PM Minnis tell the PLPs at ZNS and BIS: DO YA WORK and we will have no problems!


Do ya job or CUT*** COMING! Well it coming anyhow…

Prime Minister Minnis addresses BIS and ZNS management and staff. (BIS Photo/Kristaan Ingraham)

PM Minnis also sent warning shot to REBEL FNM MPS…

Nassau The Bahamas – Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis Thursday told management and staff of Bahamas Information Services and the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas that they will be held accountable for their performance, professionalism and punctuality or lack thereof.

Dr. Minnis said his administration has “freed up” the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas so that corporation’s employees will be able to conduct the corporation’s business in a fair and professional manner.

“I don’t care whether you voted for me or not, that is immaterial,” Prime Minister Minnis said. “Be professional, be transparent and be honest with the public. The chains that were on you yesterday have been broken.

“I don’t care whether you are PLP or FNM that is not my business. All I want is professionalism. I expect for you to do your work in a professional manner and to be fair to all. Once that is done, we will have no problems.

“If you deviate, then we will have problems and that is not victimization. That’s real talk. I don’t believe in victimization, but I believe in professionalism and performance,” Prime Minister Minnis added.

Addressing staff members of both government bodies for the first time since being sworn-in as the fourth Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in an independent Bahamas, May 11, 2017, following the General Elections, Prime Minister Minnis said both institutions do not have to concern themselves with political interference.

“You will be given your independence and you will be pushed towards a public broadcasting corporation. As an independent institution, as politicians, we will not interfere and if any member of my party calls you to tell you to do something that’s not professional, don’t do it. Inform me and he or she will be no more.

“If you do it, you and he will be no more. The Bahamian people only ask for fair play,” Prime Minister Minnis added to another rousing round of applause.