PLP leadership disappointed with Gov’t Decisions on BTC


PLP Deputy Leader Philip 'Quiet Storm' Davis and Shane Gibson in Convention.


Nassau, Bahamas — At the request of Cable and Wireless, The Hon. Philip Davis, Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, Mr. Obie Wilchcombe, Leader of Opposition Business, Dr. Bernard Nottage, Former Telecommunications Minister and Mr. Shane Gibson, Former President of BCPOU met with Mr. David Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Cable & Wireless Caribbean and its local representative Ms. Sharon Brown.

While the meeting was extremely cordial, the Opposition was disappointed that the Cable & Wireless representatives were unable to discuss the details of the Memorandum of Understanding, which has been signed with the Government of The Bahamas for the purchase of BTC.

Mr. Shaw spoke candidly about the difficulties and successes of Cable & Wireless over its 140 years in the Caribbean, but was unable to share any details of its proposed business plans for BTC and its future operations in the Bahamas.

The Opposition is also disappointed that the entire process leading to the selection of Cable & Wireless to purchase 51% of BTC for a mere $210 million dollars has not been transparent and urges the Government of The Bahamas to cease and desist from the secrecy and to make public immediately the details of the Memorandum  of Understanding.

The Progressive Liberal Party also reiterates its principle that the controlling interest of BTC should remain in the hands of the Bahamian people.


  1. I do not understand why the Opposition would be disappointed that C&W was not able to discuss the details of the MOU. Do they not know that the MOU is an agreement between two parties, so in this case it would be the GOVT. and themselves (C&W). C&W DOES NOT HAVE ANY OBLIGATION to disclose any terms of the agreement as long as they sit in the seat they are sitting in now, THE OPPOSITION! While I agree that BTC should be sold to bahamians, the opposition had 5 years to make a decision in regards to the sale of BTC so why didn’t they make one then?!? 5 years is a long time to do something you are passionate about, so it irks me every time when they spew foolishness that this should be done and that should be done. Man ya’ll had 5 years to do what you wanted to do, so it’s too late now for shoulda, coulda, woulda!!!! You should’ve done it while you had the chance, stop being cry babies!

    • For once you would have to give perry credit he might be a little slow and undecisive but this time he made the right decision you are absolutely right that company Bluewater was trying to get B.T.C on credit but PERRY DIDNT GIVE IN…so hats off to Perry at least this time it was in the country s best interest,i just hope that new owners bring in some new technology and move us forward,we as a people need to pull together and stop pulling one another down this is our country and despite what is happening in the country right now i think we are still better off than most people in the carribean like the saying goes when you think you have it bad look down the road.

  2. I now know why Perry Christie did not sell BTC to bluewaters,he knew somthing was fishy about the deal.Perry Christie is not a dumb man he sense his own around him was trying to buy the company themselves on credit and get a sweat deal, so he stalled the deal, and blame the decision he made not to sign it on that the next general election was coming up.just look at those two in the picture one was the laywer for the company the other one had a hand in it also.

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