PM Office finally confirms that PM Minnis did present himself to hospital for medical attention…days after condition…


Fake News? Well, the OPM states PM was presented to hospital on Wednesday for a “Mild Allergic Reaction” to something he ate and released – Condition of PM released days after the incident…Why?

PM Minnis was presented to hospital this week.



Office of the Prime Minister strongly denies social media reports that Prime Minister rushed to hospital

JANUARY 26, 2019 – Fake reports are circulating on social media falsely claiming that Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday morning after experiencing an above normal blood pressure reading.

The Office of the Prime Minister wishes to advise the Bahamian public that these reports are completely untrue. Prime Minister Minnis was not rushed to the hospital at any time as claimed in the false and misleading report.

The Prime Minister did visit the Princess Margaret Hospital early Wednesday morning to be treated for a mild allergic reaction to something he ate the evening before. He was treated and released a short time later.

The Office of the Prime Minister wishes to assure the Bahamian public that the Prime Minister is in excellent health.

A BP EDITORIAL RESPONSE:Why was it necessary for the PM to present himself to the Emergency Room at the PMH if his condition was simply “mild”? And how could our report be “fake” if he indeed found himself at the hospital seeking urgent medical attention in the emergency division of, which, we should all note, was never reported or discussed by his shameless PR team?

This development and discovery by good hardworking journalists at Bahamas Press should be applauded. Standing true to our values, we saw an incident which unfolded in the silence of the circles of power and sought to bring to the public’s attention to these developments. Our team should be commended and applauded for this report.

To dismiss Bahamas Press information as fake is proving to be a desperate move by the “concealers of truth” now in charge of the management of our national business. Every Bahamian should have been made aware of the real health challenges facing Dr. Minnis, knowing that he is the first among equals and holding the constitutional office of Prime Minister with vested powers assigned to him by the people of this great nation. 

To conceal his condition and hide the PM movements,  particularly his seeking medical attention this past week, is the real crime in this instance. Finally, it is distressing to see that the desperate PR handlers of the Prime Minister continue to exercise dangerous levels of secrecy, concealment, and camouflage while professing a national commitment to openness, transparency, and honesty with the Bahamian people.

We report yinner decide!