PLP Rallying Tonight @ 7PM


After months of silence, seeing a collapsing economy and rising unemployment, members of the Progressive Liberal Party announced a rally for tonight (Thursday 9th) at Gambier House beginning at 7:00 PM.


  1. Well I beg to differ and the good thing is, unlike others on this blog, we are respecting each other’s opinion. Good going, General Crazy !!

    In my opinion, both parties suck !!

  2. I see plenty rong wid da FNM, just like da PLP.
    I just dont see him as a Dictator 😉

  3. Dont tell me you turning into one of those Ingramites that see no wrong in the Biggety one. That would make you NO FUN.

  4. General Crazy…you’ve been studying too much, man. I am not going to explain myself again. Refer to the post above yours.

  5. Civil Liberties – I do not see him suspending any of these:

    “Common civil liberties include freedom of association, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, and additionally, the right to due process, to a fair trial, to own property, and to privacy.

    The formal concept of civil liberties dates back to the Magna Carta of 1215 which in turn was based on pre-existing documents.

    Republics or democracies such as the United States have a Constitution, a bill of rights and similar constitutional documents that enumerate and seek to guarantee civil liberties. Other states have enacted similar laws through a variety of legal means, including signing and ratifying or otherwise giving effect to key conventions such as the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

    It might be said that the protection of civil liberties is a key responsibility of all citizens of free states, as distinct from authoritarian states.”

    Freedom of Speech – i dont see what you said either.

    Suspended Elections – He hasnt in the past and has no power to do so now or in the future.

    Laws – what law has he brought forward and passed totally on his own?

  6. No bey !! I am not going to N. Korea. I leave that up to you General Crazy. After all you are trained for it…lol.

    Let me explain my points.

    Civil Liberties – HI DOES NOT allow this and the result is the high rate of VICTIMIZATION now in The Bahamas.

    Freedom of Speech – Of course there is Freedom of Speech UNTIL he discovers what you have said about him and then he reacts with MUCH SPITE which has resulted in him destroying PLENTY lives in this country.

    Suspended Elections – I am sure he will try this trick if he thinks things are not going this way. He has the power to do it.

    Laws – As for the laws, his Cabinet and MPs are too scared of him to vote against what is brought to Parliament and so are MANY PLPs who represent people in Parliament.

  7. Err.
    How does he suspend civil liberties, are we not a nation of FREE peoples? Do not we have Freedom of Speech? I know I am free, I do feel sorry for you if you are not. 🙁

    Suspend Elections? Where, when?

    Laws, does he pass all the laws?
    Is it only FNMS that pass the laws?

    dred you aint makin any sense.
    perhaps you need spend some time in N. Korea 😀

  8. General Crazy….okay, I would say HI suspends civil liberties, has the power to suspend elections and no doubt will and as it pertains to laws…those that are brought to Parliament by “his” government are based SOLELY on HIS ideas as he does not accept any body elses ideas. I think that sounds like a dictator.

    Face it General Crazy, the man aint nice. He doesnt need to be in charge of ANY country…old Mugabe self!! Tee hee

  9. @Drama King
    Does HI:

    1-Make Laws by himself?
    2-Suspend Elections?
    3-Suspend Civil Liberties?

    Cause that is a dictator.

  10. Sorry General Crazy, I hate to inform you but Ingraham IS a dictator who is very tight fisted when it comes to spending moneny in his own personal life AND the country’s purse.

  11. Just to add to what WOW had to say about HI taking advice from his cabinet….NEVER!!

    When HI walks into a cabinet meeting he always has his mind make up on issues that are to be discussed.. His cabinet that was not elected by the people are the only ones who he takes advice from, not the bodies with few brains cabinet that was elected by the people!!

  12. Maybe not general but name the MP on his team who has the gutts to vote against something put forward by HI!!

    NONE, absolutely NONE of the FNM MPs have the nerve to speak against anything that HI says is good!!

  13. Will the PLP politicians ever tire of their same old, same old rhetoric? On reflection, they should have realized that their mega resort developments in every island was doomed to fail if it could ever have been brought to fruituon. Everything that sounds good is not good. If Christie had scaled some of it down and helped the people to understand that these projects would take a long period of time to accomplish, he might have had a chance. Vision, without a proper plan in place and the wherewithall to accomplish it is just pie-in- the-sky nonsense. Never again will those of us who are not “die-hards” buy into any party’s political nonsense.
    As to the U.S. recession, the American people are just beginning to realize that the “bail-out” is a fraud perpetrated by the mega rich on the middle class. Let’s not let it happen here!

  14. HI is a dictator!!
    Everything that goes on in his party (FNM) has to go through him. No one does anything without it going through him first.

    Otherwise he will make them look like a fool!

    That my friend is a dictator!

    But Obie said it during his speech, “The FNM has lots of BODIES but FEW brains!”

  15. thomas finley answered succintly but he is correct money has to be pumped into our economy . “gcf” construction is puts millions of dollars on the streets every friday . that in and of itself,trickles down to the beautician, the smaller food stores, the clothier, the gas stations, the phone card booths,etc,etc,

    as for mr.ingraham being a dictator, who else besides mr. ingraham makes all the decisions
    if you don’t believe me ask “WOW” when he gets up of the floor from laughing

  16. @ronica7.
    How is HI a dictator, please explain.
    Do you know what a Dictator is?
    (i is war wid dem all da time so i no)

  17. ROFL! Thomas, you are a real comedian, that is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Or do you actually think Ingraham takes advice from Cabinet? Do you actually think that they can convince him to do something he does not want to do? Come on man.

    And by the way the P.M. backed by the D.P.M. thinks it is a good idea to move the port to Arawak Cay so what does that say to them. I personally do not think it is a good idea but it is good to see that you are not blinded by loyalty 100% of the time.

  18. What Christie said was right on; the government needs to spend money doing capital works to get things moving. I think that they will do this, but Ingraham is very tight and seems to want to not spend any money that he does not have to, despite the possible positive trickle down effects.

    It is up to the Cabinet to convince the PM to not be so tight. We need to do some major stuff that may require a lot of borrowing to be able to give people confidence, and subsequently spend their own money. Hopefully, the government will start on Bay Street, and move the port to south west NP instead of the knuckle headed idea of Arawak Cay. No one can be so stupid as to think moving the port to Arawak Cay is a good idea. we need to save our middle class, which may be shrinking, or at least not growing…

  19. Ronica7, Come to think of it, Mr. Ingraham “SEEMS” to be the only genius in the world. At least someone should be able to give him some credit, and say Mr. Ingraham saw something coming, what most people ignored.
    Mr. Ingraham …stop, review and canceled a lot of things because things “LOOKED TOO FISHY.” I can’t credit anyone else, even G. Bush got caught with his pants down during this financial collapse.

  20. No joe blow, do no not hold your breath. The dictator prime minister won’t listen anyway
    and i still contend that “stop ,review and cancel is mostly to blame for this economic mess we find ourselves in

    the downturn in the US economy is not being felt yet. Put simply we are suffering from
    silly ingraham policies

  21. No doubt those attending or listening will be subjected to another “blame and shame” talking points expose. It is amazing to me that “the loyal opposition” no matter which party that may be at any given time,can see so much clearer when they sit on the other side of the divide. But “hope springs eternal” and just maybe they will come up with some viable suggestions for this government to enact. I won’t hold my breath though.

  22. This is more like it. I feel sometimes that the PLP relies to heavily on Parliament to get their message out even though they know the mainstream media will not give them the proper coverage and not everyone watches the Parliamentary Channel.

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