Police know the captain who caused deaths Sunday – But they refuse to release his name…WHY?


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What is the name of the Bahamian who owns the ‘Glory Time’ that sunk with twenty-eight Haitians on-board?

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamians must begin to question the way its agencies communicate with them and establishments like the media should lead the way.

We find it UNBELIEVABLE [THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN] to witness the way that government agencies report tragedies and the duplicity they exhibit when they respond to tragedy. Let’s explain.

When some 20 persons were shot up in a night club at the foot of the Paradise Island Bridge just weeks ago, almost immediately – without reservation – members of the press were updated about the development.

We know who police had an ABP out for. We were advised of his last place of residence. The man heading that criminal gang was masqueraded across the TV screens. We knew his name [first and last] and we knew his street name: STEPHEN ‘DIE’ Stubbs.

The police didn’t hesitate to name the suspect. and publish him across the country in a bulletin. GOOD JOB!

But let’s flip the script. On Sunday, a voyage at sea turned into a deadly disaster for some 28 souls, all believed to be Haitian nationals. But we are not sure. We do not know.

The 25-ft. vessel “Glory Time” left Abaco for a voyage to the Great United States. The engine broke down and the vessel sunk. Eleven bodies of the victims were brought to the capital. Someone told the authorities some six [6] persons survived, and the rest? No one knows what happened. One person is assisting police in their investigations.

According to a statement issued to-date, no name of the captain is mentioned.

And according to police in Abaco the search for victims was called off today. Those who survived no one could find, not even police. But let’s look deeper into this.

The captain, according to the Commissioner of Police, is known to his officers. “He is known for these illegal activities! He is known to us.” WOW! They say they know who the captain of the vessel is, but here they failed to give his name to the public.

And just like many similar incidents we JOE PUBLIC, cannot hear the name of such persons committing these SCANDALOUS, VICKED, ILLEGAL ACT! Why are we protecting “JOHN PAUL?

Why are we refusing to give his identity. Refusing to give his stats? And is he a Bahamian operating these smuggling exercises or is he an illegal working for a Bahamian. Boy I tell ya, if it ain’t for BP no one will never know!

Authorities then said they don’t know if the captain was dead or alive. Perhaps someone hopes he makes an escape so he could drive another boat into dark waters with human souls.

Despite all this, no one will show any picture of him. Not even members of the Haitian community in Abaco. Again we ask, is he [captain] a Bahamian. If he was, simply reveal that.

This is a crime committed at sea. Someone has to be held accountable for allowing a vessel to leave in such a serious state, threatening the victims’ lives. But nothing has happened. Just news stories with no depth. Reports and statements [PLENTY OF THEM] saying nothing!

When are we going to get serious? People from the human race, including children, have perished at sea because some JACKASS decided to break the laws of the Bahamas and transport people illegally in our waters in a boat that was a lethal weapon because of its unseaworthiness.

And now, that person who carries responsibility for the crime, has slipped away into darkness. THIS MUST CHANGE AND BE PUT TO AN END!

But get this: the authorities – who knows who he is – is helping to hide him in the dead of night!

Boy, dis a country eh?

The police was quick to put out the ABP on STEPHEN ‘DIE’ STUBBS, but refuse to name the name of the captain in this tragedy at sea. A man who they say are known to them. A man who the Commissioner of Police says, has done this foolishness before.

Boy I tell ya.

Perhaps here a lesson from the world and how they do things there.

When Costa Concordia ran into rocks and sunk due to the recklessness of a captain in Italy early this year, the Captain was arrested immediately afterward. Remember mind you he to like another Papa, ABANDONED SHIP and fled the sunken ship.

He was named IMMEDIATELY! Placed under arrest. His picture went around the world in the speed of light, and was charged for abandoning ship and manslaughter. In that January incident three people were killed and 20 injured.

But authorities named almost immediately the captain.

So tell us, how is it the police know the name of the captain. They know the owner of the vessel. They have a survivor assisting but no APB. Bahamian jails are made for Bahamians we guess.

Now what in the hell is this.

We ga say it quietly as we end with … why does the police not name the captain…they say they know him?

We report yinner decide.