PM Davis at Mall at Marathon to see vaccination rollout for children…

PM Davis meeting with healthcare workers.

NASSAU| Children lined up to get the COVID vaccine that is just starting to arrive in The Bahamas. What a relief that our kids can now be protected from the virus that upended their childhoods. While we adults have been breathing easier since the vaccinations came to our islands many months ago, our children have remained at risk.

With the start of the new school year weeks away, pediatricians say the vaccine is one of our most important tools to keep our young people safe. Millions of children around the world have already been safely vaccinated, and the vaccine protects against severe infection and hospitalization. If you have questions about the vaccine, ask your child’s pediatrician and get the answers you need.

Nothing is more important than our children’s health, and I visited the Mall at Marathon to support these resilient kids and thank their parents and the healthcare workers for doing their part.