Officer lost his mind after he found out that his young sweet ting had other niggas!


Police officer had to be checked into Sandilands after finding out his girl was juicin the island!…

San Salvador – Bahamas Press is reporting how a young officer has flipped and had to be sent to Sandilands yesterday after he begin walking up and down in the road.

Sources on that island confirmed how the police officer lost it after he discovered that his young ting was juicing others on that island and had gotten pregnant.

The officer completely lost it and had to be cuffed after he found out that the girl got pregnant and discovered that it isn’t his! Sources tell us the young gal was juicing the island and cannot confirm who is the daddy.

In fact some tell us several niggas on the island are claiming dey is da daddy as several persons showed up at the gal home bearing gifts. Look what San Sal has come to?! But the whole ordeal has left the young officer smoking a heap a ‘beedie’ before he began walking the streets!

Another looses his mind over young (yinner know what we want say)!

The officer was checked into Sandilands with handcuffs.

BP will not disclose the identity of the officer at this time.

We report yinner decide!