Police confiscate eleven thousands dollars and seized eight illegal weapons off a gun trafficker…


More weapons off our streets!

Weapons and cash found by police. One suspect under arrest.
Weapons and cash found by police. One suspect under arrest.

Nassau, Bahamas – Great efforts and advances are being made to prevent crime and swift justice on criminals is being realized.

Bahamas Press has learnt members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force were hard at their task today in preventing illegal weapons from getting onto our streets. Today, around 5pm, officers confiscated over $11,000 from a firearm trafficker in the Mount Royal community.

That suspect was arrested and detained after being caught with some eight illegal firearms. These are the same weapons, which create the massacre and mayhem on our streets. The question must be – WHO IS PROVIDING THE MONEY FOR THE PURCHASE OF THESE ILLEGAL WEAPONS? And what does some who love NATIONAL RADIO might know about this?!

The weapons were confiscated by The Firearm Tracing and Investigations Unit. They were assisted by SET and CIB. What an excellent team!

This is a great find and we continue to pray for the safety of the men and women in uniform, who daily continue in the exercise of their duties, keep us safe….

We report yinner decide!