Preacher turned politician-showing signs of bankruptcy! And Bad FNM Candidate neglects 2-year-old daughter


McAlpine and his soon to be second ex- Glennis.

Mr. Piss in da cup and Bad Candidate causing FNM plenty votes!

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is at this hour monitoring an FNM candidate in an Eastern New Providence seat who we are told is now abandoning his two-year-old daughter in Grand Bahama.

BP has learnt the candidate, who some say was in the doghouse with his wife on Valentines Day, has now failed to render assistance to his child.

The candidate in known for his wicked treatment of Bahamian women, and in many ways mirrors Papa Clown who once attempted to flush is wife in the toilet.

Just this past winter, the candidate who is also a doctor by profession, threw a single mother out of her home along with her five children.

The woman told her story to NB12.

A female resident in the constituency where the BAD CANDIDATE is running told BP, “He must have fell from his bed as a child for the hate we see he displays for women.. IT is unbelievable!”

The bad candidate, some say, has disowned his young daughter and has done very little to assist in educating the child.

The mother we know is in the medical profession on Grand Bahama.

Just last month the same said bad candidate was reprimanded by Doctor’s Hospital where he was seen walking around and parading on the job in a dingy ‘colour red’ FNM shirt.

BP wonders when will someone in the FNM realize and accept that the HEARTLESS SEATLESS WONDER and BAD CANDIDATE is bad news for the Party? He cannot win a seat if it was handed to him on a silver platter.

And soon we will give you part 2 of Dr. Friday…This Friday!

A few weeks ago the bad candidate was seen on a back street corner like a pimp, begging for votes.

One woman told the candidate from the window of her home in Treasure Cove, “You better get the hell ‘outta’ my yard before I drag you out the same way you dragged that single mother and her five children into the streets days before Christmas! You are a shame to the nation and the FNM!”

Recently, a relative of the candidate who is also battling the jaws of defeat in a western constituency had banned the bad candidate from speaking at FNM rallies.

After BP’s report on the bust-up, the said candidate went crying to Papa like a ‘lil’ child in ‘pissy’ pampers; begging to speak!

Papa ordered the bad candidate a chance to address a rally last week.

The heartless godless candidate was heard on a rally stage in Grand Bahama quoting scripture like it was going out a style!

Meanwhile, FNM Senator Fredrick ‘PISS IN DA CUP’ McAlpine is reportedly broke like the movie ‘Broke Back Mountain’ and could resort to selling [YINNA KNOW WHAT WE WANT SAY] any day now.

Mr. ‘Piss in da cup’ was overheard in a conversation with the Prime Minister begging for help.

Mr. ‘Piss in da cup’ is said to be on the verge of bankruptcy and could not run in the upcoming general elections.

Persons bankrupt and broke as a penny are prohibited from being seated in the Parliament! Ya hear dat HO JO?