Expletives fly and dogs bark as FNMs enter angry voter gate


FNMs campaigning on New Providence before the announcment of a general election.

Dogs almost got loose on FNM campaign workers

Nassau, Bahamas — Dogs barking and a loud voice cussin were the sounds coming from a community in Southwestern New Providence today as a group of eight FNMs attempted to campaign in the community.

The residents are hardcore supporters of the PLP we are told and some 80% of the residents were in Cable Beach last night.

Shortly after noon today, generals of the sitting MP entered a yard in the area when a wild pitbull trained to bark at anything red came charging at the gate.

A loud voice followed. “Get yall m****(* F***** A** out a my yard before I lose my dog on yinner stink ***,” the woman yelled loudly as she exited her front door.

A Pit bull named "Recession" trained to back at the FNM.

All tanked up and half cut after the PLP mega-event on Cable Beach, the woman began screaming at the top of her voice. “Where was ‘yinner’ when I wanted to talk to the MP before the sale of BTC? Where was ‘yinner’ when the government cut my light off in 2008? Where was ‘yinner’ when Duane Sands throw my sister and her five children out onto the street? Where was ‘yinner’ when my daughter got fired at ZNS?

“And ‘yall’ want come here asking for my F******* vote? Like my leader said, ‘yall’ need to ask for forgiveness and not votes for the five years of misery and pain ‘yinner’ inflict on the Bahamian people!?”

As the woman turned back inside to grab her slop bucket, the group begin breaking off down the street like Earl Deveaux, Loretta Butler, Phenton Neymour and Desmand Bannister. What a sight that was and guess what? BP was on the scene.


PLP outnumber FNM 3 to 1 – No standing room at the PLP Launch

There is no question the PLP will deliver a LANDSLIDE victory following the general elections. The PLP event proved it has surged ahead with a MEGA GOLD RUSH!