Police Shooting angers Biminites but is praised by BP


Porgy Bay, Bimini — The good men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force on the Island of Bimini at this hour deserves to be commended for the stellar task this morning; putting an end to a wanted man on that island.

Police are in Porgy Bay at this hour, rapping up investigations as they put an end to a known terror wanted by police.

Dead is Ricardo Rolle, a man wanted by police, who is alleged to have robbed a New Providence bank and fled to Bimini.

Posters identifying Rolle were placed all across Alice and Bailey Towns as a hunt for his whereabouts centered on the island.

The scene at this hour is tense as scores of residents on Bimini have gathered at the scene of the shooting. The deceased is said to have had a weapon in his possession and aimed for officers as police moved in on him shortly after 9am.

A single shot to the chest by a marksman on the force ended Rolle’s evasions. The body is still on the scene at this hour as the task force is now on thier way to the island.

Bahamas Press congratulates the fine men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force for taking down another criminal. WE CONGRATULATE THEM UNAPOLOGETICALLY! WE call for them to AIM FOR THE HEAD AND TAKE THESE LOWDOWN CRIMINALS OUT!




  1. all of you who knew cardo, also knew his death was foretold long ago,he is the product of modern times, an unwed mother and an absent father, a lost brother for whom his guilty feelings never went away and an uncle whose life seemed more exciting than his, juvenile detention,jail,more jail and little love from anyone, no skills ,no home and no money but a desire to be someone, shot at 13 ,drug running at 15 jail at 16/17 what kind of life do these people think this boy would have, I knew and loved cardo for who he was and also recognised how everyone around him had failed him from the day he was born. by the age of fifteen cardo had lived the life of a man twice his age with little of the perks …peace at last for a man who could find no peace in life

  2. The issue here, is that Ricardo was a criminal. He was given the opportunity to turn himself in and surrender peacefully but refused because he wanted to prove to the other low-life scums in bimini he was a rebel. As a result he died hard trying. Also, biminites on here talking crap, how many of yall knew that boy was in bimini and never told him to turn himself in or call the police. That boys blood is also on yall hands and yall will be judged for it. Whoever reported to the police did the righteous thing.

  3. I would think that in a civilized and trained police force, you would surround the house get your best negotiator on the bull horn and talk that man into walking out of there with his hands up. Every man is innocent until proven guilty, but everybody knows that these police have a thing among themselves that they will be juge and jury for certain wanted men, we are not picking them up, We will kill them.

  4. I think the main thing Biminites are trying to point out is that…Mr. Rolle still belonged to someone..so don’t knock them for mourning a death of someone they loved. He might have been wanted..no one is hiding the fact that he was a criminal..but I think the “shoot to kill” mindset is a bit inhumane…I’m from Freeport..I know many many Biminites, have worked with them..they are not all bad people…don’t glorify one incident and make it seem like they are not civilized people…the point is…Mr. Rolle has left mourners..no one is praising what he did or the choices he made…all they are saying is damn…have some kind of heart for his family…do unto others..geesh

  5. The same money he stole from the bank is the same money they can now use to bury him. His Family must understand that you have choices in life and he made his choice!!


    • Obviously ths person was a stain to our great society. I end by praising our Police Force and pray for their continued safety as they seek to put this society back on track. To the Biminites, I encourage them to turn from their wicked way and seek the Lord for they are like sheep that have been led astray.

  7. I was not going to comment on any of these posts because they started to get so personal and distasteful but I said someone has to stand up. There are no winners in these types of situations. The victims of Ricardo suffer along with their families and the accused Ricardo’s family suffer. What he did was wrong and I am not up holding it but when people start to brand everyone in Bimini as criminals and not law abiding citizens that’s throwing the baby out with the bath water. Someone hid Ricardo, does that mean that everyone in Bimini knew that. Why is it that anything bad happening in Bimini you want to jump on that but never say anything good. We are all Bahamians. When you call Biminites animals you are also calling yourself an animal, because you are a Bahamian also. Crime goes on in Nassau everyday but are you bashing that no because that is where you live. If your going to bring down your fellow Bahamians what do you expect those from abroad to do. We don’t cloak crime in Bimini and we do respect the law of the land but there are some in the community like any other that don’t so should we all be branded? I watched the BTC demonstration, where in Nassau the people were disrespecting the law pushing down the barricades and making deadly treats, even trying to cause a riot, but do you remember that? No you don’t, you say that they were fighting for there rights. We did not bash you who participated because not everyone in Nassau agrees with what went on. So that’s the same here in Bimini. Do you think we like to be on the news for negative things? NO. It seems to me that many posts want to stir the people up but that is not going to happen the way that you want to. The police have a very tough job to do on the hold and I don’t envy them one bit, but thank God they are here to keep the peace. What a lot of people don’t realize are some not all the police are involved in illegal activities, so how are the young men suppose to respect them. They smoke dope with them, they engage in smuggling both human and other wise. I am not trying to bash the police but like Bimini there are a few bad apples and that’s the point that I am trying to make. I can’t say that all the police are bad because that would be a lie but there are some so should I brand all? NO. That’s not the way to do it. Everyone has to be judged on his or her own merits or faults. We all have problems but please don’t think that we are above the law because we are not. All this name calling is not helpful to anyone.

  8. @lady when crime scorch you, your view will change!!! I have been a victim of crime….not saying that the police should abuse anyone but to some of yal police officers are never right until yal need them!!!! point da gun…get ya head blow off!!! If that was a police officer shot dead by a wanted criminal would yal be here showing support for the officer who up in the night trying to keep law and order???? get a life….take ya sympathy card and stick it, you know where!!!! No Mercy For These Criminals!!!!

  9. At terryj ya ma is a dumb island animal,all yal what living in that jungle ( nassau )what yal is? at the end how do you know his mother knew where he was hiding maybe she hadn’t a clue where he was at……..i can’t believe yal as Bahamians tearing down on another like that.Instead of going on and on but head shot this one and that one everyone need to pray to God to change this country and stop pointing fingers cuz we’ve all sinned and fall short.Yal is some cold people out there………. smdh

  10. @Joey LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! wow….. But on a real note my condolences goes out to the Family especially to his Sis who is affiliated with the organization that took her bro’s life… But I have one thing to say. If it was the other way around yall would have been praising the criminal for taking an officer’s life so yall stop yall mess, sit small and shut up and let the police do they job: To PROTECT & SERVE yall ungrateful people

  11. wasn’t convicted as yet, but if da camera say it’s you….who else could it be mad man????? yal need to get a life!! I don’t wish bad on no one but crime need to come yal way real soon!!!!!

  12. This person was accused of various crimes…..not convicted of them….How come the previous article says he was shot in the head?………..now it says he was shot in the chest?!!!!!!


    ********* BABYLONS!!

    • Take a look in the mirror you are the part of the same problem that we are talking about. F—- the police is what you say BUT when the wolf knocks at your door, you will be the first one begging the Police to come quick and fast and talking crap about you always support the Police as you dont want no criminals in your hood!

  14. The person whom I feel sorry for is the officer who pulled the trigger. The officer had to make a split second life and death decsion. His decsion to save his life and the other officers life, will now be challanged for years to come. Even thou the officer was correct he/she will still have to live with the outcome for years. Dont think for one second that the officers will not be free from this burden.

    I agree with the posters who stated that why do we hide our criminal family members. Why is it that they destroy socity and yet we still want to play our christian cards and say they were wonderful persons of society? Until we will truly stop this foolosh game we will not get crime under control.

    To the fools who choose to create a greater problem and blame the Police look in the mirrior first and see if you are pleased with yourself and what you did to pervent this entire event.

    Had the family and friends of the deceased brought him in for questioning the outcome would be very different.

  15. The only people I have sympathy for is the victims of all of the crimes this Ricardo rolle commited. Live a life of crime, die the same way! Everything does be good at the family homestead when the robbery, murder and drug money buying these mothers new furniture, flat screen tv’s new cars etc. But yal remember when yal enjoying those items someone family member either died, dieing or in the hospital for your pleasure!!!!! Zero Tolerance for crime!!!!! Not changing my view!

  16. Media, march 12, 2011 was our time to experience our lost by the hands of the police and trust me the way the police are now operating you will feel it down the line be it innocent or guilty (remember Brandon smith) I strongly believe that the gin was planted there for the police had several hours to fix the scene of the crimal and make up a story to justify his killing. I feel that if my cousin had a gun knowing that intruders were coming he would have fired atleast one shot but he didn’t. We know the real story it’s unfortunate that the story the public believes is the police who continue to betray our trust one day at a time.

  17. Listen here you crazy people yall always bringing yall ass on here tlaking shit when infact yall dont not know wnat the hell is happening and for those making guesses of what happen, YOU ARE NOT A POLICE OFFICER, so let police do there job.

    i take that of a police officer life is in dager the criminal should kill him n get away then because a police might of do u wrong u will be here celebrating.some of you are just so stupid to the fact that a man wanted by police is on the run and was trying to escape was killed in the process. i tell u go and be a police for a day and see the F#&King stress that they go through da in and day out. and yall say that police are trigger happy i sure yall know of person walkin around everyday with guns who are YALL FRIENDS and yall wont tell the police that your friend have a gun, no you rather wait til your friend go out and do some weird shit and get kill, then come blame the police.

    listen yall really need to grow up and stop trying to blame the police for yall wrong doings. or move to a different country if u dnt like it here.


  18. He had the opportunity to turn himself to the police without incident. His mother knew that he was wanted and she shelter him from the police. She ought to be ashamed of herself and be charged for harboring a criminal. Congrats RBPF keep up the good work.

  19. again its not about the act , its about the stupid comments being left!!!>>>!!! no he wasnt a saint , and he may have faced his destiny by the same life style he lived , but u mister/mrs media outlet i hope u have to endure the same pain being inflicted by your slanderous tongue!! Just how u tear down people with words so shall you be torn down in the same fashion. To all of you wishing death on someone go bury one of your children and see how it feels ….be careful of what u say especially in this format, because just as the are laws on enforced by policed there is also called a pushed over the limit law…..dont let your delivery of a story (that could be so different) write a check your ass cant cash.where is your humanity ??? where is your professionalism??? If you were a good reporter and passionate about reporting and were truly trying to help this Bahamas/World be a better place, you would understand there is room for you to type firm thoughts about this situation and also show respect for those people who have to morn the loss of a loved one. By you passing judgement , gossip, and slander with your harmful choice of words and poor delivery then you are no different from the acts of ricardo!!! Just like he will be judged for his actions so shall you>>>>media and other ignorant posters….i speak life!! Why dont you people post your real names so we can know which of you are snakes who live amongst us!!! Pray for yourselfs ……try to help not hurt , if you a reporter , or a concerned biminite be proactive, not ****!! MY Condolences to the family!!! Ricardo you were a good kid , circumstances took you down the wrong path , you probably didnt deserve to die the way you did , but you certainly dont need to be talked about in the fashion these people are talking about you in your birthday/dying day!! May you REST IN PEACE…….I Pray for you assholes and im sorry that you people who talk as if the innocent family members dont have feelings dont have a heart or an once of sympathy for a family and friends who have to suffer in this trying time!!! A CARING HUMAN BEING

      • @terryj I’m sure you from the Bahamas also so you fit that description very well. Everyone entitled to their own opinion so no need to run out.

      • Terryj & Media Yall look like have the minds of
        murderers by the way you are posting replying etc. your being Quite heartless cold and insensitive ( dumb island animals ) where did you get off saying such a thing you cant judge everyone because of what one person has done or said please think before you speak may God be with you. Terryj & Media yall need to be considerate and stop being so un-human come to your senses and realize that you are only human and not any superior being you dont run things so think as the average bahamian and have a heart i hope that yall(terrj&media) know that KARMA!!! Is very real not threatening anyone just simply saying this Quit being Simple Dumb Ignorant Crazy Sick Heartless and Nasty towards what has happened because it seem as if you only know biminites when there is a problem GOOD CAN COME OUT OF BIMINI you just turn a blind eye on us biminites forget us so when The rest of the Bahamas remember BIMINI is a bahamian island as well you wil see alot of these crazy myths spreading about are very untrue and cruel you will just know End this mindset of a killer you have please you make others suspicious of what you and or the police are doing to help the bahamians as a WHOLE TOGETHER!

  20. @ Cee all of a sudden he innocent?? get ya dead *** off this thread talking fool!!!! innocent where and he on camera robbing the damn bank???? God knows what else he done do!!!! Get back Satan@ Cee

    • Listen yall, please make your comments without the swearing PLEASE otherwise we have no choice but cancel the entire post.


        • Stone cold, ssmar, and BP it is obvious that you guys have been adversely affected by the crime spree that have seemingly overtaken the Bahamas. I currently do not live there,and would admit that I do not feel the same sense of ease when I visit, and as Did as a teenager living there.

          Since yesterday, ever time I pause and reflect on this situation, I grieve. I have nephews who live in Nassau.Some of them have been on both sides of the law. Some have been abused wrongly, others were met with due justice.

          I continue to think that we need to elevate the discussion here from the level of name calling. The allegations are egregious, however, the celebration of a life ended far too short, and in such a tragic manner seems less than our best.

          As Bahamians we MUST ask ourselves, where have we gone wrong.Is it in cheating Cesar on our Customs forms,stating that we spent $200, when in fact we spent$2000. or, is in in clocking in on the jobs and being idle all day, while collecting salaries at the end of the month(robbing Cesar), a form of thievery that goes unpunished by the police.

          My father was accidentally killed three month after I was born and, in so doing, made my mom a single parent. I have stories of two men, Clarence Rolle and Ezra Rolle who came often to ensure that the baby(me) had milk.No evil intentions. As a teenager, having lost my mom to Breast Cancer, I recall a cousin/mentor who thought it not robbery to drive to my door and personally take me to Sunday School.Without both parents, deceased, I am what I am today by the grace of God and the intentional kindness and Christian commitment of people like the now Rev’d Irene Cooper Coakley.To Media, ssmar, and stonecold, when was the last time you made a sacrifice to mentor a little boy or girl.When was the last time you volunteered to go help a teacher read to the little ones in Elementary school? When was the last time you showed up to a little boys softball game to encourage him, knowing that his dad was a “dead-beat”???

          Let us choose to become solution oriented people.Let us acknowledge that we have an “understanding” of the times in which we live and reach out and be our brothers keeper.In so doing we make the Bahamas a better place!Whatever side of the fence we come down on, people are involved, and either could easily be own flesh(friend or foe).

  21. yal just remember to stand in prayer for the rolle and robins family???? when their loved one was reeking havoc on other people loved ones where yal was???? I have absolutely zero tolerance for criminals!!!!! whether they my friend, family or lover!!!! I understand some of yal connected to him and might know his family so I expect certain replies from yal…. yal spend some of that money too eh??? Stomp Crime Out!!!! Point A Gun At The Police An Ya Die!!!

    Stop condoning criminals, yeah they might be your brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, auntie or cousin….but the people who they robbing,raping and murdering are someones family too!!!! When Crime Hit Yal Door Step Yal Ga Have A Problem With It Trust Me!!!!

    Sick Of This ****!

    • I mean they all over the place reeking havoc and causing innocent people having heart attack and nightmares terrorizing the community with they GLOC! Now they want pray? AIM OR THE HEAD OFFICERS AIM FOR THEY DAMN HEAD!


    • You really have to blame the family and friends that hid him so they should feel bad Bimini people to like cloakes shit. All the had to do was turn him they all choose this end for him

  22. Life is about choices and consequences; One of the consequences of being a maladjusted social pariah is to possibily suffer the consequences of death by some state agent. The law allows for it; otherwise the officer would be charged for murder.
    It is a reality of the society in which we live; sometimes officers have to use force unto death.

  23. Kill em all. We especially the police are tired of dangerous criminals getting away of shit in this country. This dude was a threat to society and the police did the right thing by not allowing him to face a judge and possibly get bail or sit up in Fox Hill and get fat off the law abiding citizens of this land. Take em all out (Dangerous criminals)

    • The same ones who are applauding the murder of an INNOCENT man are the same dangerous criminals who they themselves are speaking of. If you would kill an innocent individual that you HEARD was doing wrong then clearly you have not one bone of conscience in your body. In any case, if you would kill ANY individual, you do not deserve to be walking the face of the fucking earth either. As I stated before, this is a shitty news outlet. I’m sue it’s acceptable that you can talk this nonsense when the company doesn’t even have the money to be sued the shit out of! Good luck facing God partner, you’re gonna NEED it. 🙂

  24. People please understand I never said anything that he did was right. And I do believe in upholding the law. I do understand that the law must be upheld and often times there are people who deservingly punished. I never I am nor will I ever justify a crime done against ANY human. What I am saying is that to glorify in the death of another human shows insensitivity towards a fellow human. I am not even saying the police was wrong in the matter, what I am saying is that the heart of many are so hard and often non existent that we actually crave and commend murder. Since I wasn’t there I don’t know how everything occurred – and I do understand that the police felt they were on the defense and did what was expected. I am aware this young man was indeed a threat to society- that never was nor is it up for argument or question…the point I am making is the media reporting this situation is clearly unethical in terms of the expectations of a true journalist who should be unbiased. This article clearly depicts that the writer is HAPPY someone (criminal or not) is dead and wished that the death and future deaths of criminals be far worse…if that isn’t inhumane then what is? No one wants criminals roaming around and threating our own safety- that’s obvious- however why are we glorifying DEATH. The article and its writer suggests that the DEATH (not capture and potential rehabilitation) was what was required. I do believe the police did what they did thought was necessary -especially if Mr Rolle was determined to be a threat at the time of apprehension… I am not standing by wrong in any sense of the word – and that includes the manner in which this article was written. “Aim for the Head Next Time”???? Seriously??? Again I ask where is your humanity. Because to me it seems that while you are advocating the DEATH of others (even if they are criminals) you are really not much better than those who commit the act of murder…It’s much more than your support of the justice system your support here clearly lies in the MURDER of these people and THAT MR MEDIA is where you are WRONG.


    • Exactly! Once again no one is saying that Ricardo is right, we are saying that this reporter is cruel in his choice for words. What would you have done if your heartless words had cost a riot in Bimini? Right now your choice of words has you in the same column as Ricardo, but wouldn’t your mother and your family mourn the lost of your life if you were to die tomorrow? So once again I ask you to recognize what you have said, and understand that the woman who gave birth to him 27 years ago today; has to now plan his funeral TODAY! I have 2 children and regardless what they have done to society it would KILL me inside to know that I would have to bury either of them. Oh and Mr/Mrs Media this is the second child that she will bury without saying goodbye to them. SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT FEELING A MOTHER’S PAIN.

      • Well you should know Another Proud Biminite there is NOTHING PROUD about me having a gun and in a STUPID ACT I Decide to point it at a police. “DON’T CRY FOR ME IF I DO SUCH A THING!”

  25. you people are sick !!!! you are the same people who would say crucify Jesus!! I knew the deceased and im embarassed of his actions….and agree he may have brought about his own death: thats not the issue , the issue is your apprach is tactless, and insensative to those of us who have to mourn the death of a child with a once innocent smile…circumstaces takes us on our paths , some make right and wrong descions:”your statement ending this article included”.,…i only pray you your family , kids , friends , and loved ones are all perfect and dont need to meet the same judgement on earth or beyond….i guess you glorify Jerry Springer for his same tactless delivery…..next time write something meaningful to enlighten these same people your words infuriate. The situation in the Bahamas and the world is sad, through your words and media outlet do something positive to help make this place better, not stir up more confusion. sorry to all who were involved in anything he did!! Prayers for friends and family , and the writer of this article….R.I.P. Ricardo

  26. you people are sick !!!! you are the same people who would say crucify Jesus!! I knew the deceased and im embarassed of his actions….and agree he may have brought about his own death: thats not the issue , the issue is your apprach is tactless, and insensative to those of us who have to mourn the death of a child with a once innocent smile…circumstaces takes us on our paths , some make right and wrong descions:”your statement ending this article included”.,…i only pray you your family , kids , friends , and loved ones are all perfect and dont need to meet the same judgement on earth or beyond….i guess you glorify Jerry Springer for his same tactless delivery…..next time write something meaningful to enlighten these same people your words infuriate. The situation in the Bahamas and the world is sad, through your words and media outlet do something positive to help make this place better, not stir up more confusion. sorry to all who were involved in anything he did!! Prayers for friends and family , and the writer of this article….R.I.P. Ricardo

      • You ignorant garbage , the damn puppet behind this screen (the media), are you aware of what kind of society you are giving birth to by pleading for such ill and foul request (shot him in the head)???? how would you feel if someone shots your mother in the head because she decided to live a life of crime for one night, or perhaps your sister, brother, lover, family member. The Lord says vengeance is his, do you remember the story of Kain and Abel and the curse that was laid on Kain, and the curse to come for anyone who decides to take Kain’s life. It is statements like such that will cause angry Bahamians to go on an hunt for any officer who dare walk this country. Those bastards themselves are not innocent. I knew Ricardo! no he was not an angel, but to shot to kill (exactly what they did) was a senseless and wild act by the police. I assure you that according to the bible more blood will be shared, simply because instead of falling to our knees and praying idiots like you are crying saying “shoot um in the head”. Well should you die in such a way I would simply sit on my couch with a popcorn and a bottle of mellow reserve in my hand and do nothing about it. I wouldn’t even plead for justice because according to you taking another’s life is an heroic act.

  27. Today as I heard the news, I was grieved in my Spirit man. First, I was grieved as a follower of Christ. It is beyond sad to see a life come to such an end, knowing what God has in store for all of our son’s.According to Jeremiah, God has great plans to prosper us, to prosper our sons.To give them a hope and a future, and, NOT to harm them.(Jeremiah 29:11)

    I worked and eventually worked in Bimini and married one of Bimini’s finest. As a former public servant and resident, I taught Ricardo in Kids Club. I understood then, as I do now, that God had plans for him, but, as is the case with all of our sons, the enemy also had, and has plans for them.Those plans are contrary to God’s plans as expressed in Jeremiah. Instead,the enemies plans are to kill,[spiritually, socially, academically, emotionally etc] and in every way conceivable to destroy ours son’s.

    I have only now see the article and am aware of the allegations. As a citizen of The Bahamas, one must ask, what should the police do if our sons terrorize the land, as is alleged in this instance. What is their appropriate response. You decided. As sojourner, and citizen of heaven, what should be our response. As co-laborers with Christ, As FATHERS, as ministers of the gospel, as teachers, as neighbors, with what response can we meet every young boy to prevent this end. May God help us if we fold our hands, compete for large membership, if we participate in the fertilization process and then abdicate our responsibility to train, nurture, correct and instruct our sons in righteousness.What should be our response if we see a boy, and his father is not involved in doing what all God fearing(Godly) men do. By extension, we look for, and see the potential as The Apostle Paul did to Timothy and provide instruction and encouragement and compel them to stir up the giftings in them.Fellow mom’s, Christians, and citizens, this serves only to remind us, our work is far from done.

    My heart aches for the mom who I know, and will choose to not name.Having lost sons under different circumstances, I understand loss and can identify with the scriptures, “can a woman’s tender care, cease toward the child she bares”(Isaiah, 49:15) My heart aches for you, my dear. My prayer for comfort and healing go out to you today.

    May God cause you face to shine and … and lift up your countenance and grant you HIS peace.

  28. The deceased had a gun and was wanted for Rape,and Armed Robbery ,are we to glorify him?I am certain he had no firearms licence so his intent was to kill.As a representative of society I say kudos to the Police who had to take decisive action.I say to anyone out there who have relatives that are wanted by the Police turn them in.Any family member of mine will face citizen arrest as we do not have any money to pay for your funeral.

    • Umm @Russell J. get your facts right please Attempted Rape I am not saying that what he did was correct but common Head Shot wow I could see the police shooting him in the leg or something that way they could still carry him in for the so call questioning they wanted. WE BAHAMIANS NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND AGREE AT SOME POINT FOCUS ON THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER WHERE THE DEVIL CAN WE BAHAMIANS GO IF WE DON’T GO TOGETHER.EXACTLY NOWHERE!!!!!

  29. Going with the intension to kill is MURDER. Have the Bahamas resort to this now?? I can say he was no angel but none of us are. No one deserves to be gunned down like that. It is very cowardly to pin your unsolved crimes on a dead man, shame on you. But guess what eveything is going to be ok, Robins/Rolle Family lift your head high, we have nothing to be ashamed of, the police should be ashamed of their trigger happy fingers. The Bahamas is coming to a point where all confidence in the police to serve and protect is slipping away. When will they get it right??????

  30. This criminal set himself up!!!! More criminals need to continue to go in this fashion….These Bahamians out here are a bunch of savaged aliens! I mean dag Bahamas… I am happy that this happened the way that it did!!!! Good Job to the police officer who had put him to sleep because that guy was a serious threat to an already barbarous, miserable, and ugly society, hands down!!!!

    • Wow it’s amazing how you talk about the Bahamians on a whole way i mean seriously are you listening to what you are stating garbage your mother musse een ever tell you to think before you speak HIGHLY OFFENDED!!! you are really SICK and you need help Sweetie

  31. Where my comment gone ok so cas I say you half bred you don’t wan except the comment, you shouldn’t even care since you heartless, you should let ppl know that you gat Bimini blood runnin through ur veins. YOU SADDDDDDDDDDDDD

  32. You should pray that things like this don’t happen again in Bimini. Not rejoice and talk about “aim for the head”. You half bread so you should be the last to talk.


    • “FED UP”, it’s hard to understand your position on this matter!!! but let me say this, the Laws of The Bahamas is clear when it comes to justification in the taking of a life….further, when we as a community knowingly and willingly, prevents the capture of a wanted person, it is not just a legal wrong, but morally as well!!! we as Bahamians are all victims of crime and we to collectively are to be blamed for our country’s state…. its sad a life was lost..but thats apart of the war we Bahamians fight every day…a casualty of the war on crime, his death was; nothing more and nothing less. Let us try moving away from making a “MARTYR” out of questionable persons….it speaks negative to what we Bahamians are truely about -law abiding and respect for God, Family and country!!! Where do we go from here??????

  34. the Bible say’s that if you live by the sword (or in this case gun ) you die by the sword. Biminites know what time it was with this guy. Just this past week he attempted to rape a young woman on South Bimini. Why should we defend somebody that wants to rob,attempt to rape, and try to shoot at the Cops? And what abot the people that were hiding a known wanted criminal.Instead of being upset about the shooting they should have turned him in. At least they would have been able to see him. Now he’s dead and they are angry at the cops???? Yes I feel for his family with their loss but this was the path he freely chose in life.In this case I feel the shooting was justified.

  35. Residents would remember gunned down Biminite, Ricardo Rolle, was a suspect wanted by police for the recent robbery at Fidelity Bank at Robinhood a few weeks ago. You would remember thousands were stolen from the bank as the robber fled on foot. The robber entered the bank dressed as a ‘Jungaliss’ [hooker]. Today was Rolle’s birthday, he turned 27.

  36. He chose this end.
    He was on the loose knowing the popo was looking for him. attempts were made to get him to turn hiself in. he didnt. his death is sad his life is sad but he brought about his own end and that too is sad. the police did their job.

    • Connish it is people like them same PURE BREAD who produce these FRANKENSTEIN, who then turn on the society. The police did the right thing!


      • MEDIA: since you know nothing of me I will attribute your comment “it is people like them same PURE BREAD (like baked dough – lol) who produce these FRANKENSTEIN” to your lack of professionalism as well as your inadequate level of understanding. Because I wish Death on no man I now produce Frankensteins?? LOL…You have once again proven that the ethics and credibility of journalism or perhaps simply YOUR journalism, is of little to no value. So before you decide to make an ASSUMPTION of the seeds I produce – please check yourself (oh yeah and YOUR SPELLING..lol)

    • Cornish – well articulated and I certainly do agree. He made horrible choices that led to the very moment that ended his life. I feel the police did what they felt was necessary in the matter and it is very sad, in any event, that a life is gone and a family mourns a loved one.

  37. This article first and foremost lacks any shred of humanity. While the victim may have had a criminal background, the fact of the matter still remains he was a person….troubled, perhaps bust still a human being. To say that the Police Force should “AIM FOR THE HEAD AND TAKE THESE LOWDOWN CRIMINALS OUT” shows that the author of this article is just as heartless as the picture he or she tries to depict of the victim and the truth of the matter is it is our hearts that will be judged.I ask the writer – what kind of heart glorifies the death of anyone (be it by force or by natural causes)? It is someone who is revengeful, angry and perhaps have their own demons they are battling with. Please note, death is not the way to eliminate crime, we must work on the minds and hearts of our people. As a Biminite, I take this opportunity to say while we mourn the death of one of our own we also mourn the death of a reporting system once filled with integrity and humanity. This article not only defies the true element of “unbiased reporting” but it proves that the Bahamas is filled with heartless people: some turn to a life of crime others to positions in journalism. This article is nothing more than a mediocre rendition of publicized gossip. So to this author – before you type yet another slanderous article, placing yourself in the position of God – glorifying the horrific death of another human being – take a moment to truly reflect on your own ill intentions, for you too will be held accountable for your propaganda. Also, it may not hurt for you to proofread your article as well…”The police are WRAPPING up their investigations” not RAPPING – as in the vocal art form where rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment…

    To the Rolle and Robins family – We stand in prayer with you as your mourn the lost of your LOVED ONE and stand in the gap for you as you have to deal with the gossipers and nay sayers will ill-intents towards the sensitivity of this situation.


    A Sincere Biminite

    • Perhaps pure bred you are not informed as we are with this deceased character. Are you aware of his actions just two days ago? On Thursday this past week this same victim attempted to rape and proceeded to beat a young girl in the community he accosted last that night. He ran away into the dark and hid in his secret hideout!

      We remain unapologetic for what transpired this morning. WE are sick and tired of these wicked men, who hold disorder deep in their heart painfully reeking fear and terror into the hearts of civil society. WE SUPPORT THE POLICE and we ask them to AIM FOR THE HEAD!


      • I really don’t care what he did. I did not say his actions are justified. We are conversing about man, not a rag doll. I have never seen any media outlet choose sides of any situation. If you are a media outlet reporting news to the community it is always best to EXCLUDE your opinion from any report that will be published. The only thing this will do is cause uproar. Are you sure you are here to SUPPORT Bahamians or run their name into the ground because you have a PERSONAL dilemma with an individual?

        • Cee, I guess you should breathe a sigh of relief, you could have been next. Why do we wait until we are on the receiving end, to demand justice? Think about the life of the young person he assaulted. They are left to live with that memory! Seeing that we are “conversing about a man, not a rag doll”, what does that make the true victim? Let this serve as a deterrent, to other would-be criminals.
          God took away our sins, not our sense!

    • Thank you for standing up for Biminite’s. Obviously this reporter doesn’t know Bimini’s history, this isn’t the first Biminite killed by a police officers bullet. I don’t agree with what Ricardo did, and he is family; but I also ask this reporter to show some respect to the family of this man. He is someones son, grandson, nephew, cousin, godbrother, bestfriend, classmate, boyfriend. Seriously, Seriously speaking you need to repost an apology to the family of this dead man. The police officers did their job, do you honestly think you did yours? Why don’t you go and find out why it’s taken so long for the ex Police Officer who killed the other man in BImini to be convicted and sentenced. Isn’t it your words that said “AIM FOR THE HEAD AND TAKE THESE LOWDOWN CRIMINALS OUT”? Well this ex officer aimed and fired at an unarmed man’s head, he took someones son, brother, father, grandfather, and boyfriend away from them so again in your words shouldn’t the government take these lowdown criminals out?

      • I agree with BP for a change … “AIM FOR THE HEAD AND TAKE THESE LOWDOWN CRIMINALS OUT” – our court system is next to completely USELESS, and then there are dummies like yall that say ohhh he is somebodies son .. wahhh cry me a dam river!! If you terrorist supporters care so much come to Nassau and protest against the violent crime that is drowning our nation – otherwise looks like a bunch of dumb phucks and criminals living in Bimini, what are yall?? Sound like a bunch of dam monkeys without a clue.

    • I must agree with Pure Bred, in that we must value human life no matter what the reports are of that person. i can also understand the frustration outlined by the Media person/s. we as a people must be able to accept that our society has taken on a commpetely different form, that fails in identifing what Bahamians are about…crime is a problem in our country. there is no denying that, there is no running away frrom that. we as a ppl are failing ourselves, because we are not joining in the fight.we are leaving the fight to a small, underfunded and in some cases not fully trained men and women to fight a large monster….yes ppl are frustrated and wished they could click their shoe’s heels and go back to the days Mr. Ronnie Butler sang about….the shooting is a sad event but it should be a reality check to The Bahamas, that we are failing our generations yet unborn….so my regrets and sadness goes to Bahamians every where….where do we go from here????????????

  38. A PLP website siding with the police, I guess you are not really marching to the orders of Freddie and other PLPs.

    I guess I will read BP for a few more days, this is encouraging.

    I support the police.

  39. Are you serious? You congratulate the killing of man? What sick people. I understand someone doing wrong, but I would not be gracious about the death of anyone. This site is a sad excuse for a media outlet. Pure trash!

    • CEE WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE! No way in there says you gata support our views for as we can see you are free to express your views on BP.


  40. I am very pleased that the police have taken a proactive stance in ridding society of the vermin and garbage that plague this land. I have lost confidence in the court system to dispense justice due to inexcusable delays and bunglings. Koodos and continue to serve and protect.

  41. The body has not yet been removed from the shooting as hundreds of Bimini residents have gathered at the scene. BP can confirm the commandos have just arrived at the scene to enforce order in Progy Bay…

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