Prime Minister Ingraham Heads to John Hopkins University Hospital to undergo medical test?

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas — Sources in the OPM have now confirmed to Bahamas Press dreaded information on the condition of the Prime Minister, which could send alarm throughout the country.

Bahamas Press can confirm Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham will undergo tests at the world class John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

A source tell us, the PM has made three unscheduled trips to a US based hospital following a condition still yet to be reported by the Cabinet Office.

We are told the University medical institute was highly recommended by Dr. Duane Sands, who we are told, is receiving regular updates on the Prime Minister’s condition.

Bahamas Press is advised as the Prime Minister will call on his doctors tomorrow, his wife Deloris will accompany him.

Again, we call on the Cabinet Office to urgently inform the general public on the PM’s condition as the country reels on the brink of speculation and uncertainly.

No word has come as to who will act as PM, while Ingraham is out of the country.

BP has engaged two affiliates in the Maryland area to provides updates when the PM arrives Monday morning for his urgent medical review…

BP began digging deep into information on the PM, after being informed that his regular Tuesday morning Cabinet Meeting was unceremoniously canceled, leaving Cabinet Ministers in shock of the NO-SHOW by the PM.

Bahamas Press calls on all residents to pray for the PM as he undergo what we understand to be “Serious” medical challenges.


    • We report yinner decide. You ever hear the PM leave the country and the Cabinet Office issue not a DAMN WORD? BUT BELIEVE WHAT YOU WILL! We stand by our story….


  1. I read some of these comments with dismay. It is a sad day when a fellow homosapien, with a supposedly more advanced brain than the lower animals behave with such barbarism! If in fact the Prime Minister of this great nation is ill, we should have the mental capacity to set aside our differences and root for his recovery. Most recently, when the Barbadian PM was sick all of the comments from friend and foe in his country were wishing him well. Let’s teach our children a better way!

    May God restore the PM’s health and grant him peace.

  2. All Bahamians should pray that all is well with the PM. If he has to retire prematurely,Brent will be Prime Minister and i cant live with that. As to the quality of medical treatment in the Bahamas yes, we have excellent doctors. The problem is their staff. They talk all of the patients business; nothing is confidential.

  3. He is one step closer to the hell that awaits him,why do people show concern to a man that hates the very essence of you? For it is the work of your LORD,GOD that has stricken him.

  4. maybe i was a little to hash on him! but am just so angry with him for the way he treat we bahamians but yet i must suck it up and wish him well!! hopefully he will see when your powerful you must be mercyfull the pm don’t show a bit of love for this country yet am being hammered for expressing the way i feel like someone say we need him healthy for this cut ass!! coming up!!!

    • Wish him well for what, so he could plant he foot deeper in our backsides. man u’ll gatta be jokin this the same man who screwed us. Didn’t we pray for relief. Ya see the lord trying ta give ya what you ask for in his own way naw you’ll wanna change ya minds.

  5. The Prime Minister is in my prayer and I wish him well with whatever health challenges he’s maybe going through, but I thought ZNS said he and his wife went on vacation again. I was thinking something were fishy about all these trips they were taking back to back. If I can recall correctly they not too long ago came back from a 7 day cruise and then when they returned they took another vacation right after that and here it is they gone again. I mean I know they have the monies and this only pocket change for them, but I was saying,” my God we in a recession and these two gone on a travelling spree.” It wasn’t like I was upset with these trips they were taken, because I was saying, it isn’t like they doing anything for the poor Bahamian people when they are here anyhow. What I don’t like about all of this they using ZNS to deceive people, talking about the man on vacation and all this time the man back in forth to the doctor. The man schedule probably booked right out with lone doctor’s appointments and all this time we are here thinking he’s on these trips having fun and enjoying sipping on his cocktails. What if something goes wrong while he’s in one of those hospitals? Will they tell the Bahamian people the truth or will they have to rid up another lie? I don’t understand why all this lying and deception is necessary, when this suppose to be the government you can trust. Right now, that lying Laing man who’s suppose to be a pastor in one church somewhere, (I would really like to be able to see the people who is go there to worship), right there supporting and encouraging the Prime Minister with these lies. For all we know these lies might even be his idea. I could see him doing something like this easy. Boy, I tell ya! I just hope nothing goes wrong with the Prime Minister over there and he comes back in on piece, so he could hurry up and call this election and hopefully we will get some people to run this country who are willing to be honest with the Bahamian people.

  6. He looks a bit flushed in that photo. Maybe the crew is having problems hearing the captains orders to drop anchor.

  7. It may just be a routine test and nothing more. We must put politics aside some time Wizard. We wish him well, whatever the reason for the visit.

  8. Well before we cast judgement let us wait to hear the condition. We have excellent doctors here. I have heard og Americans and Englishman coming here to receive medical care as well. Certain institutions are just very well know for particular conditions and in that they have the best specialist in that area that money can by. Three months ago an American gave birth to a premature baby and asked to allow the baby to remain for care as our neonatal department is world class. People have had botch operations in the us and carribbean and have come here for our help. There is nothing wrong with the health system here. Only that the public hospital may be too small to meet the growing population as a result of illegal immigrants for the most part. Apart from that doctors are faced with a growth of non communicable chronic diseases due to an increased in obesity. Now we have dengue and the media has once again capitalized on this , reporting wrong information that has sent hundreds to the hospital and clinics as persons are unable to afford private medical attention due to the failing economy.
    This topic irrates me when persons bring down the health system and it’s time that light be shed on this

  9. Get well Mr. Ingraham. May God strengthen your family and your inner man. In times past they said ‘Long live the King’. Love live our Prime Minister. May God’s hand lead him.

  10. @curious,
    You are right on the mark, our health system is in dire strait, this shows how bad the health system really and truly has become. The FNM promised a new hospital (state of the art), the health of the nation is the wealth of the nation. Am no proponent for a national lottery, but over the last four years , we should have enacted one and air mark funding to the Heath, Education and National security ministries. All this constant borrowing and borrowing continues to keep us in a hole. I hope that the new Government , will take into consideration ideas and execute to make this country right again and to give the people help. This government has lost its will and to be honest, its time for a change.

  11. Many of us may have reasons to like or dislike the Prime Minister of the Bahamas but please be very careful when we speak regarding his health. Forget about politics and wish him well, please. We are human too. I wish everyone EXCELLENT HEALTH and Have a bless day!

    • I agree with your sentiments. Though I do not support the Prime Minister, I too wish him well whatever the situation may be and as a nation we need to pray for the leaders of the government.

      Like you said, we are human too and we must remember that the Bible also tells us that we must not rejoice when things seem to be going wrong for other people (no matter how we feel about them).

  12. Wizard you cant be serious. I am not an fnm supporter but we are talking about not only the leader of the country, but a great Bahamian. I disagree with his politics many times, but I have no doubt that he loves his country just as much as Perry Christie. Only an idiot would say such a thing about a fellow Bahamian, or any human being. Politics can not drive everything in your world buddy, and if it does then you are a sorry individual.

  13. Personally,I don’t care what befalls Ingraham;with all the pain he inflicted on the Bahamian people, I have “NO” sympathy for him.Now that’s hard,but that’s the facts;perhaps he could get some from his Haitians brothers and sisters who he hails from his political podium before he hails who elected him.

  14. BP, you are so full of it. Stop trying to alarm Bahamians. Ingraham is away on a cruise, ok. You and the rest of the DNA/PLP fools can stop with these rumours. You all are probably praying something is wrong with this man so that Christie and McCartney could have a shot. This story is so weak.

  15. BP, just let us know when he is DEAD!!!! just goes to show you can do what you like for as much as you like but not for as long as you like. GOD is still in control and I know he has heard the many cries of the people made to suffer by Hubert the tyrant. I know he cannot be suffering from heart problems because he does NOT have one. When you’re powerful, you must be merciful……

  16. Am scared for the PM, the PM is may be in the hands of the enemy.
    The USA Government expressed displeasure openly, with the PM’s decisions with China.

    Have any of you watch the movie UNKNOWN?
    In case you didn’t know the Federal Government is a serious bunch.
    They can track the location am sending this email from.
    We must pray for the PM.

    • Lord Lord Bahamas Press is weaving it’s web of lies agagin!!

      The Prime Minister is on a cruise which will be stopping in Nassau today, according to a press release from the F.N.M, He will leave the ship today (AUGUST 8TH 2011) to attend a meeting in NASSAU!

      When B.P can’t find anything to report, he usually makes up something! I guess Hubert calling on his new Doctor in Nassau BAHAMAS.

      Wisdom 2 anyone can track the location your email originated from. There are free software online for that!

  17. This is not a political attack and I personally could care less for any political party in this country. That said, I think the fact that the PM has to leave the country in order to get health-care says a mouthful about the country’s healthcare system and it’s not pretty at all.

    • Yes, even the Prime Minister has to head to the U.S. for medical treatment. Time for an upgrade and remove the PM and his bunch of tag team misfits from governing this country.

  18. BREAKING UPDATE ON THE PM <<< Bahamas Press is receiving updates on the condition of the PM. We are told news of the PM's condition is fluid and we will update you as they become available... STANDBY.....


  20. let’s hope the doctors don’t f him up the way he f up this country!! the truth is he is a stumbling block in the bahamians way. i can’t. and won’t. wish him well..

    • I recall a few weeks ago when there were comments made from different quarters about why the PM would be so callous to go on vacation while the country was going through such difficult times with the crime issue.
      That is why one should get their head in gear before they open their mouth!
      One thing that the PM can do is leave the country and enter the U.S. Don’t hear too many comments about others who don’t have that luxury!
      I trust and pray that the PM will be on the road to recovery soon.

      • Are you an idiot?
        Whether the country was doing good or bad, the man is entitled to a vacation. Get your head out of your own ass for one minute and think about it. Whether you agree that he’s doing a good or bad job he works all year around and it’s not his fault your ass can’t afford to take a vacation. stop being basic for one moment please. Everyone who can afford it is entitled to a vacation whether you’re the prime minister or the garbage man (no disrespect to garbage men)

    • This is so stupid of you – this country is in a better state becasue of people like the PM – if you were in charge you would not be able to do nothing-you sound just like name – wizARD – NO COMMON SENSE!!

    • @ Wizard, lets hope that they do bro. pay back is a bit.. aye. hurry up and go. Thank you Jesus, you have answered my prayers. But what about the rest a them i done pray for, plz lord get them too.

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