Police uncovers pair with high-powered Austrian weapons while the sleep in burgundy Chevy Blazer

Dena Smith and Micheal Adderley caught by police with dangerous deadly weapons…

NASSAU| On Monday 2 February 2021, police while on mobile patrol, proceeded to the premises of Renaldo Bastian alias ‘Crack Teeth’ situated on Kemp Rd.

While driving to the rear of that yard, officers observed a male clad in dark clothing standing next to a burgundy Chevy Blazer armed with a firearm.

That male quickly ran around a nearby house and made good his escape by scaling a high wall. As officers approached the burgundy Chevy Blazer that was parked in front of house, they observed two adult males asleep inside the vehicle.

One of the males was clad in a blue hoody sitting in the driver seat and the other male clad in a black hoody sitting in the front passenger seat. Police then open the door, forced the passenger out of the vehicle and while doing same, a black pistol drop from his right front jacket pocket to the ground (Austria Glock 19 9MM Pistol s/n# BPSL032 with eight unfired 9MM ammunitions).

That suspect was quickly handcuffed and detained. While making checks of the driver with the blue jacket, PC Miller found a black pistol with a drum magazine in the seat between his legs (Austria Glock 22 .40 Pistol s/n# YRV501 with an auto-sear attached to the back of the weapon.

The drum mag was found to contain a total of thirty seven unfired .40 ammunitions). Police arrested and cautioned both suspects reference to possession of unlicensed firearms.

While in route to Wulff Road Police station suspects gave their names as Dena Smith and Micheal Adderley. Both firearms were handed over to police.