Polls show pastors have little to no influence over their membership – “YES” Sweeps Country!


“NO” vote message is disjointed and carries no substantial points to sway voters polls say – Polls shows “YES” Vote message is gaining momentum…

Bahamians set to vote "YES" on Jan. 28th

Thousands in Grand Bahama flocked “YES” FEST Event over the weekend

Nassau, Bahamas —  Press has decided to release some of the polling Data provided on our behalf by BBB Analytics today. It is very fitting, as our readers prepare and celebrate the life of Christ this blessed Sunday, that we expose the extent to which the Pastors have influence over our lives.

BBB Analytics, a regional polling and forecasting outfit, has been spot on in its analysis of data and can be considered as accurate as Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com. This company, as our readers can attest to, predicted the outcome of the May 7, 2012 General Elections within 1.5 basis points.

We contracted the company to provide polling data on the upcoming referendum, however, as church leaders have now tried to hijack the process, we had them asked the question: What influence does your Pastor, Priest, Reverend, Rabbi or Spiritual Leader have over the decisions you may in your life? Well blow us down, it was truly shocking. The company polled 847 respondents covering the entire Country and we now provide the shocking results.

87% of the respondents said their Spiritual Leader had no effect or influence over their decision making.

8% said that their Pastors had some influence over their decisions

5% of the respondents indicated that their Spiritual Leader had great influence over their moral conduct.

Well, we really thought that the Church played a bigger role in our daily lives and had some sway in how we perceive ourselves and over the moral decisions we made. This data should be alarming to the Church Leaders and we suggest that they go about winning souls for the Lord rather than getting involved in issues that belong to Caesar.

More shocking is how the percentages break down by Denomination. Of the 5% that said their Spiritual Leader had great influence over their lives, Jehovah Witnesses made up the greater portion of that. The Baptist Preachers came in dead last.

Wow, and with all these Baptists Ministers all over this Country making the most noise with no or very little influence over their Congregation.

This is Unbelievable.

Further to that, when asked which campaign message shared more information and detail, respondents favoured “Yes” over “No” by a wide percentage.

We had promised to bring to you our readers the results of our polling on the two questions on the Referendum. We will release those numbers on Friday of this week. We have extended our polling, however, and we can report at this time that the Yes vote is ahead.

We will release our final projections at 6 pm on Jan 25th, 2013.