PM Ingraham Plants Tree on Earth Day


pmdsc_1156_1_In commemoration of Earth Day, Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham plants a tree at Embassy Park, Perpall Track on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 as part of The Bahamas Million Tree Campaign.

The campaign is a spin-off of the United Nations Environment Programme Billion Tree Campaign. Pictured among Cabinet Ministers in attendance is Environment Minister the Hon. Earl Deveaux, second left. (BIS Photo/Peter Ramsay)


  1. Do you think the tree that HAI plant would ever grow? I wonder where that tree was planted?I would like to see it and monitor it.

  2. ianb: We should all have a home garden. I had a tomato sandwich for lunch. It tasted so much better because it came from my own garden. There is a certain satisfacton one feels when working in the dirt and helping nature produce something tangible. And it is wonderful to share fruits and vegetables with our neighbours. I’m off to Canada for a month. Hope to correspond with you when I get back.

  3. @Joe Blow
    agree with you one hundred percent, thats why am joining the National Trust , i have a small garden in my yard and will expand later this year,am only planting indigenous trees in my yard….

  4. When the land is being cleared for construction, one of the tasks of someone in the Ministry of Environment should be to go to the site, identify the indigenous trees, tag them and at the expense of the developer carefully dig them up and deliver them to a site where they can be taken care of properly and distributed where needed. There should have been children participating at each of these tree planting events. Earth Day is important but it needs the understanding of the next generation. It would have been more to the point if every school could have planted a tree on the school grounds. They also should put a plaque at the base of the tree identifying it. (the common name as well as the botanical name. Planting one every year would be quite significant.

  5. Stop the madness, the last time The Prime Minister dealt with trees was the 2 million dollars that was spent on imported trees from Florida, inclusive of worms and other parasites. we should have purchased trees locally with that money. Ask who benefited from this venture, HGM, they got the contract to water the trees.