PLPs Want Christie GONE! Grand Bahama on its belly and he says nothing!


christie-gone1Finally PLPs are finding their voices and calling for Perry Christie to resign from the leadership of their party. Since the creation of this blog we’ve noted that PLPs will learn and learn quickly that Christie spells TROUBLE for the organization come 2012.

This week Sen. Jerome Fitzgerald added voice on radio saying that both Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham should not offer themselves in the upcoming general elections. Since his comment raced around the country, a drive of CANNIBALISM has now entered the organization. PLPs in support of Christie are calling for the senator’s head. Even n1019537469_190195_2888Algernon Allen, a former FNM Cabinet Minister and known Christie supporter, noted on radio that he expects Fitzgerald to be swiftly dealt with.glenys-hanna-martin-engleston.jpg


And for a testament on Christie’s VICKED/LAZY/CROOKED ways to undermine the PLP to assist his law buddy Ingraham, one should look to Grand Bahama. Today Grand Bahamians are suffering. They are on their bellies economically. Grand Bahamians are suffering at the hands of Ingraham, but Christie says nothing in defense of those people. He as leader did not call for the investigation into the EMR High School Glenys Hanna-Martin did. And to put the icing on the CAKE ask the former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater what kind of SNAKE Christie has shown her he can be. 0193691001

Since the former senator’s arrest and resignation, Perry Gladstone Christie, has not made a single line of contact to former lady senator, with no attempts to console the woman in her time of difficulty. Bridgewater has been accused of extortion against American actor John Travolta following the death of his son Jett on Grand Bahama.

PLPs on Grand Bahama tell Bahamas Press the Senator is pained by Christie’s abandonment of her and is finding it difficult to believe this is the way he treats his own. But as we said before, PLPs will learn who Christie really is.

PLPs will learn, and yes they will learn soon, that the PUSSY CAT, who led their party into defeat, is NOTHING BUT A FAKE and SNITCH for Ingraham to keep the organization in opposition for many more years to come.



Here they are plotting against their own once again.


  1. I heard from a little birdy that election will called early because HAI would be stepping down in 2010 and Brent would take over as PM,lol and CRY BABY Laing woulud take over as DPM lol.

  2. The convention would clear this issue up and we would know who would lead us as leader for once and for all.I’m going with Mr CHRISTIE for leader.

  3. Media, must you be such an a hole on this? When people start different trains of thought in these discussions, to me, it helps because we’re having a discussion. Not everybody reads every post that you put up you know. If you write something on Perry or Hubert, of course we will all get in our comments and then thats where discussions happen so if OT or Trinity decide to veer off into something else, I don’t see where that is a problem. This is your site but you seem to forget that we are the people who help make it work. Your millions of readers aren’t just coming here to hear what you ahve to say bad boy. They come to see what the comments are too and to be honest with you, when I log on ten times a day, I do so to look at the comments and go from there. So you should be a little more understanding and a little less of a prick about people starting other topics. These are your customers for goodness sakes man. Go take your medicine because lately you’ve been out of order.

  4. @Trinity
    Well call it rude, we call it moderating this website. DEFLECTION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

    YOU’VE BEEN advised on our position on this, we say NO MORE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Media, you are quite rude!!! I read your earlier statement about responding within context, and have not furthered my discussion with the exception of responding to a comment left with my name on it.

  6. @Trinity
    Trinity/JOE and others, we advise you who are commenting on EDUCATION to find the appropriate post on the website to make such comments. As moderator it is outside our practice to accept comments to a topic that is completely not relevant to the assigned post. This post again is for comments to its topic. NOT EDUCATION.

    To continue would warrant a delete of such comments. Please find a post on Education to post such changes to that area in this country. We are not fond of deflection.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. @Objective thought
    I was not aware of this, but it is so believable. You know whats really sad, the fact that the state we are in seems almost like a norm. I have gotten so used to school violence, and delinquency that nothing even surprises me. Imagine that! The Bible says, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. We need a serious movement in our homes and in our schools because sadly this young generation represents the future of our nation and where we are headed. My goodness, what will that mean…

  8. @Trinity
    On Thursday morning before any of the teachers or securities arrived at CC Sweeting Sr, either a student or several students break into the principal’s office and stole all of the cell phones and other items that were taken from students over the past several months.. They ramshacked that office so bad that the police was called in to investigate and take finger prints!!

    All these children are into today is material things because that’s what they learned from their parents.. Like you, I believe in giving children the best early education one can afford and normally your children would maintain their love for education throughout their years in school…

  9. Because of Perry Christies humbling experience in being thrown out of school his outlook on situations is quite different than any other who did not go through the same challenges.To his credit he has always touted being a person willing to give second chances.Obviously this position has not gone down well with many of his supporters or detractors.The PLP dare not try and throw Perry under the car as he seemingly has the support of the majority of his party members.Slowly this country is realising that the BULLY has no place in our society as the wreckage on our streets has given us time to reflect on a kind leadership style versus arrogant leadership.HAI to his credit no longer bullies his party members but if you oppose him watch out.As we draw closer to the next GENERAL ELECTIONS sentiments against HAI style will become more open so young TURKS in the PLP better be careful in their criticism of PERRY.After all what have any of them done to deserve challenging for leadership at this time?I advise them to stay in the nest get experience ,push a lot of social agendas that attracts the attention of the electorate.Both Perry and HAI have solid support among rank and file members in their parties.Most of us on this site are middle class and might not understand that our leaders are not capable in the opinion of grassroot supporters of doing any wrong.Perry and Hubert read sentiments expressed here and hopefully would change their styles to accomodate we a small minority.

  10. @ronica7
    Yes, I don’t think he was being disrespectful, he is just saying what others say behind PC’s back and plot to get rid of him. Mind you, I do agree with Jerome, we need some new young blood in both parties.

  11. Obejective thought: I disagree with you and i beleve Mr. Christie would disagree with you also. Because my mother gave birth to me does that mean i should not choose my own career path if i want to.

    Or because my husband choose me for his wife, i must be privy to a threesome, because i would be disrespectful to him as head if i did not.

    So it is the same with jerome, paul moss, fred mitchell, they are free to speak as individuals. I admire people who are not afraid to speak

  12. ianb: Great contribution. Since Media doeas not want us to use this particular heading, please go to the article he suggests and post more of your great suggestions. Come on all who want change. Let’s hop onto this bandwagon.

  13. Education: I love all the comments’ and suggestion made, however, my approach is somewhat radical, I believe our children are overwhelm with too many subjects and they are not sound or solid in the basics . I feel we need to simply focus on two to three subjects in the first six to nine years of schooling, Math, English, Civics/History/PE. Let me explain why when you are strong in Math, the sciences, problem solving, analytical thinking becomes easier, likewise reading, writing, conversation, comprehension is much easier. If you have a solid and strong back ground, when you reach high school the other subjects will be almost a cake walk. I can attest to that, I never did chemistry or physics in Junior and senior high schools. When I attended university, I had no other choice, I did Calculus 1&2 ,Differential Equation , Chemistry 1 & 2, Physics 1&2. Because of my strong math background I was able to pass all these subjects with good grades. My overall average was a 3.24. Back to the system we have, Math and English should be taught everyday five out of six hours. Each student will have to be able to pass and demonstrate proficiency in the subject matters in order to move up to the other grades. Am not saying this will fix the problems, but we now need to start thinking outside the box for the sake of future generations and country. This thing with junior junkanoo, should happen during the last week of the summer break, when school recess for the summer, we can have the kids attend summer school to design, and make costumes for this parade. We cannot and must not allow every school year kids lose two or three weeks in the fall for junior junkanoo.

  14. Media: I have attempted to send you 3 different articles at that e-mail address but have had them returned. Will try again when I return from R&R a few weeks hence. In the meantime Trinity and Correction take Media’s suggeston and keep posting at the Carl Bethel article. Will try to post to that with my contributions when I’m near a computer. Let’s keep the ball rolling!

  15. Interesting headline but Christie is not PM and can only do so much.I called for and now see that the EMR issue will go to a select committee.I now hope that the public will be kept informned about the testimony b4 that body.We all know that the Govt has the majority of members on the committee but it will be mind boggling if they try to undermine the evidence that will emerge.Hubert has let me down big time as he now has opened himdelf to what is best for the FNM and not necessarily the country. THe EMR issue if not tackled now will haunt this country for years as those yopung men who were abused will find other victims and the beat would continue.Ducking and dodging by HAI will not alleviate the fears in the EMR community and if he fails to tackle this issue now God help our children in the future.For Education I give an F to the FNM Govt. as HAI had the chance to remove Carl and puit him elsewhere after the QC incident but no he left a powerless Minister in place who failed to act bcos of repercussions about his son.King HAI is responsible for all the ills of this country and only his friendship with Perry is saving him.This is what is causing Perry so muich trouble among the rank and file of his party.

  16. Ain’t I tell you people that this is Media’s trend? When things are slow, he just babbles on about Perry as if Perry take something from him. I doubt Media even heard that show where Jerome said what he said. I heard it and I agree with Ronica, it was blown out of proportion. At least in the PLP, they know they have the freedom to say what they want. As for the Glenis eight mile rock issue, you must really think people dumb. That gal was working as a part of a team in doing that. She ain’t that smart to do that on her own so shut your mouth about stupid things BP. You really taking people for idiots with that one. BJ is the man in charge in the House so what he says goes, not Perry. You may say you don’t deflect Media, but you sure do a great job of distraction. Just when I thought you were getting better you slip right back into old habits. You all need to decide on one editor and let that one do the job, that way.

  17. @Correction
    Yes let’s talk about education on this POST? Write the article first then post all you want under the topic EDUCATION!

    But Bahamas Press does not do the DEFECTION BUSINESS! embers of the WUTLESS MEDIA do that! The ONLY EDUCATION NOW DISCUSSED ON THIS POST IS AT WHAT TIME CHRISTIE WILL EXIT THE PLP! That’s the education we want to know.

    Now if you want post and discuss education, please locate the post on CARL BETHEL shouldd resign. Or the one on the SEX Pedophile and his goons Andre Birbal, and discuss education there.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  18. @Joe Blow
    Let me remind you JOE in case you have forgotten. We have INVITED you to choose any topic you wish for us to post. Send it to .

    We’ve extended that to you to express your concerns. JUST email us that article privately for posting for appropriate photos to be added.

    Bahamas Press editors however are dealing with multiple investigations and we cannot always apply our energies to just topical issues eg; water, employment, culture.

    Our assignment is to bring to our readers investigative pieces. This Monday/Sunday as promised, our focus will be on the Royal Bank of Canada, and we will present the serious matters coming to our attention from there. It is this kind of news that attracts our many daily readers.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. Edducation Issue: We will have to break this one large issue into many that plagues the education system. We have those parents who know the value of an education and who will see to it that their children take advantage of the best education that can be afforded. We have parents who send their children to school because the law demands it. There are parents who use the school as a baby-sitting service. There are far too many parents, who themselves hated school, and do not value learning as a tool to get ahead. We need suggestions as to how we reach the last three sets of parents. Most children will try to live up to the expectations set for them, if the expectations are reasonable. In Canada, the First Nation Children (native Indians) were encouraged to attend school through food programs and a monitary stimulous program, based on attendance. ( Children can not be taught what we want them to learn if they are not attending).In Japan, where educational expectation is a high priority, school hours are extended far beyond our own and vacation time is curtailed. Strict discipline is exerted both at home and school. The children, at all levels are expected to leave their classroom in immaculate condition before they are dismissed for the day.In many less advantaged countries, life skills are taught as priority subjects. We must somehow instill in our people a love for reading. Parents, Grandparents and healthy Senior Citizens should be encouraged to Adopt a School and time should be set aside for them to read aloud to the children every day. The books should be age appropriate and exciting. Perhaps we could ask certain groups to donate childrens books to schools and at the end of each month the children could draw names for a book(s) to be awarded. Each classroom should have its own small library off in a corner of the room where children may go to read when their work has been satisfactorily completed. Somehow we must get parents to understand that in this global world education is not only an enjoyable task but one that is a necessity. My first contribution on the subject. Please let’s all keep this going.

  20. It is a whole host of issues. When I was in school, I had someone looking over my shoulders making sure that I was heading in the right direction. It starts with parenting and progresses. If you teach your child in his or her early stages that education is important, it becomes valued. Early childhood education sets a precedent. Poor education sadly begins in the homes. Although it is not the entire spectrum, it is certainly a large scope of it. Some parents are never around, and they send their kids to school expecting the teachers to move mountains. There is only so much the teachers can do. Furthermore, there is so much lacking in the students today. They are untrained, they have no respect for authority, which makes them even more difficult to teach. This of course has so many effects. Beyond the high school grade average, the illiteracy is extremely high. This is why the high school drop-out rate is on the rise. Another reason why the high school average is low is because students are simply not interested in learning. They esteem easy money higher than education. This is why we have students breaking and entering our homes while we are hard at work. This is why so many students are beating the blocks selling marijuana. Sadly, there are many females selling their bodies too. These are unecessary evils, but it begins with the foundation. The Bible teaches us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    Go through the statistics of the last five years and notice the ages of the criminals. They are predominantly male, high school drop-outs between the ages of about 16 and 25. Where does this come from. Education is important and it is essential to nation-building. Educating our own means that we grow. Everywhere we go in the Bahamas we have foreigners doing jobs that Bahamians can do if we just invest in human capital that is our own. It begins in the early stages. I could go on and on with this topic for days because this is one of my biggest issues with the Bahamas.

  21. Joe, a great suggestion! Who will table the first issue for discussion?

    In the absence of one, may we address the Education issue? Why is it that our students’ Grade Average is so low? Is it the system; the kids; the teachers, or low expectations. Or is it something else? Let the discussion begin with civility please!!

  22. ianb: Just reading the above bloggers I believe we are having a change in attitude and at least those of us who are willing to put country first want to deal with the issues. That is a start. We just have to find the right mechanism to promote that. Thus my suggestion. We can even begin the debate here. Let’s pick an issue and debate it. No name calling, no blaming, no past history and no politics. There is no right or wrong answers, just good honest dialogue. Someone could be responsible to collate all the suggestions and send them to the Government and the Opposition. I know a lot of them pay attention to this site now. If you watch the HOA, you will have noticed that for the past 2 sessions there has been a greater civility happening for the most part. They even appear to have allowed for the suggestion that it is not always necessary for everyone to speak to every Bill or Ammendment. I believe that is a direct result of their paying attention to what we bloggers are saying.

  23. @Joe Blow
    You are on point, however, our electorate don’t want to vote on issues, but vote for the colours and feelings. We have since lost our way and now bearing the fruits of our don’t care attitude. We are faced with a crisis of epic proportion, our kids are leaving school with out the necessary tools for survival, our young men are waiting for the next big drug hit, our young women are having children by the basket , where do we go, the question, where is the leadership ?, it starts at the top, We cannot continue to provide for the special interest groups, whilst the small man continues to suffer

  24. @ianb
    I agree, one hundred percent, the PLP needs to get back to the grass root, average Bahamians and speak to the issues. Stop killing each other and tearing down, because it is unattractive and a divided party will never win. If you can’t convince your own party to follow you and unite, how can you unite a country, if you are seen destroying each other, what message are you sending out to the country that you seek to lead? PLP’s need to get it together. As for the government they are completely LOST!!! God Help us

  25. I think one of the things we have to remember here is that the country is looking for leaders who are willing and not afraid to speak to the issues. There are so many social, economic, and political issues in our country today, and no one is really addressing the concerns of the people. Everything in this country has become political. Personally, Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham are not our issues, there is a place to deal with these gentlemen….at Convention! if we are serious then have them moved then, but until then, the Bahamian people require the leaders of this country to speak to the issues and stop this political nonsense. The new unemployment benefit with NIB, while it is a good gesture and effort, how long can we sustain this and what is the long term plan and agenda. What is the legislative agenda of this government, what about social issues, what is the agenda there, what about crime, where is the agenda there, what about the economy, where is the plan there, what about tourism, what is the plan there? after Miss Universe….what next? but Ms. Universe is in Nassau, what about the other islands? The road works is in Nassau, what the rest of the island are suppose to do in the mean time? What about the educational agenda? when we can have a debate about D andD+ averages we know we in trouble, it would seem that we have regress in this country, no Plan, no Agenda that benefits the Bahamian people and no leaders with the head, heart and soul to lead the people

  26. In the last five elections, I voted for the FNM 3 times, the PLP 2 times, we now need new leadership, and new candidates, the old guards on both sides have fallen by the way. We need new thinking, we need patriots, country first, not politics. The Bahamas will crash and burn, if we the citizens don’t elect candidates of integrity . As to Mr. Christie, his heart is in the right place, but the time has come for him to exit. The next election a little more than two and half years away, where is the opposition on the economy, lay-offs, job creation, healthcare, privatization, crime, corruption, the list goes on. Unlike the FNM, the PLP needs to get back to the grass root involvement. Too many issues not to get involve and take a stance.

  27. You are absolutely right Connie. Although MEDIA has his share of Hubert Ingraham stories, none of them seem to be as bad as the PC stories. It seems as thought there is some personal vendetta against PC and this is no place for that. It is quite obvious that MEDIA is an FNM sympathizer and that is quite ok because they need people to continue to buy into their whole trust agenda. Every sensible Bahamian has let go of that ish!

  28. media :@ConnieWell your comments connie begs the question, How is it you always notice when one of our editors write a piece on Christie and the PLP, but never have the same feelings when we post one on that Turner GAL, Carl Bethel, Cry Baby Sour Laing or Mugabe and the FNM?
    Hmmm the same reason(s) why you play that political game with your comments, we play that same game with articles.
    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Well just look at the captions and headlines that you put on these stories and compare them to others. Also you know that should not pretend that you dont know that I comment on must of your stories including these I mean if you don’t want questions asked what is the point. There is a provable trend here, you have archieves check them or shall I, this is not a point of contention and did not warrant your response, unless you were trying to be provocative or something. Look I talk thing head on, it matters not to me and you are the one who admits in your response to playing political games, I am not playing any games, I asked a question. I have read your articles on Mr. Hubert but aside from Mugabe I have not read you call him a jacka**, good for nothing and infer the P word where Mr. Ingraham is concerned. If I am wrong let me know.

  29. @warren
    I think that you are missing the point!! Mr Fitzgerald is serving in the Senate because of PC! If you are the CEO of a business and you appoint someone to do a job, how would you feel if that person goes around saying all sorts of bad things about you including that you should resign??

    In everything their is order..Believe that and Mr. Fitzgerald is out of order!!!

    First of Mr. Fitzgerald should have the respect to tell PC in private on a one on one basis. Then in a general meeting with others present and if none of those work, he should then do the honorable thing and resign from the Senate and at that time state his position like Kenyatta did!!!

    Why serve under someone’s leadership who you think is leading you NO where or seems lost!!

    Besides, I was totally confused after listening to Mr. Fitzgerald on that show.. He compared HI with PC saying that HI has absolutely NO plan and that PC’s plan was quite clear when he was the PM!!

    I was like ‘WHAT’?? So why call for PC to step aside??

    To Media: If Mr Fitzgerald was saying what you always say about PC (lazy, indecisive, slow etc), then I would understand his call for PC to step down… And how come you didn’t talk about what the FNM chairman had to say about what Mr. Fitzgerald said about HI also stepping down and what he thought PC should do to Mr. Fitzgerald??????

  30. @Connie
    Well your comments connie begs the question, How is it you always notice when one of our editors write a piece on Christie and the PLP, but never have the same feelings when we post one on that Turner GAL, Carl Bethel, Cry Baby Sour Laing or Mugabe and the FNM?

    Hmmm the same reason(s) why you play that political game with your comments, we play that same game with articles.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  31. One this I love about BP is its consistency everytime news is slow in coming there is a Christie Must Go article. I will tell you that we all will see when the PLP has its convention and there is really no need to play fortune teller. Do you realize the more you talk about Mr. Christie in this way the more is stays on peoples minds. IF you really want him gone shouldn’t you be highlighting others that are capable of replacing him? This theme of article is begging a few questions BP about why this is such a hot topic with you.

  32. Jerome’s comments were taken out of context. I agree with him, Mr.Christie, nor Mr. Ingraham, should run in 2012. That was jerome’s point.

    At least in the PLP, no one is afraid to speak

  33. Hats off to Jerome! He was man enough to say what everyone is saying behind Christie’s back. In fact his statement is evidence of a leader. I hear a lot of them saying he need to resign. That is crazy, this country is in dire need of brave men, we have enough cowards in both parties.The people who calling off Jerome’s head are only threatened because they weren’t man or woman to have a frank discusion in the press. Keep it up Jerome.

  34. Trinty: The problem we have is a civil service that does not work. The civil service actually runs the country. Unless and until civil servants are called to account we will always have a backward system.

    There are no checks and balances, take Earl Bethel for example still in place after a botched general election, a botched local government election. But Sydney Collie, the fall guy, gone.

    We have in this country a system that simply does not work. Take for example the alleged murderers on bail, the last prime minister was called “wutless” in the house of assembly by the current prime minister
    because 114 persons who had committed murder was out on bail, not withstanding the fact that some were on bail on his watch.

    I argued then that it was not Mr. Christie’s fault but good ole fnm’s were beside themselves with glee saying it was Mr. Christie’s fault. Fast forwar 2009 someone was killed in pinewood who was out on bail, by another person who was out on bail and guess whose watch all of this happened under, none other than the “proven leader” see the hypocrisy.

    Do i blame Prime Minister Ingraham, no, i do not. I blame the civil servants, in the attorney generals office or whomever is responsible for the courts. So it is my belief that until the civil service get cracking it will always be more of the same

  35. I suggested the very same thing a few weeks back…….so that we could at least have some idea about who we are electing. It is a disgrace to hear some of our MPs get up in HOA to speak. We are used to electing people based along party lines because that person represents our party of choice. I do believe that the removal of the present leaders will mount a refreshed party on both sides. The new leader is where the problems lie as there is no one that stands out in my opinion. I agree wih Jerome Fitzgerald on many counts because it will be refreshing to have new minds venture further into the political arena. It seems as though both parties are experiencing a blockage of sorts as there are no new ideas being presented in order to move the country forward. Sure, the way of thinking needs to be changed in our society as a whole. We have so many issues to draw from in that regard. Change starts from within, but changes in our society will start from the top.

    For example, we have murderers out on bail for months on end. What do they do….continue to reign terror on others. Our justice system is too slow. It starts from the top and trickles down. The CLICO matter…. I have yet to wrap my mind around how our money could just go out of the country. There should have been some regulatory factors in play here. Again, it starts from the top! We could go back and forth on the issues but until we have the right people in the right places, our issues will persist.

  36. Trinity: The removal of the two leaders is not the answer in our quest for much needed change. It is a whole mind-set. That includes all the power-brokers, supporters and the bureaucrats, as well as you and me. Both Partys need to identify young challengers now. When I say Party, I do not mean elected persons necessarily. Each Party should take part in a series of debates on one current issue at a time. Much like a debating club does. The debates can be organized so that 2 persons from each Party, who might wish to vie for leadership and 2 others (independents or civic minded-persons)will come together to debate an issue and then answer specific questions from the audience. I would suggest this all be set up and scheduled every 2 weeks by the Chamber of Commerce. As it is now, we the voting public must base our decisions on the actions and public images of those who have been elected already and never get a chance to see other possibilities. This is a good time to start as it gives two good years before the election hype begins. Who knows, some good ideas may be drawn forth that can help the country.

  37. I admire and respect Mr Christie, but he has served his time. I think the main problem with his stepping down is who will lead the party. There are few options as many who think they should lead SHOULD NOT! There are younger and more vibrant persons in the party, but they are simply not seasoned individuals and may not be the force that they want to take into the next election. AT the very same time, the same problem exists over on the other side. Everyone in the FNM is power hungry, but are kept in place by their unnatural fear of Hubert Ingraham. None of them dare test him….which makes them in my mind a bunch of pansies Tommy T and Zhivargo Laing and Brent Symmonette are all vying for power. But let it be KNOWN that none of them can lead the FNM to another victory!!!

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