PLP On The Dismissal Of Airport Authority Employees In Eleuthera


Scenes the PLP 53rd National Convention.


The Progressive Liberal Party deplores in the strongest terms the dismissal of Danielle Gibson and Holly Barrett as employees of the Airport Authority in Eleuthera. What transpired in their dismissal was nothing more than a naked exercise of political power from no good reason against people who were perceived to be supporters of the PLP.

Since the election of the two FNM MPs in Eleuthera, this kind of naked tribalism has been in evidence. This tribalism has taken the country backwards.

The Shadow Minister of Transport Glenys Hanna Martin MP speaking in the House of Assembly on 24 January spoke to the professionalism of these two officers. It is clear that this was not a question of competence but a matter of politics.

The Leader of the Opposition recalled in the House that he brought to the attention of the Prime Minister as early as last summer specific threats to the jobs of these individuals by FNM partisans. The Prime Minister assured the leader that there would be no dismissal.

Put all together, these women have been unfairly victimized for their political beliefs. The PLP condemns this and will work to support their cause. We call on the Government to reverse course.