Ryan Pinder LOYALTY to this country. This PLP vs FNM syndrome needs to STOP before this destroy our country. We need fair persons who can make this country a better place.

  27. WOW SADE!, we need to have the govt. deal with this, they have the power to lock up Mr. Pinder, an immigrant, walking around our beloved country all free and brazen, how dear he, where is Jack Thompson, Branville Mccartney, Brent Sym., Tommy T., when you ned them, come on, it’s not that hard to find Ryan, this illegal immigrant is actually filing papers in our upstanding courts, it seems he not even hiding, I fault the govt. for not following this up, Sade I agree with you, it should not just be little old you alone, let’s all march down Bay Street and demand that the govt. lock up Ryan, and get those Haitians they let go the other day too, this lovely country of ours is going nuts, and the same time lets check into that green card thing with Sands, leave no stone unturned and let’s let nothing slip through the cracks. VIVA LES BAHAMAS, HEY!!,what about those Chinese too.

  28. Ok – so everything got to go to Court?  NO.  I asked him the question directly right on BP – no answer.   Where is the proof that he did this and one darn sentence is b.s.    And, I am going to talk about this.  If we don’t start tellin’ all of these politicians that we are watching ALL OF THEM – then we are going to have to deal with this forever and I am, frankly, sick of it.   Aren’t you?  Don’t we have enough problems.  If Ryan Pinder had a decent bone in his body he would be able to see the BIG PICTURE – not the little one that only involves himself.    He could just produce the papers.   I learned a thing or two about people who are evasive – they usually are evasive for a reason.     Legal court is one thing, but Ryan Pinder is also in the court of public opinion and our country is not the USA – we are very small and we have a memory and we do not forget.   He doesn’t seem to care about that at all.    I am shocked and appalled at his nomination; his brazenness to run; his apparent ability to vote in the US and then just quit that country and come over here as if it does not matter.     If it does not matter – then Altec – go ahead – sell ALL THE SEATS IN THE HOA – might as well, ….  fair play is fair play.  I don’t care if the FNM has a problem.  I have a problem and I am a Bahamian – one country – that’s little old me.

  29. Brent Symonette’s mother is or was a Canadian and his father was a Bahamian, did he renounce his Canadian citizenship?. …..This argument is ridiculous, let’s let the courts decide this, though they are filled with croonies, all you arm chair lawyers take a break, “He born here, he born here”.

  30. Altec, I can read: you are stating that the issue is that the FNM  are trying to say that Ryan Pinder is a non Bahamian. That is incorrect.The issue is that as a dual citizen he had availed himself of the benefits of an American citizen, and therefore he has pledged allegience and is obedient to the United States of America.

  31. Please stop saying we are trying to discredit him – he is the one who won’t answer direct questions at all.  Ever.   Frankly, he has not done enough in my beloved Bahamas to give him any credit (my opinion) – he is so awesome – what has he done here!  He is a US tax lawyer.  He went to University of Miami and still owns a house in Florida.  He is married to an American.  He VOTED IN AMERICA ONLY – VOTED!  THE MOST SACRED RIGHT WE ALL POSSESS AND PEOPLE DIED SO WE COULD HAVE THAT RIGHT!   Frankly, his treatment of his gift of US citizenship is interesting.

    • Sade, the only point i am making is this, if the FNM thinks there is a problem, then they need to have it dealt with in the courts. talking about it wont solve their perveived problem!

  32. Altec, That is completely false information that you are putting out in the public sphere. There has never been a dispute about Pinder being a Bahamian. The dispute is whether or not he had renounced his American citizenship and that it was infact finalized, meaning that he was no longer an American prior to being nominated to run for the Elizabeth bye-election. You see according to Section 49 of the Bahamas Constitution, if he has allegience or obedience to a Foreign State He is ineligible to be elected to The House of Assembly.He had to declare his eligibility at the time of nomination.His renunciation process had to have been finalized.

    • Truth hurts you didnt read my post correctly did you. Read it again, this time a bit more slowly!

  33. Bey!  You need to read all the law.  Our Constitution does not ban dual citizens from holding govt. office except when a Bahamian avails himself of rights in the other country where he holds citizenship – rights that only citizens of that country can exercise – like the right to vote in a PRESIDENTIAL election.  So, since you are supporting this major conflict of interest – should we just put all HOA seats up for sale to dual citizens?  You cannot say there is no conflict of interest here.  It is impossible to have two masters – quit one whenever you feel like it and then move over to another one.  Ryan Pinder is tell the Bahamas exactly who he is and let me tell you – a lot of us are paying attention!

  34. @Sade

    Ryan Pinder has a Bahamian father and an American mother. If no one is challenging that, then he by law of both countries is a citizen of the Bahamas via his father and of the United States via his mother.

    Its called DUAL CITIZENSHIP!

    In Bahamian law he has to renounce his American citizenship in order to be ballot eligible in this country. Its that simple. If he voted in the US elections in 2008 then he was in his rights to do so as an American citizen via his mother. He had not renounced his US citizenship then. He also has the right to vote in any Bahamian election via his father.

    I will repeat what i just posted earlier, if the FNM believes that Mr Pinder is a non Bahamian, and thus is not entitled to be on the ballot, then take him to court and seek to have the courts rule in their favor. If the FNM did this and won, which i doubt would happen, then Dr Sands would be the winner in the bye election and the FNM would have won by over 1,400 votes over Cassius Stewart. Thus the FNM would get exactly what they wanted, a blow out win.

    This Ryan Pinder non sense is a non issue. The only issue they can raise is whether he renounced his American citizenship before he was nominated.. But the thing is the FNM isnt talking about Ryan not renouncing his American citizenship, they are trying to suggest that he is a non Bahamian.

    Why cant you see your party is blowing smoke up your a**. They will not take him to court because they know they have no case. They are simply trying to discredit the man and take the sting out of their disappointing showing last week Tuesday.

  35. but the plp did put an american on the ballot and they defended their right to do just that – the Tribune did a huge article on it.  we did not find out about this renouncing citizenship thingy until a week before the election.  i guess it will be all brought out in court.  And, I suspect this will drag on for awhile.  ryan pinder could put it all to rest if he really wanted to and he is not doing that at all.

  36. @N C L,

    just how the the PLP has taken an issue they have with the bye election to court, if the FNM has a problem with Ryan Pinder’s nationality, then they need to stop talking and file proceedings in the court to that affect

    If what the FNM are suggesting about Ryan Pinder’s nationality is true, then it means that he never should have been allowed to be nominated in the first place much less be in parliament.

    Thus far all the FNM is doing is TALKING. I am calling your/their bluff. Either the FNM knows that Ryan Pinder’s nationality is not an issue but saying the opposite to discredit him and his possible win OR the FNM really believes he is an American. IF they think he is an American, then stop talking and file proceedings in court.

    I would think that the FNM party would jump at the chance to take Ryan Pinder to court simply because of the embarrassment a ruling in their favor on this matter would be to the PLP party and leadership. Can you imagine the Tribune, The Guardian and the Punch headlines, “PLP Puts American On Ballot.” Heads would roll in the PLP if that was the case.

    All the talk and no action on the FNM’s part since last week Tuesday is telling me that they know his nationality is not an issue and are therefore trying to discredit him as much as they can to take the sting out of a disappointing bye election outcome.

    So once again i will say it, enough with the smear job on Ryan Pinder. If you or the FNM believe so strongly that he is not eligible to be on the ballot  because he is a non Bahamian, then TAKE HIM TO COURT.

    If not then shut up about him being an American and move on.

    • Altec, can you shut UP and let Ryan speak for himself.. was your name on the ballot .. I guess not.. Ryan said that he is angry cause Bahamians are questioning his ability to run or the fact that he has renounced his american citizen ship… Let Ryan answer for himself.. He is fully capable of speaking when he is not made at us poor black Bahamians…

      • NCL, you blowing a gasket over CANESFIN? You have no way of knowing if CANESFIN is who he claims to be. If I tell you i am Obama will you believe me too?

        • SO will apologize if I have the person as Ryan.. but why is he up at arm over some american having his feeling hurted..

  37. B.S. – Ryan Pinder had to attest he was eligible.  So, the new rule – we have to prove you are not eligible when you fill out an application?  That is not how that works at all.   Trust me.  It is getting investigated by a ton of of people.  And, you are so quick to get mad at the Govt. but you fail to look directly at Ryan Pinder who basically just told the US – I voted in your Presidential Election and availed myself of the truest benefit of your citizenship but now I want to be another govt. so I quit the US (we still do not know if this mess is truly what happened and Mr. Pinder himself only provides this one line answer that does not answer any questions whatsoever).  Forget PLP or FNM – Did Ryan Pinder tell the truth?  If he is – then why did he defend the right to dual citizenship for so long?  If he renounced then he was not a dual citizen so no reason to defend a right you allegedly do not have….

  38. Ryan too soft to answer the hard questions, Firstly, you have to respect any country in which you have exercised your rights as citizen…and Mr. Pinder is not 18 or 21 but much older. You just don’t renounce the same in order to make yourself eligible to hold public office in another country.You don’t place your hand over your heart and pledge allegiance … See Moreto a flag and then turn around and renounce the same. He seems to need to learn how to respect the US as much as the Bahamas.

  39. As the returning officer,Jack Thompson was compelled by LAW to be sure that ONLY BAHAMIANS were nominated,and those candidates have fully and ACCURATELY disclose ALL of their assets.So if the FNM is now claiming that mr.Pinder is an American that means that mr.Jack Thompson DIDNOT OR WAS NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE IN FULFILLING HIS RESPONSIBILITIES.In other words the FNM selected a FOOL as the returning officer!!! It could also be implied that mr.Thompson was an accomplice to a FRAUDULENT BYE ELECTION.The FNM being the governing party is also compelled by LAW to stop any of this country’s law from being broken.So can mr.INGRAHAM state when did he became aware that mr.Pinder was an AMERICAN?Did mr. Ingraham reported this PINDER IMPOSTER WITH A FRAUDULENT BAHAMIAN PASSPORT TO THE POLICE OR TO THE IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT?Why isn”t mr.Pinder at the DETENTION CENTER OR IN JAIL FOR BREAKING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS?As a lawyer and officer of the courts mr.INGRAHAM HAS SWORED TO REPORT ALL CRIMINIAL ACTIVITIES TO THE PROPER LAW ENFORCING BODIES,FAILURE TO COMPLY CAN THEREFORE SUBJECT MR. INGRAHAM TO BE DISBAR!!!

    • Mr.Mckenzie you are right on again…I really think more readers should read your post objectively…if PM Ingraham knew the law was being broken why didn’t he do something about it being the nation’s CEO. What kind of example is that!!! What’s so interesting is that FNM supporters have annointed PM Ingraham the Messiah. FNM supporters believe every word that comes from the PM’s mouth is the new gospel…the dispensation of spite…the revelation of a super ego. It’s just suprising to see otherwise intelligent people lower themselves to believe everyword that comes from someone who says what he means and means what he says and changes his mind and shows us that even he doesn’t mean what he says…ask his cabinet!!!!

  40. Canesfins – I am sick and tired of seeing you posting all over the internet that your renounced your citizenship.   You think Bahamians are stupid and cannot do an internet search – the Americans got to accept your attempted renouncing of your citizenship and I read on their own State Dept website that if they believe you are gonna come right on back to visit then they will flat out tell you NO – you absolutely know that to be the case.    You are playing with us and that is just plain wrong!  Wrong!   Thank god for the internet or we would have to believe this spin.

    • I take it that from his reaction that canesfines is Ryan Pinder… well how do you do Mr. Pinder… what is with your attitude ?.. I guess you have no idea how politics is played in the Bahamas… or let me ask.. you just assumed that cause you say it it is what it is… You are an American, and yes a Bahamian.. You never ever voted in our Country.. then insead of returning back to this country like most of do.. you decided to just get up and tell us that you going to the House of Assembly cause you get money and because your father was once the MP for the area that you ran.. how the hell you think you get more rights then we who went to school in the U S and came home… never got any citizenship because of our parents…. never owned a house in the U S, never was allowed to work inb the U S and what is worst you mad at us Bahamians.. WHO IN THE ELL do you think you are… ? You are not above reproach… if anyone who has the clear the air.. it is you ?// Please provide proff to us NOW that you hav renounced your U S Status and please also provide proof that you are not fronting from any U S Law firm in our Beloved country.. You see I and many good standing Bahamians BLAME Mr. Christie for the mess he has created in the Bahamas with you thinking that you were the only one for that seat.. but you got told and you wil be told as you mount your defense and you will see how Bahamians will turn on you .. NOW tell us the truth since you are on BP and BP is support you all the way to defeat..

      • NCL, I hope now that the US Govt has released the letter on Pinder’s status and the cancellation of his citizenship, I wonder what next the FNM and you have to say. Papa scared and all of you who did your dirt in Lizzy have eggs on your face. I hope you made some money. 

  41. then why won’t you just produce all the papers and not put us through all of this mess ryan – we don’t need this kind of fighting in Nassau at this time….I really think the FNM won this fair and square because I live there and was around.  Why would you do this to us if you love your Bahamian country so much?    There are other elections.  Obama did not win his first one.

  42. Is it effective?  Did the State dept. accept it?  When did you do this?   Your answer is soooooooo typical of people that are not telling the whole truth.  If you are so happy about all of this and so cofident then put of up the evidence and put the matter to rest.  You are embarrassing our country with this charade bey!  BTW – that is the ONLY thing you have ever said about this issue – that YOU did it.   Did the US  accept it?   I hate to be so common sense and all since I don’t have your long list of degrees but if the US accepted it – wouldn’t you have said just that on this issue.  Bey – you can’t just go quit the US like a job – dey gotta let you go and your not saying a thing about this makes you look like you are hiding something.  You must know that.  And, now you done put yourself out here on BP – did you get run off everywhere else?  It appears so….I am now going to have to agree that you match Bahamas Community’s description to a “t”.

    • As I stated before – I have renounced my US citizenship.Well I guess I am now Ryan Pinder.   How gullible!  What proof do you have that he posted that comment?

  43. Ryan Pinder refuses to address issues regarding his citizenship without Court.  He could put the Citizenship issue to rest right now.  But, he has not and won’t.  We will be in election court for awhile.  Thanks ryan.  Nice political move to unify the Bahamas.    Oh, well, it all needs to come out in the complete open so we can hopefully finish this type of foolishness once and for all.   Thanks Perry, thanks Brad, thanks Ryan for thinking of yourselves and using lizzie in the process.

  44. Let the court decide.  When it’s all over and done with  (which I hope it’s quick) Ryan “The LION” will hopefully be declared the winner.  If people would  get to know Ryan and stop judging him either from a distance or by some other person’s point of view, they would find out that he is a very honest and straight up guy.  I like Ryan…  I really hope he wins.

    • So Omar, you confortable with an American in the Bahamian House of Parliment ? I like Obama to.. but I do not want him to be in the Bahamas House of Assembly

    • Omar, I too liked the way Ryan handled himself during the camaign.I think he would certainly be a plus to the politics and more so.I don’t see the brother as just occupying a seat in parliament. he seem to have ideas for the developtment of this country.I look forward to listening and watching this beh in the future…..

  45. So how come Brave een ask if the persons running in the election shoudl produce their American Passpost… Or I forget.. that is the job of the FNM. it een long now.. Here we go.. FNM.. We read now..

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