Straw Market burns down in George Town tonight!


Straw Market shaded by an historic tree all burnt to the ground on in Exuma tonight!

Live shots from that massive fire in George Town tonight!
Fire takes away the bread and butter of Staw Vendors in Exuma.

George Town, Exuma – Breaking News coming right now into Bahamas Press from the island of Exuma reports a huge fire has left local straw and craft vendors out of a job.

Sources now on the ground on that island tell us the fire which started shortly after 10pm tonight was quickly caught and ran through stalls before a fire engine could reach the scene.

Below is a picture with the Straw Market, George Town, which was taken by the photographer Jacques Ouellet on 03 December 2008.

The Straw Market is next to Grand Isle Resort and Spa and is located in Exuma, Bahamas. Straw work as throughout the Bahamian islands is popular on Exuma. Baskets, mats and handbags are fabricated on the island for sale locally.

We report yinner decide!

The Exuma straw market photographed by Jacques Ouellet in 2008.