Politician found with weapon on airport road, nothing reported and he was not even arrested or questioned?


Nassau – A politician still in diapers is alleged to have been stopped by police last weekend and was caught with a handgun while traveling on the airport road.

The incident appears to have been swept under the rug as persons concerned with the direction of the country are now questioning the incident.

It is said that a routine stop of the politician was made and, after checks by officers, the weapon was found. Was the weapon issued by the Commissioner of Police and is it now a rule that handguns are allowed to be carried by politicians?

When was this rule enacted and how many politicians have made a request to carry a firearm if such a rule has commenced?

BP wonders this because some would recall how a politician was caught with lethal instruments as he attempted to travel between Freeport, Grand Bahama and New Providence. He was arrested and eventually convicted, getting off with only a fine.

Why police didn’t arrest the MP in this latest incident remains a great mystery. When did such a rule begin allowing politicians to carry weapons?

We ga report and let yinner decide!