Politician who loves to take care of people “churrin” appoints the sweetheart’s son to a Government Board – after giving his mah four jobs!


NASSAU| A senior politician set to be voted out of office on September 9th and 16th has given his sweetheart everything. 

Some say the politician paid his side gal more than his brother.  If that was not enough, he appointed that gal on some three paid government boards in addition to a fat juicy consultancy job inside the Office of the Prime Minister.

And, while FNMs couldn’t eat or drink for four long miserable years, the politician made it his business to not just take care of the sweetheart, but the sweetheart’s son.

BP is just now learning the sweetheart’s son has been appointed to a Government Board. Boy, this politician loves to take care of people churrin, nah!

The son is not his child and, well, the sweetheart is mute on that issue. 

But when you love someone that deep – you would throw away an entire country and government just for the hairy bank.

We report yinner decide!