Poor hygienic practices have led to food poisoning this Thanksgiving in the capital!


Rat dem have taken over some kitchens on Arawak Cay! Where are the health inspectors?

Nassau – Bad cooking, along with dangerous improper hygienic practices, has landed several victims in hospital this Thanksgiving.

BP understands a vendor at a popular eatery in the capital brought sudden and near fatal illness to several customs officers on Arawak Cay.

The lazy officers bought Thanksgiving dinners from a popular diner in the area and almost immediately they were taken with the belly. Several ambulances were called into the area to respond to some victims who passed out following the meal.

It is believed that a lack of hygienic practices on the cay, along with the rat dem playing hopscotch and ringplay around the food, could only spell problems for patrons.

BP has some advice for food lovers – eat at home!

We report yinner decide!