PLP Leaders gather in conclave over the weekend…

PRIME Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP and Economic Minister Michael Halkitis share a moment at conclave.

PM Davis: Yesterday, PLP Members of Parliament came together to review our government’s progress on the commitments we made in our Blueprint for Change. We laid a strong foundation in year one, and we’re going to keep working to bring change and progress to the country.

We focused on multiple issues, including steps to reduce the impact of the global inflation crisis, growing the economy and creating jobs, collaborative programmes to increase security in our neighbourhoods and at our borders, the urgency of learning recovery in our schools, the transition to renewable energy, and the importance of agriculture to our national development. – Hon. Philip E Davis KC MP Prime Minister.

Deputy PM I Chester Cooper
Education Minister Glenys Hanna Martin alongside Transport Minister Jobeth Coleby Davis at Conclave.
MINISTER OF National Security Hon. WAYNE Munroe.
Minister Pia Glover Rolle
Ambassador Leslia Brice.