Porgy Bay Bimini resident charged with rape of minor on the island! Linty Anthony Stuart, AKA Tana is now in Fox Hill!


Only Bahamas Press is following news from around the country these days!

Bimini Boy 28-year-old, Linty Anthony Stuart, AKA Tana at Bimini airport headed to Fox Hill Prisons.


28-year-old, Linty Anthony Stuart, AKA Tana charged with rape of a young student.

Nassau, Bahamas – A Biminite has been charged in Bimini yesterday and has been remanded to Fox Hill Prisons for rape of a minor.

BP teams on the island have identified the suspect to be 28-year-old, Linty Anthony Stuart, AKA Tana.

It is alleged that on at least two occasions Stuart engaged in forced unlawful sexual intercourse on a minor on the island who he abducted and forced into a residence on the island.

After being charged on the island Stuart was remanded to prison to await trial. He traveled to the capital yesterday.

BP understands Stuart had worked for a property management company on the island.

The victim we understand had just turned 14. How sad! BP like no other news organization in the entire Bahamas is live and NATIONWIDE!

We report yinner decide!

Breaking Update》》》》VAT presentation by COB students at 6pm today at the Harry C. Moore Libraray (COB).