PLPs want Christie OUT!


Former Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Click and listen as Senator Jerome Fritzgerald speak on the future of The Bahamas.

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  1. As for Jerome Fritzgerald, he is as I know him to be a man of exceptional character, unflinching honesty, patriotic and straight talking. He don’t pull punches. I listened to his comments and I agree with him 100%. He real. One whom I would proudly stand alongside on any political battlefield.



    You. The people will decide who will lead this country. Not political parties. Stay focus on the issues, especially those that directly affects your lives and your children lives.

    Do not allow yourselves to get caught up in the games…

  3. Why is there such a rush for Mr. Christie to resign or be kicked out? Are the FNM and Ingraham afraid of him?
    Who is the next leader for the FNM? What time has the media in The Bahamas spent on that? Afraid of repercussions from “duh leeder”?
    I don’t think Wilchombe, an honorable man is Prime Minister material.

  4. The fact of the matter is the following

    Under The former Christie Administration
    Record GDP Growth
    Record low unemployment
    Record foreign Investment
    Record Foreign Reserve’s
    Record Tax Breaks for many,many,Bahamains which included the tax break for first time home buyer’s.

    Now Under this current FNM Ingrahm Administration.
    High Unemployment.
    no foreign investment for the last few months.
    low foreign reserve’s
    low GDP.
    Tax breaks for first home buyer’s revoked..
    B.E.C – Will not allow any paymrnt agreement for the poor and middle class workers for our country.
    Many people returning from buying their children school books and bags and pen’s and pencils have been surprised by the high tax that have been placed on them by the so called best budget in history.

    Now anyone can do the math Perry Christie has not been given in my view a fair shake …..He has proven to be a better administrator in my view that Hubert at least under Perry we where moveing somewhere even though a lot of peopl did not see it…..we must remember a old saying it is better to take the time and make the right decision than go fast and make the wrong one.’…..

    If by the next general election The PLP does not win which in my view will be a huge landslide for our party…If He cannot pull of the next win then he must go…But Iam confidant that Perry Christie will be reurn as Prime Minister after the next general .

  5. School me Wow !! I thought Obie did a wonderful job as Minister of Tourism and he seemed like a good leader at his ministry so I thought he would be a good leader for that party. Many PLPs seem to respect him, too. But I take your word for it and I will look again in the PLP camp to see who would be a better leader that Perry G. I agree with you…..after the humiliation of being kicked out of office after just one term, Perry G should have resigned.

  6. Drama king, you got to be joking! Obie is more of the same or worse. Talk about things that make you go hmmmm! Christie should have offered his resignation right after the election. The PLP will be in the political wilderness if they don’t regroup and definitely not with Obie at the helm.

  7. i honestly dont think PC job is in danger right now. If he looses in 2012 i think he will do the right thing and step down.

  8. I heard many PLPs speak of their desire to see the back of Perry Christie’s head going through the headquarter’s door, never to return. I think Obie Wilchcombe would make a good leader for the PLP.

    On the question of FNM leadership, if Tommy Turnquest would save his career NOW by resigning and separating himself from evil Hubert Ingraham, he would be a good leader of the FNM. He needs to wisen up though as Ingraham is openly trying to destroy his political career by putting him reponsible for every government hot spot or entity thats destined to fail…like ZNS aka Dead End Mess.

  9. Media, I listened to the audio recording of Fitzgerald and I determined that he was talking about governance in general. Since many Bahamians who have a great deal to offer the government in the way of policy direction are not a part of the public service, it will be incumbent upon the government to look to the private sector (beyond lawyers) to experts in various fields to serve at the cabinet level. Fitzgerald suppoprts this new approach to governance. This would require new blood with fresh, new and innovative ideas to problem solving and national development.

    I did not interpret his answer to Michael Pintard as an attack on Perry Christie’s leadership. Personally, I feel that we need to see a more diverse representation of skill sets in both the cabinet and the House of Assembly. It would make for more insightful and dynamic debates.

  10. Those decisions are for PLPs to make. Stay out of it and keep up the good work. Why dont you talk about the next leader of the FNM

  11. You do not speak for PLP’s or even the majority of us. Get with it my sister many of us love Mr. Christie and are now seeing what he was trying to accomplish.

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