Prime Minister Christie at Sir Lynden mausoleum today to mark the 49th anniversary of Majority Rule….


Majorty Rule Concert in Rawson Square last night…

Prime Minister Christie addressing the audience at Sir Lynden's Mausoleum today.
Prime Minister Christie addressing the audience at Sir Lynden’s Mausoleum today.

Nassau, Bahamas — Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie joined leaders at the mausoleum of the late Father of the Nation Sir Lynden Pindling to mark the Majority Rule Day holiday.

A wreath lying followed the address. Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis also joined in the St. Agnes graveyard event.

Last night a concert in Rawson Square featured the music of Freddie Munnings Sr., the late owner of the Cat and the Fiddle nightclub. The event featured his songs about the city of Nassau, under the direction of Fred Ferguson.

The official public holiday marking the 49th anniversary will be observed on Monday.

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