PLP ratifies two candidates while watching a rerun of Pindling? WHAT A JOKE!


Nassau, Bahamas — While FNMs gathered in prayer and reflection celebrating 18 years since being elected for the first time to office, this was the scene at Gambier House this week as PLP gathered to ratified two candidate Jerome Gomez and Dr. Danny Johnson.

Johnson will come up against CM#4, Desmond Bannister, in Carmichael and Gomez will fight the able Dr. Hubert Minnis in Killarney. This will be a race BP will have plenty to say on for we have already made our decision as to who our endorsed candidates will be.

What was interesting about this meeting however, was the fact that the PLP decided to live in the past as they featured a video of the late Sir Lynden Pindling. We found this indeed strange. Why would the PLP of 2010 seek to invoke the spirit of Sir Lynden at a time of national crisis and a period of global meltdown.

Where is the INSPIRED MESSENGER OF THE PLP? Is Pindling still in-charge of the organization running it from the grave?

Will the PLP expect the entire nation to sit down in 2010 – 12 amidst all this madness and listen to Pindling for the solutions to take the country forward? MOSES IS DEAD! We say again, where is the INSPIRED MESSENGER OF THE PLP?

Could you imagine the FNM of 2010 playing reruns of the late Sir Cecil Wallace Whitflield? WHAT A LAUGHINGSTOCK WOULD THE GOVERNING PARTY BE?

Right now the SNITCH cooked up this idea.


  1. BP, you are talking shit now. You know that was not at council meeting, there is a child in there.

    Stop acting like you don’t know what’s going on… You are trying to kill the leadership of the PLP. I wonder why???? Is there an agenda????

    Please clear that up. That was not at the council meeting where the two gentlemen were ratified. It was at a caucus meeting. Please clear it up…..

  2. I have to agree with them BP, if you made a mistake, do the responsible thing, retract and apologize, and a word on going backwards, it appears the future looks dim with these leaders we have, would you blame some looking backwards for a savior, 60 murders for the year, this is not a game, Pindling was decades ahead of his time and if he were alive today he would still be ahead of them mentally, again the same men that ran this country before Pindling’s era, are still running it, WAKE UP BAHAMAS!!!.

    • If Pindling were alive, Ninety and Dwayne Major would still be roaming free and would probably be having dinner at Ping’s house discussing business!

      • Gladiator, you actually saw this?, if you have facts on this, instead of talks, I would agree with you, but I’m sure your just a Pindling hater, around this country some of you people talk and say things out of your pie holes on rumors, it’s just amazing how we spread non truths, but Glady just keep doing what your doing, this will probably make the country a better place, grow up my boy, look at all the other criminals that are walking around right now and hanging out with our leaders, let’s see what facts you have and what you are saying about that, Pindling was a leader’s leader.

  3. WOW, no comment, but BP you are growing stale and continue to loss more credibility. It is like you are more entertainment then anything else.

    You can be so useful, if you just shake off the hate and lies, but I know that is hard for you to do. We know you well.

  4. Thank you WOW, doc and Rodney. BP is again exposed for the sleeze publication that it really is. A huge percentage of details published here are short, very short, on facts with no resemblance to reality.

    • …and to save BP from responding to this post, I will respond on their behalf. “…that’s why you keep reading. We report, you decide…..”

  5. BP, I attended the screening of this video at the Caucus meeting. It has nothing to do with the ratification of Dr. Johnson, Pindling’s son in law, or Jerome Gomez. That happened a week and a half ago and the ratifications were at Thursday’s NGC meeting.

    I expect BP to make the proper apologies to its readers and make the correction because this story is not only misleading but it is simply wrong. You are supposed to be the example so show maturity and make the retraction and apology. That is only fair.

    • We don’t give a damn if the clip was shown last year. The question is WHY IS Pindling being presented here when the PLP has capable ABLE leaders to address the issues of the day?


  6. BP, you have your facts mixed up again. This picture above and the Pindling video were not shown at the council meeting, but at a presentation 2 weeks ago put on by the caucus group. In fact, the Council meeting Thursday past showed a glimpse of the future as it was conducted by the young Deputy Chairman of the PLP, Alex Storr.

  7. On the face of it, I would say that these are two good candidates. Johnson is not only a very successful professional, but he hails from a prominent political family that has made its mark on the political landscape of The Bahamas. Gomez is another consummate professional who has the potential of making significant contributions to our development. This is the calibre of candidates that both parties need to put forward.

  8. Sorry to say that Dr. Danny Johnson was only chosen because of money. He hasnt been seen yet in the carmichael area campaigning while those who have have been over looked. When they wanted to nominate him only after two days of putting his hand in if it wasnt for the crowd who showed up he would gotten the nod. I guess they had to do it away from everyone. So goes politics. No vision just money is all you need.

    • It is what it is.I dont know who the other prospective candidates were but in Dr Johnson the PLP has picked a very good candidate to challenge Bannister.Bannister can be beaten and Johnson in my view is most capable of fulfilling the task.Money wht money?let me know that I might seek.

    • Are you a memeber of the Carmichael branch?Am informed that many FNM operatives are trying to pick candidates for the PLP.The Johnson family is between a rock and a hard place.Who will they support?blood is thicker than water.

      • Russell Johnson, I do not know who told you that the Johnsons of the FNM are between a rock and a hard place. You just like BP, misinformed and bad information.

        Johnson will be defeated and so will Gomez.

        Yes, blood is really thicker then water, the Johnson’s are in the FNM family.

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