PM Christie on the Passing of Raleigh Butler‏

Perry Christie

Nassau, Bahamas – Enclosed is a statement by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Perry G. Christie On the Passing of Raleigh Butler:

I was saddened to learn of the passing of Raleigh Butler who for many years played a vital role in the business and political affairs of our country.

As the eldest son of the legendary Sir Milo Butler, much was expected of Raleigh and he did not disappoint. As his father had done before him, Raleigh joined the front lines in the struggle for Majority Rule. Raleigh showed particular courage and selflessness in this struggle, standing as the Progressive Liberal Party’s candidate for Long Island in the historic General Election of 1967. He had virtually no chance of winning – and for certain he did not – but his preparedness to sacrifice himself in this major stronghold of the UBP in order to advance the larger struggle for Majority Rule being waged in the country won him many admirers. Indeed, his admirers only grew in numbers when in the General Election of the following year (1968), Raleigh again stood for the PLP in Long Island.

It was, however, in the sphere of business that Raleigh Butler achieved his most notable successes. He grew Butler’s Funeral Home and Crematorium into one of the nation’s premier mortuaries. He set a standard of professionalism that became the envy of many, and he was widely admired for his many innovations, not the least of which was the introduction of the very first crematorium into The Bahamas.

As Sir Milo’s eldest son and principal heir, Raleigh was also a leading member of the wider business empire of Milo B. Butler & Sons, one of the most enduring and inspiring examples of black economic empowerment our country has ever known.

Raleigh Butler was a fine and outstanding member of our society. He was always an exemplar of civility and courtly manners, and he contributed much to our development.

On behalf of the Government and people of The Bahamas, on behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, and on my own behalf, I extend condolences to Mr. Butler’s widow, his children, especially my colleague in Parliament, the Deputy Leader of the FNM, Loretta Butler-Turner, and all the other members of the Butler family.

May he rest in peace!