PM to make Gambling legal for all Bahamians!


hubert_a<<< Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas to have big announcement to legalize gambling in the speech from the throne next month.

Nassau, Bahamas — Hubert Ingraham is determined to leave a lasting legacy when he demits office and in his last legislative agenda as the question of legalizing gambling in the Bahamas will be put to the Parliament.

Bahamas Press is at this hour reading copies of the speech from the throne set to be delivered at the opening of Parliament next month. We accept it will be a day of pomp and pageantry in Rawson Square. We know it will appear as if the PLP is having a mass rally in the city square as joining PLPs parliamentarians for the first time will be BP’s endorsed candidate Leo Ryan Pinderthe David who cut papabahind‘.

What PLPs can expect though is a stirring message laced with surprises read by the new Governor General of the Bahamas. Bahamas Press was told by its informants in the OPM not to be surprise when we see who will read the lines, “My Government will…”.

“It should be no surprise to anyone as to who Hubert chooses as his next GG. That individual will be a player who PLPs will be satisfied with and yes, because of her appointment to theBahamian Pink House‘ it is possible she will draw greater support to the FNM,” our informant said.

Bahamas Press has also learned composed in the speech from the thrown, Prime Minister Ingraham will confirm his intent to legalize gambling in the Bahamas The announcement we know will spark a campaign by the religious rightwings in the country who oppose to the idea. However, the proposal we understand will again collect greater support to the PM and his FNM machine.

Bahamas Pressthough not practicing gamblerspraises the PM for his BRAVE, BOLD and FEARLESS stand to put the question in the Parliament in this legislative term. We believe it will mature by a lasting legacy to the leader of the country and will certainly land another huge feather in the hat of Hubert Ingraham. NO ONE CAN DENY THE FACT THAT INGRAHAM HAS THE BALLS TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE FACE ON! This is the very reason why Bahamians are afraid of electing a Pussy Cat as Prime Minister.


  1. Pregress at last good on mr P.M. we must be balanced in our criticism I hope it passes wipe away hypocrisy much needed revenue

  2. BP this just how the government plans to pay off that 4 billion dollars they done rack up, cause  they know there is BIG money in the number biz…..

  3. I will be so happy, cause I tired sneaking through flowers back door.  I still ga be PLP though!

  4. @ Anonymous. what is wrong with legalizing strip clubs? yawl church ppl need to stop yawl shyt. if some of these pastors would visit strip clubs more often they wouldnt be raping lil boys and girls. so talk that.
    im all for the legalization of strip clubs. the christian council need to stop tryin to dictate to grown people how to live their lives and like someone said focus their attention on making sure they are following the laws of the bible that they are so well educated in. not because this is a so called christian nation means you can enforce your christian beliefs on us and MAKE us live by them. UTTER NONSENSE!

  5. I see this as another distraction ploy, from all the garbage that this government is doing, that stupid marriage rape bill was also stupid, but this is a good political move, because he is losing every battle, right, left and center, he needs a big step to solidify his spot in history, with a social on the ground move like this, should help him win back the masses for a little while, he has the votes in the House and Senate, so this can make it happen, and he always has the media(Tribune, Guardian, 100 Jamz etc. The Bahamas’s Fox News Network),  on his side, but if the media turns against him, he’s in trouble, this should have been done along time ago, discriminated in your own country,  how ridiculous.

  6. das rite larry. i just waitin for this bill to pass now because that oogly ass man aint a man of he word. so tell papa hurry up and pass this law so i can go beat the poker table bad over dat bridge.

  7. Its really simple. Legalized Gambling doesn’t change anything, because everybody doing it now. But, besides if your morally opposed to it, then just don’t do it, or even discourage others from doing it, but that doesn’t mean that it should be illegal for a consenting adult.
    For example, many people in the country are opposed to alcohol, so they don’t go the bars and purchase alcohol,  I don’t even think those people would say they would want us to have US style prohibition, because they are not drinkers.
    Personal responsibility people!
    I really don’t want the govt. as my daddy, telling me what and what I cannot do with my own money that I work my azz off for.
    For example I am not a fan of sex outside of marriage, but because I oppose it, doesn’t mean that I want it to be illegal for consenting adults who chose that is what they want to do.

  8. who cares about number houses; we should be able to go into casinos and gamble. in fact, we should have our own casinos and horse/dog tracks.  i don’t know why and how we ever became so backward in this country.  i mean suppressing everything…my God, we just get to the point where we can put a pic on our licence…my God man!! one thing that history shows  is when you suppress people, you end up paying more in the long term.  government broke while flowers and percy making millions pon millions pon millions…i hope he deal with this backward land policy at the same time and give every bahamian a 150×150 plot in Andros so we could finally go and develop that place – WITH A PLAN that is!

  9. Whats next?  Legal strip clubs in the Bahamas?  Leave the gambling for the tourists that come down to visit.

  10. The numbers racket is no longer underground as the many shops that are open throughout the Bahamas pay business licences and National Insurance.There are no offences under our law to deal with numbers so I agree in having it legalised.Right now numbers is keeping our economy functioning so whats the big deal if it is recognised as being legitimate.The many numbers houses employs about 1,000 persons.The Anclican and Catholic churches plus some in full Baptist do not oppose numbers and contrary to the belief of some those who dont gamble will not get involved anytime soon.Each year the Carnival has gambling and many nights their stalls have no customers.Bahamians dont like losing so they will not indulge in this trade as some might believe.  

  11. This is long overdue right on Mr. Prime Minster.  The Bahamas Christian Council should  deal with the religious corruption among their sect and stop being hypocrites.

  12. Whaaaat. well as much as i despise the oogly one. this would be worthy of my applause and praises. its been to long overdue now. its about time he start makin gad damn sense. I however think janet is the wrong choice for GG. If she is appointed would this be somewhat of an advantage for her husband being QC? I dont think husband and wife face should be so deep up the queens but. thats just my opinion.

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