Rapist driving 7A Jitney in Nassau…Young girl escapes kidnap by Bus driver


TFPniDgzbUQzDa130Gzz0LyqMJqBvQw40300Nassau BahamasBahamas Press is tracking down and screening every jitney licensed in the traffic department at this hour, and we will not rest until the men we hunt down are caught, captured, sentenced and JAILED for the kidnapping of an underage girl while on her way to church Sunday.

Bahamas Press needs your help [EVERY ONE OF YOU INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE BAHAMAS ] in tracking down a bus driver and band of Rwandan Style Gangsters, who attempted to rape the juvenile as she traveled on a 7A jitney.

We’ve learned the girl had just entered the jitney when the driver, coached with his 4 terrorist assistants on board, veered off his route and proceeded to take the juvenile into a desolate section of the town. As she pleaded with the driver to let her off the bus, as men then attempted to caress her body. In a rage, she pitched out of the window of the moving jitney injuring herself as she fled to a nearby residence for help.

This is just one of many incidents now occurring with passengers on the nation’s transportation system; where almost daily, we hear the story of young girls who have gone missing for days.

Bahamas Press intends to dig to the bottom of this and will have more information on this breaking development. We know the bus in question is a 7A route. The incident has been reported to the Central Police Station, however, we know it was just a few months ago when a shocking story exposed an officer there had raped a girl who was arrested in the cell.

“I was looking for a number of missing girls,” a community worker said. “These jitney drivers have a lot of young girls riding their buses all day, and they are not going to school. They are also not going home, and they have some of them as sex toys. Please BP we need your help and help us mash this up. We need to mount a campaign against this, women are no longer safe on these public buses.”

BP calls on all civicminded residents in the Bahamas and around the world to join us in this crackdown of crime and lawlessness in the country. THIS IS NOT RWANDA OR UGANDA, THIS IS THE BAHAMAS! And when the law cannot break your back, WE THE PEOPLE WILL! BP needs all hands on deck!


  1. I am sickened at the thought that,this poor young lady had to suffer through this ordeal.IN THE BAHAMAS!!!The jitney has been my very last choice of transport for various reasons and incidents of personal assault,has been one of them.I am angered that once again no arrest were made and these sick perverts are still out there, waiting to prey on their next unsuspecting victim!Incidents like these is the reason why i always carry protection with me!Keep yourself safe Bahamas!!!

  2. I hope that the Road Traffic Controller reads these postings and take the necessary action.There are some decent bus drivers who must do all in their power to stamp out the indecent and criminally minded drivers from their profession.The route number does not make it difficult to find out who was driving that bus.It is time for the decent persons in our country to atke back the streets.

  3. This experience had to be very traumatizing on that underage girl. I am glad she managed to get off the bus. Lord only knows what incurable sickness those bastards would have given her. They might have even killed her once they got through doing what they wanted to her. I hope the fact that she was able to get away from them, that this would only strengthens her faith in God‘s ability to protect his people. This young lady could have been going anywhere, but she was dressed to attend church. It only goes to show, who the Lord protect is well protected. It is my prayer that these punks will be found and jailed.
    BP, I haven’t heard anything about this from any of the other news media in the country, something like this the public needs to know, so they can take the proper percussions and to be on the look out for these hoodlums. I just want to say, I don’t know where this country would be without BP.

  4. For years those bus drivers have been doing foolishness when it came to people children. You should see how they is have those buses on two wheels and making them jump while speeding through traffic with those school kids on them. The music is be so loud until you can’t even hear if somebody is being raped or beaten on those buses. The young people seems to be attracted to the loud music and rough ride. Most of them don’t even want to be seen catching no slow bus without music. You look at it, most of those old settle men who are nicely groomed and know how to be professional and follows the laws of the road, most of the time their buses only has a few persons on it, mostly some old heads. Either these young people don’t realize or just don’t care about how dangerous it is to have those drivers speeding and doing foolishness with their lives. From what I could see, those bus drivers is be breaking all our laws, from traffic violation to seducing and raping of school children. They enjoys taking advantage of minors, because most of them are immature persons and are only capable of dealing with children. They realize that a mature sensible woman wouldn’t have any interest in them. They can’t even hold a sensible conversation with some of us without us detecting how stupid they really are. They can’t impress us, so they go and prey on those school girls who have not attained that level of maturity yet. This is a serious problem that has long existed, until the government and law enforcement officers get serious about cracking down on these wicked bus drivers and their hoodlums friends, parents if you could avoid it, please start picking up and dropping off your children where they needs to go. The public transportation is not a safe place for anyone, much less for your children.

  5. Public transport was never safe in this country, it was always a haven for assault or robbery.  Often times the culprits committed these crimes on loaded buses in front of dozens of witnesses.  Im sure many of us have witnessed crime on a public bus before..but now when its the bus drivers themselves it shows we have a serious problem.  Nevertheless, bus driver-schoolgirl relations have always existed as well.  It’s funny how we as Bahamians are knowledgeable of things and so easily hush-hush them.  Due process is far from being exhausted in regards to our public transport system.  I feel anyone is allowed to operate a bus in this town.  A few years back, I was on a 16A and we stopped by the basketball court adjacent to Bacardi Rd.  The bus driver waited for a few minutes like the normally do at that stop, but this one took longer than usual. A car pulled up and  I then realized he was waiting for that person to arrive.  A lady exited the vehicle carrying a baby, this lady then proceeded to the bus driver’s window and handed the baby over to the driver..she then got back into the vehicle and drove away. Ok so now I’m on a bus with a bus driver and presumably his baby..he complains to the child how stink its diaper is and then proceeds to get a fresh diaper from his glove compartment, he takes a while longer at the stop because he is now changing his baby in the driver’s seat of the bus.  As you can imagine I was outraged but was in a desperate position at the time so I neither said or did anything.  We are now heading back up Carmichael Road and the baby is in the front passenger seat..the guy tosses the soiled diaper out of the window onto the side of the street.  Again I say, proper screening, training, monitoring and follow ups should be done on bus drivers and their vehicles as well. After all it is a public SERVICE and patrons should be and feel comfortable and secure.

    • bus drivers are generally uneducated drunken, dope smoking, nasty, soiled, greezy bastards who terrorize our streets and young girls on a daily basis.  they usually ride around with three or four thugs who also, drink, smoke and terrorize…good luck finding a needle in a haystack…

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