PLP march in support of workers, but LATE AGAIN!



Union leaders are still complaining as to how one political organization come out in support of workers in The Bahamas. Members of the Progressive Liberal Party organized thousands of supporters in support of labour conditions in the country. To date NOT A SINGLE media house have broadcast or publish the massive showing amongst members of the PLP. Nor has anyone announced to date why the Prime Minister nor his minister of labour attended the annual parade. One observer seeing the parade noted that the showing by opposition members were incredible, however one year after the election the turnout proved a saying that resenated with the PLP, “THEY WERE LATE AGAIN!”


  1. Here’s a little news flash for you Jimbo. The FNM is the government. Do you for one second think that the PLP could get four BEC flatbed trucks to come out, draped in PLP flags and signs and colors, loaded with DJ Equipment and then ride up and down the streets of Nassau on one of the most watched parades in this country? If that is what you are suggesting, then Jimbo, I vote we change your name here and now to Dumbo because you would be one of the dumbest Bahamians ever to suggest that.

    Three of those trucks were donated for use by one of our supporters and members who has the means to do so and another was the donation of yet another supporter in the trucking business. The DJs were all supporters who donated their time and talent and the “little march” was almost five thousand Bahamians who were supporting the workers that are being negatively affected by your small minded and wicked government.

    If you want to lock suckers up, I suggest you start with the offspring of one of your Ministers. If you’re not sure which one, I’m sure the editor at Bahamas Press would gladly point him out for you. Hint hint, he’s on the front page of the site.

  2. So who they pay off to use the BEC or Water Truck for they little march?? Need to lock up the sucker that let them do that, those trucks on OUR time, not theirs – FNM OR PLP.

  3. I stand corrected. Looking at that photo, that was NOT one of ours and seems to have been taken by a participant of the parade or BP themselves. If you have any doubt Pro Life, just go to the PLP website and see the video yourself.

    Or are you going to say we doctored those as well. If so, maybe we should go work for Spielberg. And BP, you know the saying, better late than not at all so lets hear what Ingraham and his people have to say about their no show on Labour day.

  4. Those photos are not doctored Pro Life. first of all, there were four trucks on our march, three of them from the same company, hence a similar make. If you were to look at the trucks visible, you will see that they are different as are the people on the trucks.

    Are you then suggesting that we were able to clone the first truck, clone people in just the right position then take the copied photo of the truck and the people on back and driving them and reduce them to the perfect perspective to give the impression that there was more than one truck? Here’s a suggestion for you Pro Life. How about the possibility that the crowd you see in that photo is real and that photo untouched?

    Ralph Hanna took that photo and I uploaded that photo to the PLP website and BP can tell you that the file they pulled down for this photo, if they check the embedded information that gives the specs on the photo, they will see that this is an original photo. I didn’t even crop it or reduce the size. It is what it is and claiming we doctored a photo of a labour day march only shows how desperate and foolish you are in attempting to explain away something thousands of Bahamians witnessed for themselves.

    You can continue living with your head under the sand, while thousands of Bahamians will live in the real world. With BP’s permission, I’d be happy to send you some more photos.

  5. This photo was doctored man. Who you’ll trying to fool? Those trucks in the background are duplicates of one truck. It’s fake.

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