Press Statement On The Robbery at the Home of the Deputy Prime Minister

Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage is captioned seated next to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security, Carl F. Smith.
Acting Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis and Mrs Davis is fine following a morning home invasion.

Dr. Bernard J. Nottage MP
Minister of National Security
8th December 2013

Good afternoon,

As you are by now aware, shortly after 7 am this morning, three armed bandits drove into the yard of the home of the Deputy Prime Minister in a silver Honda vehicle and accosted his chauffeur at gunpoint. The chauffeur was assaulted and robbed by one of the felons who demanded cash.

I am happy to report that we have a break in the case and we expect to have an early resolution with the help of the public.
The bandits led the chauffeur into the house where they subsequently accosted the DPM and his wife and robbed him of some money but did not assault them.

The bandits fled the scene in the silver Honda in which they arrived.

It is suspected that the vehicle may have been stolen in a robbery, which took place in Western New Providence earlier this morning.

I am pleased to inform you that the police are following significant leads which include the faces of at least one of the robbers and an image of the vehicle which was used.

I wish the public of our commitment to ensuring the safety of all of our citizens and visitors alike but we will only succeed if there is a strong partnership between the police and the general public.

Anyone who has any information that will help in the early resolution is encouraged to inform the police by calling 328TIPS or police emergency at 919.

I am happy to report that the DPM has been going about his duties without interruption.

POLICE SEEK IDENTITY OF SUSPECTS IN EARLY MORNING ARMED ROBBERY Police are seeking information that will lead to the identification of three (3) suspects who are involved in an armed robbery that occurred at the Deputy Prime Minister’s Residence earlier this morning. Video Images of suspects and Vehicle will be posted shortly... STANDBY....Reports are that shortly after 7:00am on Monday 9th December 2013 three armed men drove into the Deputy Prime Minister’s (DPM) yard in a silver Honda vehicle and accosted the DPM’s chauffeur at gunpoint. The men then robbed the chauffeur of cash and took him into the house where they demanded more cash. The armed bandits subsequently accosted the DPM and his wife inside the residence and robbed the DPM of cash. The suspects then fled the property in the Honda vehicle they arrived in. POLICE ARE ASKING THE PICTURED SUSPECTS INVOLVED IN THE THIS INCIDENT TO TURN THEMSELVES IN TO THE CENTRAL DETECTIVE UNIT IMMEDIATELY. Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the un-named suspects or vehicle pictured above, no matter how small or insignificant (the tip) may seem, are asked to anonymously call Police at 919 or CRIME STOPPERS at 328-TIPS (8477) (New Providence) or 1-242-300-8476 (Family Islands)