Police officer shot and is in theatre…Hubert Ingraham now at Pelican Bay on GB


Bahamas Press is reporting the shooting of a police officer in the McCullough Corner area of Mason’s Addition shortly after 3PM this evening.

Sources on the scene tell us, an officer while on patrol in the area was making a search on a suspect when the suspect shot the cop in the upper shoulder.

The officer is presently in theatre and his condition is stable. At last report a manhunt is presently underway for the shooter.

Meanwhile, earlier today while carrying out an operation in the Stapledon Gardens area, police shot a suspect while carrying an operation in the area. The man, we are told was wanted by police for questioning with some housebreaking incidents in the area.

Here's the man who is selling all of the weath of the Bahamas to the foreigners - Hubert 'MUGABE' Ingraham.

Bahamas Press agents on the ground in the Grand Bahama and we are on our way to the exclusive enclave of Pelican Bay to Papa’s Bungalow #7; his lucky number. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham landed on the island from Abaco this morning for meeting with FNM generals in the area. The FNM has said not a word about Papa’s return to the country nor has the WUTLESS MEDIA given a whisper.

And while papa goes fishing on the DEL KING, The country is on autopilot. With a dengue crisis and scrap metal dealers cannot get justice. The Cabinet has not met in two whole weeks because Papa don’t trust Boss HOG Brent Symonette. Even the Cabinet is rudderless and LEADERLESS!



  1. An insecure emperor with his wife having no clothes gets an idea that they would outsmart everyone and bully themselves into leading positions in the Bahamas. He goes on to grin his way all the way around the world believing for a minute that nothing would be seen for what it is. Said to have the same birthdate as Obama the Bahamas now demands a presentation of the emperor’s true nationality . So we live and we learn or do we. A clean and peaceful nation, a paradise so beautiful, a people proud to be called Bahamians walked according to their national anthem for a loftier goal. Guess that meant something else for greedy selfish people. After being in the House Of Assembly since the mid 1970’s and checking out the weak spots in the country, the Bahamas and its economy received the mindset and actions of what can be clearly seen in the time of famine when so many are in need that a ‘Klepto-cracy’ mode of operation has been the main intentions. Failing to declare public access in 2010 at the beginning and apologizing to the people of the Bahamas then increasing the taxes it is certain that the proceeds of the Bahamas economy was and would be used for the ‘personal enrichment of those who govern, and the further advancement of only their Family, Friends and Lovers at a cost where crime means nothing as vacation continues with a nation in crisis. What a clearer sign of a person who could care less whether school is kept or scholars attend. When you are not used to anything it shows and if you care little about others that is spelled out clearer now.The second term was to leave a legacy for Bahamians to look at themselves differently than before. The warning signals were there – corruption and unsavoury practices abound. MAY GOD HELP THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE AND FIGHT THE BATTLE OF THIS GOLIATH.

  2. A nation in crisis and why – WITCHCRAFT AND VOODOO IN HIGH PLACES WITH PEOPLE WHO GET INTO OFFICE AND DON’T KNOW COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT SIGNS SHOW THAT BAHAMAS HAS DETERIORATED BECAUSE THEY NEVER GOT THERE THE RIGHT WAY. Archie Miller slaughtered by his commrades, a female slaughtered photo sent out by police officers, another shot and more police to do what show incompetency. WTF is going on. People wake up the force is corrupt and until they acknowledge that, the situation has no way of turning around. too many criminals with impunity is on the force and politics, speaking of the religious type they would soon face the call to be accountable. VOODOO IS MORE THAN AN ACT OF WORSHIP OUT OF HAITI, IT IS THE SACRIFICE OF INTEGRITY FOR CORRUPTION AND THE BLINDNESS OF HUMANS WHOSE GREED EXTENDS TOO FAR BEYOND REASON THAT A GOOD NAME IS TO BE CHOSEN OVER GREAT RICHES. Whoredom, anal sex and human sacrifices with all these murders make the Bahamas a septic tank of ills that need GOD ALONE TO STEP IN AND CLEAN THE PLACE UP. REPENT BAHAMAS.

  3. REALLY??? The scrap metal dealers have known they were purchasing and reselling stolen metal the whole time, what they thought crackhead bums coming in had all that metal in their houses, people walking up with wheelbarrows of poorly smelted metals and it’s not stolen. Another group of bahamians that lies through their teeth and has no moral gumption especially when it comes to crying poor mouth, at least these guys have paid their NIB.

  4. This is so sad that our so call MP keeps coming to Abaco and sneaks in and out, only a special few knows when he is on the Island. He thinks all he has to do is a few so call things and we are suppose to be fooled, not this time baby those are old tricks that cant work anymore we need representation!
    Only because election is around the corner, where was all of this while people were losing homes and jobs.

  5. people who has family and friends in law enforcement has to be very concern with all this crime going on it just lower the chance of them not getting hurt my heart are with all the hard working police, rbdf, everyone of them, god be with them, hope they know’s this unemployment is the core of the crime. stop,cancel, and review, help kill the work force in the bahamas, not only did he put people out of work but he add tax to that! all of this has crime sparking!!!

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