PM Ingraham: "It is not appropriate for us to be collecting goods to send to Haiti because there is no means by which we can get there.”


hubert-at-idb<<< Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham.

Nassau, Bahamas — Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has ordered another stop, review and cancel (not a direct quote) when it comes to the Department of Immigration rounding up or repatriating illegal Haitians.  As a result of the apocalyptic 7.0 earthquake that flattened Port-au-Prince earlier this week, Ingraham says that the 115 Haitians in the detention centre will not be repatriated to Haiti and given temporary residence status in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, our sources told us that all of the Bahamian representatives are accounted for and some Bahamians have already been brought back to the capital. Director of Civil Aviation Patrick Rolle suffered minor injuries in the quake and all the Haitian employees at the embassy except for a driver and security guard were accounted for. Unlike other Caribbean leaders who will be travelling to Haiti for a one day visit, Ingraham gave no indication that he’ll be heading south to view the chaos.image015

Said Ingraham of a possible trip: “I considered it today  actually. I gave long and hard consideration to it. I couldn’t figure out what I could possibly do in Haiti other than get in the way of people. There is no means to move around. It is difficult to get a flight in and to land. It is difficult to find accommodation, etc. What we could do for Haiti, can be done from The Bahamas.”

Ingraham also didn’t hit a high note with the countless organizations sending relief efforts to  Haiti by saying:  “It is not appropriate for us to be collecting goods to send to Haiti because there is no means by which we can get there. The port is in terrible shape. The airport is difficult to navigate. The ground transportation is terrible. The extent to which we in the region can provide assistance in terms of medical support, doctors, nurses, public health, pay for medicine, food, water… Whatever it is, we are clearly prepared to do so.”

If the goods can’t get there, we wonder how the medical team will be able to get there. Hmmm?

image009Meanwhile, many Haitian-Bahamians are still in a frantic search to find out if their family members are in that count of 100,000 believed to be dead. Sadly, that number will rise as many buildings, malls, hospitals and schools have yet to be cleared through due to lack of machinery. The true body count will never be known as there are even reports that fights are breaking out in neighbourhoods because trucks and trailers piled high with rotting bodies have no place to dump their morbid cargo. With the dead still rotting on the streets and in the rubble, the living and injured are now under serious threat of catching disease and infection.

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  1. LOL well im glad yawl finally seein how stupid that ogly man is. i think its long past due that we fired him. acoup de attat or however that is spelt is long overdue. as for him saying not to collect goods etc as there is no way to get them there. why dont they put the goods on mr finlyson big yacht sittin up in the harbor, same yacht oogly ingraham is go to regatta on. put em on there and let him wit his dog face along with brent, perry, tommy, and branville all go to haiti and distribute them, that way hubert can see some of he long lost and distant family. he makes me sick. time to get him out of  office. NOW.

  2. Let me see if I get this straight, so our brilliant Prime Minister just released these illegal immigrants without any tracking devices or nothing on them? So we don’t know where they gone after they were released and what type of activities they are engaging in? That’s really brilliant and this the country with the high crime rate. So they are not planning on catching and detaining anymore illegal Haitians? So what Bran was talking about when he said they were making preparation to deal with the increase influx of Haitians to our shores? You think he was referring to forming a welcoming committee for them? Otherwise, why would they let the ones out they already had detained, if they were planning on detaining the ones they are now anticipating? Ingraham’s name must be means confusion in another language, because I just don’t understand him.

  3. All the Haitians from the Detention Center and those who are on their way…I would suggest they be housed first of all at The PM, Brent and Branville McCarthney’s House and the others…

  4. With this decision of the Prime Minister…All the Haitians from the Detention Center and those who are on their way…I would suggest they be housed first of all at The PM, Brent and Branville McCarthney’s House and the others…

    From Paul Moss

    Press Statement on Release of Haitians from the Detention Centre

    Nassau, Bahamas “I am left to wonder how decisions are made in our country” said Paul Moss today referring to the FNM’s decision to release illegal immigrants from the Detention Centre as a result of the earth quake in Haiti.

    “The decision is flawed. How does the release of these immigrants help to heal the wounds in Haiti today? I am not sure whether this is even legal. I would like to know what the basis is in law. This send the wrong message as we do not know the antecedents of the people released. This is bogus. I did not hear that they are releasing people form Khrome centre in Miami. What is the nature of this? This requires explain from our government.

    The government should have made the Detention centre more comfortable, rather than release the immigrants. I call of the government to move post haste and reconsider this position and seek to return to the centre all those released under this bogus reasoning.

  6. This man is crazy and we the fools who allow him to stay in. Such comments were not prepared properly. He should stop, review and cancel some of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. Planes left the bahamas to get to Haiti already. But for real, the other day at the clinic was a hassle. I don’t mind these quake reguees staying but if they claim we stretch now then what will happen with all these legal immigrants? On top of that, these people still have sex. What status will these children be given at PMH? Secondly, many people who come to the Bahamas do not assamalate (I know that spell wrong) so you know we can’t even speak English no more right? They can stay isn’t the problem, coming up with a plan is.

  7. Am I missing something or the United States, France, Spain etc., have a special airport to get their goods in?My, My, My what a statement from our Prime Minister!

  8. this is the time for us to get a true reflection of the amount of people in the country we must also help out our fellow man there is mo sense in the repretriation excercise it is merely an expensive bandaid we need to work with world bodies to put haiti on its feet if you want to stop the illegal migration that would be the logical way forward but for right now all hands on deck haiti needs you

  9. What is going to happen to the ones who are here and not straight. And have not been caught.We have to be carefull what our leaders are doing.

    • We can’t send them back now. It would be too coldhearted to send them back after what happened in Haiti. In fact Bran was saying he is expecting more of them to be coming to our shores and they are making preparations so that we will be able to accommodate them. I don’t mind the peaceful ones and the ones who believe in God (not no idols) coming, but I heard some of the inmates managed to escaped after the prison collapsed, I hope them set don’t make it over here. We already have our hands full right now trying to deal with crime.

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